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About Me

Name: Francine
A.K.A.: Bernice or Gaki
Birthday: 16th of January, 1994
Hometown: Davao City Philippines
Age: 12
Sex: Girl
Grade: Actually, I'm already in 1st year high school (grade 8). thank you.
Interests: Books, Books, Books, and so the list goes on.
Hobbies: Sleeping, Drawing, and vice versa. I don't eat. J.K. it's in my profiles/websites. It’s too troublesome to list them all…

Anyhow, a new and updated profile! Well, I’m just killing some time… To those who are wondering why I haven’t updated yet… Well, better get used to it… sorry… I only update once in a while since I seldom use the computer nowadays and I really loathe writing with my hands… Okay… Let’s continue:

Favorite Books: Nancy Drew Collections, any random books and mangas…

Favorite Music/Band: I already enumerated some before… Most favorite band is Linkin Park (no, not MCR, sorry) and singer is Eminem…

Wondering why I’m writing this instead of updating my stories? Well… I’m just killing some time… I’ll update the story when I’m in NY already… Right now… I’ll just enjoy life and live it fully…

Likes: Anime, Manga, Son Goku of Saiyuki, Nara Shikamaru and Temari

Dislikes: the darn ShikaxHina pairing… Flame me if you want… I don’t care… I also hate preps..

Oh yeah, I also hate people who like to pretend. What’s up with you?

Self Description:

Height: 5’3” (hey, that’s what it read… BoredGOTH must be 5’5” or something if I’m 5’3”)

Mass: nevermind…

Eyes: dark brown but ain’t chinky (too bad I don’t look like my dad... and yes, if you’ve read darkwater-reflection’s profile… I’m that classmate)

Hair: I just had my hair cut a few days ago… Short and shaggy but getting long again… oh yeah, its dark brown… may look like black but it ain’t and don’t ask me why.

Skin: people say that I’m white-toned but non, non… I know that there are lots of liars out there… well, I believe that it’s just fair…

Personality: Well… I’m childish on the outside but I have lots of problems on the inside. I also believe that black is the prettiest color there is and that Goths rule… anyhu, there’s more… Though I am childish, I have a serious and angsty side w/c is usually triggered when I’m annoyed or when I sense something… Yes, I’ll allow you to call me anything you want (e.g., selfish, braggart) and I won’t complain though it hurts since that’s the way you look at me… Well, it’s your problem, not mine…

Well, would ya look at the time? It’s a quarter past 8 already… Bye… I still have to make my assignments… (yes, I’m a very ehem good girl)


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