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Such a long time!! XD I havent update my profile like forever, the univesity takes all of my time -.- (I have been reading lots of fics though). Now I am a fan of bleach :p and most importantly from ICHIRUKI!! I just love that couple but I also like others couples as long as are Rukiacentric (just like hinata in Naruto).

I re-read the only story I've written and also teh reviews that encouraged me to write another but I'm not sure when that will be T_T It will be probably a oneshot and posibly a bleach fanfic. I'm waiting for some kind of inspiration, I have some ideas but I need to put them together in a coherent way (kind of difficult for me since I aint a very good writer u.u')


I have done one story! It's a NejiHina please Review


Until Now I had never upload any story, I created an account her cuz I wanted to review, u see, sometimes I couldn’t review as anonymous and there were some great fanfics that I really wanted to review, but now I’m seriously thinking on doing an story…well I had already done one and have another ideas but I’m not sure to show it cuz I don’t think it´s good enough, maybe with some changes…

Nationality: Peruvian, now you know why I have so stupid grammar mistakes, I had never been good at English -’

Age: 18 (I feel so old -_- almost all writer here r so young!)

Favorite anime: Naruto, well… for now. I’m always changing -’

Fav Couples

Now I'm Rukia centric!! I think she is the best character from bleach

ICHIRUKI!!: I love this couple to put it simply, I'm not sure why though, I feel like they must be together also cuz I cant stand IchiHime (please dont kill ichiHime fans!)

Kaienruki: I still wish that Kaien hadnt died, wouldnt it be interesting if he have met with Ichigo? And how that situacion with Rukia would have changed?...Well u cant have all in this world u.u'

HitsuRuki: I know its not gonna happen...ever. Well this is one of the couples that i recently started liking cuz at the beginning it was HitsuHina (I still like them but not as much as before) I think the r sooo cute together

UlquiRuki: I know that this one is a crack pairing but hey! They wouldnt look so bad ne?

ByaRuki: I know!! they r 'siblings' (but not by blood ;P) and I dont like them just in a romantic way I also like how big brother byakuya cares for Rukia in his own way

Well I’m HinataCentric!, she’s my fav character, since the first chapters of naruto, not that I’ve seen a lot, I’m just in the 30th chapter, but I have seen some in youtube

NejiHina:I know, I know, they r cousins, please don’t kill me! It’s just that they look so cute together! - and I think they need each other, both of then feel alone and sad

SasuHina:U see, this is a big change! Cuz at first I really Like NaruHina, I didn’t imagined that I was going to change naruto for Sasuke -_-‘ but I think that Hinata and Sasuke should be together, both of them are really deep, I mean, naruto It’s too superficial, for example, he says he likes sakura, cuz it’s pretty and that things, Hinata is totally different, she likes naruto cuz of his qualities. Sasuke also isn’t superficial cuz if he were he could just like one of her fangirl not caring how they are.

GaaHina: well, I like this couple 4 no special reason, or maybe yes, I think that I like to pair Hinata with cool and cold guys as u see, but I don’t know exactly why

ItaHina: same reasons of GaaHina

Also I have a fav love triangule!

NejixHinaxSasu and no matter with who ends hinata with I will like it anyway

In bleach I dont have a fav love triangule as long as it includes rukia and Ichigo I'll love it

Hated couples

IchiHime: As I mentioned before I cant stand them being together in a romantic way, I see them just as friends... And I hope they stay that way in the manga and anime.

SasuSaku: they aren’t just mean to be

Nejiten:same reason than before

Another fav animes

Fullmetal alchemist: this show is awesome!, I loved every chapter, and now I want to see the movie, I hope it have EdWinry moments

Pita Ten: It’s so cute, but I don’t like the idea of Misha and Cotarou been together, I prefer him with koboshi (I don’t know if the names are well written -’)

Galaxy Angel: It’s really funny and nonsense, and I like nonsense sometimes!

Mithycal sleuth Loki: I like it, 4 no apparent reason

Bleach: I have become a fan of this series and... I LOVE ichiruki!! :p I like the fact that the anime more or less resembles the manga

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