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Oi...what to say...what to say...? ~ponderponderponder~

Hi! My name is Erica and I'm a heathen (hi erica!)

well i am. Erica is latin for heather (as in the plant, not the name-duh) and Heathen means "of the heather" yeah... beams

ok...maybe heathen isn't the right word... umm... bohemian? free spirit? crazy lady? yeah that last one is probably the most fitting...

well whatever I am I am here, like it or not. Yo'll have to suck it up and make the most of this.

I'm an artist turned sell out and got me a govment job, working for the county in their emergency communications dept. I answer 911 calls and dispatch police on the radio (think of those police chase shows, or if you have a scanner, mine is the garbeled voice that bosses the cops around and tells them where to go). The best part about it is we're all crazy up there, which could also be a bad thing. Then again you have to be to put up with the calls we get. I work 12 hour night shifts (6pm-6am) so i get the really fun the lady who calls up 911 asking if she gets a dr note saying she has an overactive bladder can she urinate in public (I'm so serious on that one it's almost not funny)

This thing is a way to keep my sanity (insanity?) I was an art major in college, and I still try to keep up with that stuff. I mess around w/graphics and web layouts, as well as AMV's after my shifts as a way to clear my head, and am a huge anime addict. I've converted almost the entire radio room to watching adultswim at work, so if you would be in SE Pennsylvania and called 911, yes that might really be Inuyasha or Full Metal Alchemist in the background as they're giving you CPR instructions (like I said...we're completely crackers!). Thought I might post some of my stuff for criticism

I also had plans at one point to start up a web comic, mahaps i'll finally get off my arse and do that now too.


I'm starting to feel neked about all this...
ja ne!



love "Into the Woods" so much it's driving you crazy waiting for the next update?

wanna put in a request for a smutfic oneshot of your favorite pairing?

are you pissed off at what I'm doing to poor sweet Hinata-chan and want to raise a lynchmob if she doesn't survive the story?

Fear not dear readers! There is help out there!

Teasing Kyubi is my new live journal community opened and dedicated to you guys, my loyal readers. Why? Because I'm finding i've got some damn loyal fans out there...on all three of my posting sites. In fact, the ones on TONFA are so particularly addicted they've started turning my reviews into a message board for eachother! lol So now, I've given you guys a place where you can all get together and kevetch as one. That and I'll be able to post polls to better track votes for such things as the comic and smut/no smut :) Have you got an lj? Then what are you waiting for! Don't got one yet? Then just shoot over to livejournal and sign up for one, it's free and only takes a few moments.

In fact while your there you can check out my authors journal kyubiteaser . Check it out for cut chapters/sceans (such as the infamous and highly demanded NejiXTen scean cut from "woods"), as well as teasers to upcoming chapters and the sequel and of course responses to questions/requests.

and of course, gentle readers...

you can also find my stories posted on TONFA under the penname "foxfire" or now on as the teaser you know and love.

~~~~~~~KyubiTeasers Warning to Thieves and Readers~~~~~~~

Every now and again I keep coming across parts of my stories used as openers or other parts of crappy sex stories (usually posted on crappy sex story sites covered in pics of naked woman and porn adverts) THIS IS STILL PLAGERISM, EVEN IF YOU DON'T USE MY FULL CHAPTER/STORY!!

I'm asking you, my loyal readers who have been so kind as to send me warnings and post replies telling them to take it down to go and report him to the admin. If you don't know how, just go to his story and in the little drop down box where you would normally favorite or post a reply and click on the 'report abuse.' The more complaints the admin gets the faster they will shut this guy down before he tries to steal someone else's work. I also ask if anyone here is on any other fanfic sites to let me know if you see him posting it elsewhere as well. Many times these people post to multiple sites, hoping they won't get caught. Not only that but they'll grab from several different writers. If we don't shut him down now, he may start claiming "For the Love of My Friends " or "After the Pain"- one which I know has already been plagiarized in the past, or maybe even one of your own stories.

Thank you again to those of you who let me know this was going on. I know I've been horrible about not posting. Real Life ate my soul, and my muse has been otherwise preoccupied. Mayhaps this is the kick in the ass I need to finally get chapter 5 of 'Desert' finished and posted. At least as to show my gratitude. Suki pops up every now and again, and I really... really want to have her story told...

I'll see what I can do...

comeon guys! We all love a good tease now and again


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