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What do I like to see in a One Piece Fic?

-Humour, best as a one shot
-any nakama bonding, favourably with Sanji and Zoro
-romance pairing of Zoro/Nami... and a little bit of Sanji/Zoro. (I like the love/hate relationships for some weirdass reason :P)
-In pairing fics, I like the cutesy stuff that's all warm and fuzzy. Not really fics where they rip off each others clothes and... well you get my drift. If you don't, too bad! hahaha
-the occasion oc, but no Mary Sues' PLEASE
-AUs original preferably, there is a lot of AUs out there where the characters are in a school of some sort, normally a high school.

Recommended AMVs (excluding mine)

If you're going to watch any of these AMVs, watch this one! Damn it's funny! lmao!

Usopp runs a lot... funny music to go with this one :P

Best Song-Film-Clip EVER! (Zoro:P YOU ROCK)

heh heh, this one is worth the download wait :P "Turning Japanese" i love this one :D


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Any type of music that offends old people.
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One Piece! YAY!

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Most of the yaoi and yuri writers out there who turn straight people gay. It is unbelievably difficult to keep them in character while doing this. These people have guts.

This guy

How do you know if your a pirate? ... You just ARRRR!

i know no one actually read any of the above stuff, so if you can't bother reading it just send me a message :D

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