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Hi there folks.

I love to write. Sci-Fi and Fantasy is my genre. And if you go to my Yahoo group, accessible from my homepage, you will find The Girl Who Lived idea of the series if the Potters had a girl, instead of a boy.

Yahoo Group Fics

I've taken up the torch as it seems no one was willing or able. In my Group you can now find the first completed chapter of 'Manhattan X'. I'm still undecided on whether or not to post it to, I'll see how it turns out in further I so don't want to rehash Xata or repeat ideas done in the excellent 'The Terran Jedi' by Dark Scribbler and get flamed for my trouble.

Also I'm currently working on companion story/ies to HP:Ancient's Journey-verse that might or might not get turned into a series of shorter stories. The basic premise is like 'Tangerine-Alerts' Encounter Series. Crossing over my AJ Universe with my other fav fandoms in various ways. They wont necessarily be Crossovers, they might just be a story of the future of the AJ-verse and so on.

Chapter Completion Meter (as of 10/03/2011)

Harry Potter: An Ancient's Journey - Chapter 45 - 0 Percent

Xata - Chapter 15 - 0 Percent

Manhattan X - Chapter 4 - 100 Percent

Stargate: Commonality - Chapter 5 - 20 Percent

Star Trek: Divergence - Chapter 8 - 0 Percent

The Dawn of Angels - Chapter 6 - 10 Percent

Huntress - Chapter 6 - 0 percent

Stargate Galactic Map

In my yahoo group (accessible via my homepage) in the files section, I've posted a top down map of the Milky Way and plotted most of the significant planet locations in the Stargate Universe...or at least, where I think they are. The original image of the MWG was not done by me, I just looked for the best open source map available online and worked from there. Check it out.

Harry Potter: An Ancient's Journey: Ship and Tech Guide

I'll begin with the weapons, because face it, we all love good ol' things that go bang.


Rail Gun: Fires a depleted uranium/naquadah slug by using gravitic accelerators and force fields to accelerate the projectile to 1/3 of Light Speed. Can only be fired in bursts of five projectiles before a five second cool down time must be oberved. Primarily used in an anti fighter role as its next to useless against shielded targets.

Neutron Cannon: Fires Fusion neutrons at relativistic velocity towards enemy vessels. It has a nominal one light-second range from the firing ship. The beam is also 'pulsed', peaking in strength every femtosecond, to lessen the strain on the power systems - this allows almost all the cannons on a single broadside to fired at once into the target. Continuous fire of the weapon is not recommended as it would eventually overheat.

AHM-1 A,B,C Missiles: Primary offensive weapon system on Terran vessels. 4.7m long, 180 kg warhead of various types.

Type A, Pottassium/W.Naquadah (1.2 Gigaton directed energy yield)

Type B, Francium/W.Naquadah (3 Gigaton yield)

Type C, Francium/Naquadria. (6.5 Gigaton yield - for comparison purposes you would need to detonate all known standard nukes in the world at the same time to get a 10 Gigaton explosion)

Powered by a small very fast gravitic engine, and uses DIMAC(Digital Image Matching Area Correlation) targeting software. Guided range of 250000km Unguided1mil Km. Only B and C variants are effective against Anubis refit Ha'taks.

AIM-54 X - Phoenix Missile: Long range, anti-fighter, subspace guided missile with multiple target handling capability, carrying a BF8 Naquadah Warhead and can be remotely guided to its target by the firing F302s Sensor Operator.

AIM-9 X - Sidewinder Missile: Short range anti-figther missile optimized for dogfight. It carries a smaller twenty kilogram fragmentation naquadah/tritonal warhead and uses a LIDAR guidance system.

Sub-atomic Disintegration Beam: Coup De Grace weapon to use when a targeted vessel has lost its shields. Any targeted matter is rendered into its base elements instantly. Only Asgard and Alteran vessels (ie, The Asgard O'Neill class, Alteran Achilles class)possess this technology.

Triaxelated Lance: A Beam-like weapon, fires Omicron particles that are phased within three simultaneous spectra that constantly shifts in an attempt to bypass a shield's radiant frequency. Only the Alteran Achilles-class possess the weapon at this time.

Alteran Drone Missile: A highly maneuverable squid-like missile that is controlled via the projected thoughts of the Alteran firing it. Its multispectral phase generator allows it to penetrate any know Shield system and matter in existence, though it requires an insane amount of power to do so, thereby limiting its usefulness only so far as the firing vessel has power to sustain it. A fully sustained and powered Alteran vessel can launch a swarm of drones and phase them through their target, destroying it, and retrieve the missiles afterward much like a boomerang.

Alteran Gluon Beam Cannon: This fires a relativistic beam of sub-atomic gluon particles that not only does kinetic and thermal damage into the high gigatons, but also shears space-time itself along the length of the beam, essentially tearing apart the target. It's current size means it can only be deployed on Orbital Defense Platforms and its power requirements are vast. The gluon particles also has a tendency to accumulate and disrupt power feeds attached to the weapon.

Asgard Energy Cannon: Fires a pseudo-sphere that consists of a mix of exotic high energy particles that is created by attempting to draw vacuum energy from the general space-time continuum for 0.0000001 nanoseconds; which is highly inadvisable. But since the unstable energy is flung away towards the enemies of the Asgard, containment issues don't really matter. This weapon system is actually borne from the failure of the Asgard to create their own Zero Point Energy Systems, something which only the Alterans has mastered. Asgard Tech in general is incompatible with ZPE.

Alteran Caesim Beam: A relatively advanced beam weapon that utilizes a highly destructive mix of energy particles channeled along an extremely narrow confinement beam. Primarily used on Orbital Defense Platforms, however a large enough ship could mount it. The beam also has the ability to arc from ship to ship, making it capable of destroying with small fleets with only a few shots. It's energy requirements are massive and requires at least some form of ZPE module powering it.

Variable Yield Phased Plasma Cannon/Torpedo Launcher: Primary shipborne weapon of a Goa'uld Ha'tak. It gathers and energizes highly destructive plasma and accelarates it towards its target. After Anubis refitted his Ha'taks, he incorporated a limited phasing system in the Plasma Cannons, which allowed for a two hundred percent increase in destructive power in standard Goa'uld weapons. It's believed he learned of the technology from a derelict Alteran ship. The Ha'tak also has smaller Cannons used for point defense and anti-fighter roles.

Anti-Baryon Cannon: A devastating Wraith ship to ship and ship to ground weapon that fires Anti-Baryon particles suspended in a solid state containment field that once impacting the target does kinetic damage as well as mutual annihalation of anything it shoots at. Mounted in various sizes on all Wraith ships, from the tiniest Dart to the giant Hive Ships.

Defensive Systems:

Mk.1 Shield: Standard Energy Shield used on Ha'taks during Ra's reign as Supreme System Lord. Projects energy in a bubble around the ship. Now heavily outdated and only used as Navigational Deflectors.

Mk.2 Shield: Energy Shield used during the immediate Post-Ra era and developed(stolen) by Apophis. It makes use of highly energised conforming particle field, the more energy is pumped into it the stronger it gets.

Anubis Refit Shield: The Shield is a standard Mk 2, but the particles are now slightly phased out of sync with normal space-time by 5 degrees, providing 90 greater protection from energy weapon attacks.

Wraith Hull Regeneration: A Wraith ship hull has organic properties that if provided with power can replicate itself like any biological organism, and with enough time can rebuild the hull even after it has taken a severe pounding.

Asgard Shield: Donated for use on all Terran vessels. This shield envelops the ship in an energetic distortion field containing a high concentration of graviton particles, in general, the more power a ship is capable of producing the stronger the shield will comparitively be.

Terran Phalanx Interceptors: A network of dynamic Gattling Plasma (GP) cannons runs along strategic points on the Terran ship's hull. Through linking Quantum Computing to sensors, it detects the phase, intensity and impact point of incoming enemy fire, matches the GP cannons to that and sends a stream of intercepting fire.

Firestorm Shield: Terran version of the Mk.2. The only difference is that the particle field uses a different type of muon and provides 20 improvement in performance over standard Mk2

Mk 1 Cloak Device: Uses a remodulated Mk 2 shield to absorb all emitted light spectra from the ship and projects background light in all directions, it also hides the subspace signature of the ship to the degree that it's undetectable by scanners circa 2001 and before. Anubis obseleted this technology when it was proven that he targeted a cloaked Cargo ship. It's unknown how he developed the means, but it's clear that the captured Alteran knowledge somehow lead to this.

Alteran Cloak: This highly sophisticated and fragile Cloak system uses Leptons; a particle that can slow Neutrinos, to push the ship literally out of the space-time continuum and into a sub-dimension of our own reality, the quantum frequency that the cloak uses to send the ship to the sub-dimension is barely measurable, enough to allow the ship to still see and scan in 'normal' reality, the downside is that this makes the ship still vulnerable to phenomena in normal reality ie, weapons, objects etc. meaning that the ship can still collide with other objects.

Stealth Systems: In use on Asgard and Terran vessels to various degrees and sophistication. These are systems intended to deny enemy scanners a return or make it more difficult to obtain weapon locks and even see the ship. Asgard vessels can easily shrug off standard Terran radar, lidar, and subspace scans. Goa'uld scanners have similar difficulty. However, any major energy event aboard a stealth vessel allows enemy ships to lock on, this can be (transporters in use, weapon fire, major reactor power surges, engine powerup, hyperspace window generation etc.) Alteran Passive Stealth Systems are also formidable, but are less elaborate than Asgard systems.

Ship Classes:

Terran Destroyer - Prometheus Class - Four Ships are currently operational; Prometheus, Deadalus, Apollo and the Odyssey. The DC ships are all named after Ancient Greek demi-gods or heroes. The DC has multiple banks of Neutron cannons and rail guns. In addition to numerous launcher tubes all over the perimeter of the hull for firing the AHM Missile series. It's designed to carry 72 F-302 Space Superiority fighters as well. This follows the Naval and Air Force doctrine of making the enemy pay for every kilometer closer they get to the ship and also to score kills on the enemy before dogfighting range is reached. All four ships have recently undergone a refit to a Mark II Standard - resulting in greater energy output and incorporating the Phalanx Interceptor System.

Alteran Dreadnaught - Achilles Class - Only two such ships exist, the Achilles and Briseus, they were the developed with help of the Asgard by Ambassador Harry Potter, the only full blooded Alteran to have been born among the hidden descendants of the Alteran's on Earth. The ship is a giant nine hundred meter diameter oval saucer with an general purpose emitter ring that is capable of firing a mutlitude of various energy weapons at will at any enemy vessel. Adaptive launcher tubes allow it to fire the Terran AHMs as well as Alteran Drone Missiles. The ship is multipurpose in function; depending on the situation it can be a warship, relief ship, science vessel and diplomatic ferry all in one.

Alteran Cruiser - Hippoforalkus Class - The only such ship in the Milky Way yet discovered. It was rebuilt by Ambassador Potter to supplement Seaworld's defence, but when Aiyana (an Alteran from 5mil years ago was thawed out of natural hibernation) was discovered he gifted it to her. It carries the latest tech and can outperform the Asgard O'Neill class. (A/N; Aurora class is what the Atlantis expedition members called the class, because it was the name of the first such ship they encountered)

Asgard Battlecruiser - O'Neill Class - Hull composed of nearly indestructible alloy of Trinium, Naquadah, and Carbon, in addition to Asgard graviton shields. Its armed with multiple emitter banks for a variety of Energy weapons. However, the Asgard ship doctrine does not use missile systems.

Asgard Battlecruiser - Beliskner Class - Still powerful but rather dated since the class proved vastly inferior to Replicator controlled vessels and one-on-one a Beliskner is on an even keel with the Anubis refit Ha'tak.

Asgard Science Vessel - Skadi Class - Relatively small three hundred meter vessel, has only enough weaponry to defend itself but extremely fast and able to outrun any hostile vessel in space. Used in Asgard scientific endeavours and also doubles as a cargo hauler.

Goa'uld Ha'tak - Mothership Class - Its design is more for intimidation and fear in less advanced civilizations who are unable to respond to Goa'uld aggression than pure combat performace. Since for many thousands of years the Goa'uld reigned unchallenged and only fought with each other and was content with what they had. It can launch Death Gliders, carry Jaffa armies, and fights in ship to ship space combat. Recently though, with the upswing in Intra-Goa'uld conflict following the killing of Ra by the first Terran exploration team that went through the Stargate in 1995 and the Terran/Goa'uld War, upgrades were constantly made in all areas (FTL speed, power, shields etc.)

Anubis Ha'tak - Mothership Shalk'ra Class - Significant improvement in all critical systems, weapons and shields especially.

Apophis Flagship Ha'tak - 1,2 km in diameter, only one such ship was built while Apophis was in ascendancy over the System Lords during '98-'99. It was a massive logistical and resource undertaking to build, but once it was and with the Fleet of Sokar behind it, no other System Lord stood a chance. It and the fleet was destroyed by Terran ingenuity and Tok'ra subterfuge, while the Asgard delivered the final blow by killing Apophis himself.

Anubis Class Command Mothership - The ship is 1,5 kilometers in diameter. The largest and most powerful constructed by any Goa'uld in history. With it's main Ceasim Beam Weapon it can devastate a planetary surface in minutes. Carrying legions of Death Gliders and mounting the largest amount of Plasma Cannons ever placed on a single hull; it's a formidable weapon even without the Caesim.

Wraith Hive Ship - This two kilometer long behemoth constructed out of a previously unheard of organic metallic hull can carry thousands of Wraith. It packs dozens of giant Anti-Baryon Cannons in every possible firing arc around the ship and carries hundreds of fighter Darts. It has no shields, but the Alteran database indicates that the Hive Ship can 'regenerate' its hull after taking damage if enough time passes and the ship has power. Point Defense duties is carried out by the Darts that patrols around the ship like a swarm of bees.

Wraith Cruiser - Essentially a scaled down four hundred meter Hive ship, it has less power and weaponry, and acts as scouts and ship screens for the Hive Ship. It was this ship more than anything that won the Alteran/Wraith War. The Wraith flooded the Pegasus Galaxy with them and overwhelmed the Alterans with sheer numbers.

Support Craft

Alteran Puddle Jumper: Multipurpose Exploration Vehicle, designed to travel throught a Stargate and explore. Its used when SG teams have to travel a far distances from the Stargate or move covertly by using the Cloak generator. It can also act as a fighter, but is not ideal for it, since it carries two Alteran Drone launchers in both drive nacelles.

Terran F-302: Space Superiority Fighter that can serve multiple roles, BARCAP, CAP, Deep Strike, Anti-Shipping Strike. It's the only known craft of its size that can enter Hyperspace independantly without having to rely on its parent carrier for FTL travel.

Terran Darkstar Drone: An Unmanned remote controlled drone capable of high altitude flight and cloaking itself. It's main purpose is to provide eye in the sky overwatch for Terran commanders on battlefields on other planets. Recent upgrades allow it also to be combat capable as well.

Goa'uld Cargo Ship: Designed to ferry cargo and personnel, can also be used for covert ops with its cloak device. Its Hyperspace capability has recently been improved to allow it to cover five thousand light years in a week.

Goa'uld Al'kesh: Acts as Scout craft and Mid-range Bomber. It is also capable of cloaking and has twice the Hyperspace capacity of the Cargo Ship. Primary armament are Guided Plasma Bombs that fall from an aft launcher. The ship has a belly turret with two Staff Cannons that is capable of firing in any direction below the craft. It's very vulnerable from above without Death Glider support.

Goa'uld Death Glider: Primary Space and Air superiority fighter of the Goa'uld. Carries two forward mounted Staff Cannons. By Terran standards it's woefully inadequate as the craft has no missile armament, and has no Deep Strike capability.

Wraith Dart: Space superiority fighter and Human Culling craft wrapped in one very manoeuverable if fragile hull that can fit through a Stargate, giving it the same interstellar capabilities as a Puddle Jumper.

Ground/Personal Weapons

Asgard Chromesuit: A personalized suit that is made of a semi-fluidic alloy that also has an embedded AI matrix of nanotechnology that can perform a multitude of functions in any environment. It was originally just used by the Asgard for work in hard vacuum, but was uprgraded significantly by Ambassador Potter. It can absorb and disspate Goa'uld staff blasts. Makes use of spatial engineering allowing the user to carry equipment in small pockets of subspace, and has a limited matter buffer; allowing for the rematerialization of the vacuum helmet and a weapon.

Terran SWORD (UGCV): Unmanned Ground Combat Vehicle. Powered by the man portable Naquadah reactor, this small subspace radio guided tracked vehicle is meant to dramatically increase the standoff distance between the enemy and friendly forces. It also removes the need for men and women of Earth to risk their lives in planned assaults. It's armed with the PR8 mounted on a 360 degree turret and protected by a Firestorm shield and Chobham armor. Anti-Air variants are in the experimental stages.

Terran AFM 'CAT': A one man operable tank that can fit through the Stargate, it's armored with the classified 'Chobham' alloy that is used on the M1A2 Abrams Battle tank and Shielded with the Firestorm System. It's main weapon is the M134 Minigun, which fires the 7.62mm NATO armor-piercing projectile. It's role is as an 'Armored Force Multiplyer' for SG teams going into battle against superior numbers of the enemy. With its communication and sensor suites, when not in direct combat, it can also serve as a command and control platform to direct other battlefield assets; Darkstar drones, troops, etc.

Terran FN-P90 : On Earth, its actually only by vehicle and tank crew members, artillery crews etc. But it was initially selected by the SGC to replace the ageing modified MP5 that uses armor piercing ammunition to pierce the exotic alloy that Jaffa wear as armor. The P90 fires an armor piercing SS190 round which was dual core (steel/aluminum). It's a PDW (personal defense weapon) with good accuracy and lethality at ranges of up to 200-250 meters.

Terran MP10 : Replacement for the venerable MP5 fielded by H&K. The 10mm Auto cartridge provides up to twice the muzzle energy of the standard 9mm parabellum NATO cartridge. Recoil operation principle ensures excellent reliability under all conditions and surgical accuracy to ranges of 150 meters and beyond. Used primarily by Law Enforcement and Special Operations Units on Earth.

Terran M82A1-M: A semi-automatic, recoil operated long range sniper rifle with an effective range of 1km for anti-personnel and 1.5km for anti-vehicle. Fires .50 calibre rounds of either depleted uranium or trinium.

Terran PR7: Developed by Ambassador Potter as an early attempt to provide Earth with a hand-held energy weapon system should the Goa'uld invade Earth before it was ready. It fires a briefly existing containment field out of the barrel at hypersonic speeds that contains high energy plasma. If the shooter is accurate enough he could kill at a range of 300 meters, beyond that the containment field loses integrity and releases the plasma that explodes on contact with the air. Hence, its never a good idea to idly discharge the weapon. It has biometric sensors calibrated to the specific owner so the weapon cannot be handled by the enemy...a self destruct goes off if anyone is stupid enough to do otherwise.

Terran PR8 AW: The same design as the PR7 but with increased power and a modulation that allows the user to stun a targeted enemy. The user also has integrated combat information systems which is displayed in an eye HUD and energy resistant armor. Integrated body heat and hearbeat sensors allow the user to know where lifesigns are in a radius of three hundred meters. (Terran Kull Disruptor: a module added to the PR8 fires a pulse to counter the specific frequency of animation energy used in the Kull Warrior.)

Terran NQN-1: A minuature nuclear bomb that discards uranium as the fissile material and only uses the naquadria isotope. It uses the older Gun-Type Assembly, where C4 is used to compress two pieces of Naquadria. The instability of Naquadria means that it's easy to obtain a chain reaction, despite it's relative higher density in comparison to Uranium. It's only issued on Strategic Missions to destroy vital enemy ships or structures.

Goa'uld Zat'Nickatel - A weapon in the PDW class. When primed fires a coiling bolt of blue electric-looking energy, which stuns with a single hit on the enemy. With a second hit, the target's nervous system is fatally disrupted, while a third consecutive hit causes the atomic bonds of matter to decoalesce...vaporizing the target. Accurate stun range of 25 meters.

Goa'uld Staff Weapon - A blend between melee and ranged energy weapon. It fires a bolt of energy at its target which is powered by a liquid naquadah cell. By Terran standards its a useless weapon in war, as its 'A weapon of terror, not war' - Colonel Jack O'Neill SG-1. But its nevertheless a deadly thing when in the trained hands of a Jaffa at ranges below 50 meters.

Goa'uld Ribbon Device - An ornate gauntleted weapon, worn like a glove. It's only capable of being used by the Goa'uld themselves. Tok'ra or any former host can use it as well, since it requires naquadah in the bloodstream of the user to work; however its a despised weapon and only used in necessity. It can fire a wave of kinetic energy that will fling away the target quite painfully. On another setting and at close range it can used as a weapon of torture, streaming lethal energy directly into the forehead of its victim. It can also release a modulated pulse that will absorb Staff weapon blasts effortlessly. In '97 it was upgraded with a personal kinetic shield around the wearer.

Goa'uld Stun Grenade - A sphere that is flung into areas where resistance is heavily fortified. It releases a wave of paralyzing energy that immediately causes unconsciousness to anyone within a twenty meter area.

Goa'uld Staff Cannon - Essentially a Death Glider's cannon mounted on a tripod, usually in bunkers around a Stargate.

Goa'uld Gauntlet Weapon - A lethal, very powerful weapon that fires smaller plasma bolts, that nonetheless has double the destructive power of a standard Staff weapon blast, and is able to fire in automatic bursts of fifteen discharges within two seconds. Created by Anubis and mounted on his 'Warrior Drones' or 'Super-soldiers'.

Goa'uld Energy Absorbing Armor - Also created by Anubis, it allows his Super-Soldiers to become virtually invulnerable on the battlefield. Any form of offensive energy, from kinetic to plasma is harmlessly absorbed.

Wraith Stun Staffs/Pistols - Wraith small arms are non-lethal from a certain point of view. They fire blue whispy bolts of energy that will overload the motor neurons of the target and rended them unconscious - in that respect, the weapons are non-lethal. However, the result is that the target is captured and fed upon by the Wraith and that is lethal.

Wraith Culling Beam - Not a weapon, but emits a solid state transporter beam that will dematerialize and store anyone in its path in the matter buffer, to be rematerialized later for Wraith feeding.

Power Sources

Nuclear Fission Reactor - Energy is derived from splitting one atom into two atoms. High energy neutrons split heavy atoms of Uranium-235 yielding large amounts of energy. The SGC powers the Stargate using a specially retrofitted Nuclear Reactor designed for the Nimitz Class Aircraft Carrier and supplements that further by tapping into the civilian grid occasionally. Though it has to be done carefully to avoid causing excessive power drain on the Colorado Springs grids. Such concerns are a thing of the past though with Naquadah Reactors now attached to the SGC Power Grid.

Naquadah Matrix Enchanced Nuclear Fusion Reactor - Energy is generated two atoms join together to form one. In a fusion reactor, hydrogen atoms come together to form helium atoms, neutrons and vast amounts of energy. It's the same type of reaction that powers hydrogen bombs and the Sun. The reactor uses a Deuterium-tritium reaction - One atom of deuterium and one atom of tritium combine to form a helium-4 atom and a neutron. Most of the energy released is in the form of the high-energy neutron. Adding Naquadah to the mix further increases output by five hundred percent. Two such reactors are used for the Prometheus Class Terran Destroyer.

Naquadah Reactor - A man portable power source that uses a specialized laser initiator to induce Naquadah to release vast amounts energy. SG Teams use these when the DHD on a world is suspect or non-functional. It allows the team to 'supercharge' the Stargate and allows for the establishment of a wormhole with manual dailing. A typical generator is theorized to have a lifespan of two years depending on energy demands.

Neutrino-Ion Generator - The primary shipborne power source of Asgard ships. The power generated by this device in a minute is enough to power half the energy requirements of Earth in a year.

Alteran Power Module - This draws vacuum energy from an artificially created region of subspace-time that is contained within a specially designed crystalline matrix. The sheer power it can potentially generate is staggering. If a Module was to ever destabilise for some reason - it could theoretically destroy an entire Solar System, perhaps more.

Alteran Power Module 1st Generation (Colloquially known as the 'Eyes of Ra, Apophis, etc.') - The first ever model of Power Module's constructed by the Alterans. They were much smaller in scale and output. The Alterans usually used six or seven of the PMs working in concert to produce power as using only one although still powerful was not enough for powering some of their more ambitious projects.


I've not been a Bleach fan for long, just about a year or so. With the utter disappointment that was Dragonball GT, I was floundering for a good anime for a long time until I was introduced to Bleach by my cousin. I finally gained enough inspiration to write a fic for it recently after watching all the anime and reading the manga. So here in my profile I will share all my thoughts related to this 'verse. And of course, anything related to 'Huntress' and other Bleach fanfic, especially those in my Favorites list.

Favorite Characters

Kuchiki Rukia - Ah, the voice of reason to counter the idiot balls that Ichigo and Renji spews out. Her Zanpakutou is a visual spectacle in Shikai, and just feels the more practical Ice-type Soul Slayer in comparison to Hyorinmaru and I so cannot wait until we see her attain Bankai with it. She's also clearly taken intimidation lessons from her brother and doesn't take shit from no one.

Kuchiki Byakuya - This guy is absolutely badass. 'Regardless of who or what they are, anyone who disturbs Soul Society will be cut down.' He instantly cuts off the nerves in his own arm and leg when it's robbed of his control, and can still fight with no problems. Yeah, he's nobility and got a stick up his ass, but has a soft side rarely seen. His sword, Senbonzakura, is one of my favorite Zanpakutou's in the series. The thing attacks you in Shikai with a thousand tiny blades. In Bankai, it's millions with a variety of different forms such as Senkei and Gokei.

Kurosaki Ichigo - Of course, the main character. He kicks ass, most of the time, his losses and weaknesses are understandable, he's only fifteen years old and human, which is easy to forget as you go through the series, since he wields an enormous amount of power but struggles to control it. The one thing I don't like is how he is often handed idiotballs just for exposition purposes and sometimes just for the hell of it to let another character use him as a vent for frustration (which is sometimes very funny, when Rukia does it at least.) He was in the the top twenty academically at his High School and is not unintelligent, after all. His sword, Zangetsu, is so bad ass that it's in permanent Shikai and his Bankai, Tensa Zangetsu is brilliant for one on one combat. My only criticism of it is the Getsuga Tenshou attack, it's all that Zangetsu teaches him and after a while it gets samey. He's a Vizard, (Shinigami-Hollow Hybrid) and putting on his Hollow Mask would allow him to take out any Captain in the Gotei 13 on even keel except for Yamamoto and his Vasto Lorde Hollow form takes him way above even that.

Unohona Retsu - Captain of 4th Division, Healer, an image of grace and poise and very beautiful, but for some reason every single Shinigami is damn afraid of angering her. There has to be a solid reason behind that. She's never shown engaging in battle in the anime or manga, but her battle data is very telling as to why. Her Zanpakutou Minazuki fits her perfectly, taking the form of giant flying Manta Ray that can transport a lot of people and gobble injured people up in its stomach to heal. Yet here I think is why she's so feared. Those who can Heal know very well how to do the opposite. If she wills it she could probably give multiple enemies an overdose of medicine inside Minazuki. Also of note, before the Manta Ray forms it is gaseous, and she could probably poison an army around her. She is also a kendo sword master and could probably kick Kenpachi's ass if so inclined.

Least Favorite Characters

Inoue Orihime - She has a godlike power, but she irritates the crap out of me with her pacifism even in the face of bad guys wanting to kill her. She also has this darned habit of saying 'Kurosaki-kun' over and over and over again. She's like a stuck record and obsessed with Ichigo. It's especially irritating during the final battle between Ichigo and Ulquiorra. Most of the time she's an airhead, and her moments of insight are too few and far between to make up for it. Of course, her healing abilities save the day on many occasions but...

Kaname Tosen - A blind man following the path of justice and least amount of bloodshed, but what a bloody hypocrite he is. He helps Aizen to try to butcher an entire city of people, rob and kill numerous amounts of potential Shinigami for their power. If his murdered friend was still alive she would be ashamed of what he's done in the name of her death. He's a classic example of good intentions gone astray.

To be continued...

Stay tuned for updates.

May God and the Goddess smile upon you.

Keiran Halcyon

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First Witch reviews
The world is dying. No one wants to admit it. Taylor awakens and opens her Eyes; meaningless death, conflict, war, but it all pales in the face of extinction. One neophyte parahuman may be all that stands in its way. (Alt!Taylor, AU)
Worm - Rated: M - English - Sci-Fi/Fantasy - Chapters: 5 - Words: 29,406 - Reviews: 111 - Favs: 586 - Follows: 654 - Updated: 2/22/2015 - Published: 1/11/2015
A Stranger on the Frontier reviews
Keiran Swan was going to die, but rescued from death's clutches by our favorite single letter ROB. Now in another universe, burdened with the knowledge of what's to come, he must walk a tight rope of temptation - and truly face the dilemma of a certain famous Vulcan proverb. (SI)
StarTrek: Deep Space Nine - Rated: M - English - Sci-Fi/Adventure - Chapters: 12 - Words: 55,344 - Reviews: 198 - Favs: 328 - Follows: 295 - Updated: 10/21/2014 - Published: 3/25/2013 - Jadzia D., B. Sisko
Exodus of Stars reviews
Aleksandr Kerensky has led the war weary Star League Defense Force on a two year long journey into exile. A chance decision leads to a long awaited discovery, and final proof that humanity is not alone in the cosmos.
Crossover - Mechwarrior/Battletech & Mass Effect - Rated: M - English - Adventure/Sci-Fi - Chapters: 12 - Words: 73,164 - Reviews: 250 - Favs: 722 - Follows: 702 - Updated: 12/5/2012 - Published: 7/4/2011
Manhattan X reviews
YAHF - Xander decides to embrace 'come as you aren't' on Halloween a little too much. As a result he now has the fate of the planet and the Human Race in his hands.
Crossover - Buffy: The Vampire Slayer & Stargate: SG-1 - Rated: M - English - Sci-Fi/Fantasy - Chapters: 4 - Words: 46,776 - Reviews: 189 - Favs: 1,002 - Follows: 1,139 - Updated: 11/17/2011 - Published: 3/23/2010 - Xander H.
Huntress reviews
What is beyond the veil of this world? One young woman discovers that death is but the beginning of her journey. Her struggle to find meaning and purpose in an unexpected afterlife will shake the very foundations of Soul Society.
Bleach - Rated: M - English - Adventure/Supernatural - Chapters: 5 - Words: 31,924 - Reviews: 27 - Favs: 68 - Follows: 62 - Updated: 3/10/2011 - Published: 2/1/2011
The Lotus' Blossom reviews
The Avatar has returned. Aang emerges into war-torn world to find his people gone. Now he must master the elements and restore balance with help from his friends and allies, some of whom appear from the most unlikely places.
Avatar: Last Airbender - Rated: M - English - Adventure/Mystery - Chapters: 2 - Words: 14,066 - Reviews: 13 - Favs: 33 - Follows: 26 - Updated: 1/2/2011 - Published: 12/31/2010 - Aang, Katara
Star Trek: Divergence reviews
In the 22nd Century, after a year of exploration in deep space Enterprise is damaged, near adrift. Their distress call is answered by those who would bring about a new era for Earth and the Galaxy.
Crossover - Stargate: SG-1 & StarTrek: Enterprise - Rated: M - English - Sci-Fi/Adventure - Chapters: 7 - Words: 69,764 - Reviews: 215 - Favs: 698 - Follows: 753 - Updated: 12/29/2010 - Published: 10/18/2009 - S. Carter
The Dawn of Angels reviews
Humanity finds itself in a wondrous and dangerous new Universe. They have been given the chance for a fresh start and begin the difficult journey to shoulder the Legacy of both the Asgard and the Alterans.
Crossover - Stargate: SG-1 & Mass Effect - Rated: M - English - Sci-Fi/Adventure - Chapters: 5 - Words: 23,769 - Reviews: 316 - Favs: 853 - Follows: 898 - Updated: 8/2/2010 - Published: 4/17/2010 - Shepard (F)
Stargate: Commonality reviews
Something has changed in our distant past. We are totally different. We have created a near Utopia. We have already begun the exploration of space. What we found in the final frontier was not what we hoped for. Our dreams of a peaceful Universe shattered.
Stargate: SG-1 - Rated: M - English - Sci-Fi/Adventure - Chapters: 4 - Words: 33,622 - Reviews: 262 - Favs: 526 - Follows: 531 - Updated: 9/6/2009 - Published: 2/21/2009
Xata reviews
YAHF Xander dresses as our favorite Professor of Humanity. The consequences are like knocking over the single pebble that starts the avalanche of change not only for the Scoobies, but for the world.
Buffy X-overs - Rated: M - English - Sci-Fi/Supernatural - Chapters: 14 - Words: 137,880 - Reviews: 344 - Favs: 667 - Follows: 758 - Updated: 6/13/2009 - Published: 6/21/2007