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Author has written 2 stories for Naruto.

ok, I have not been on in a while. I will finish my stories!! I’m really gonna try to finish them!

about me: im female, a student and I live in CA. oh yeah, my age... somewhere between 17 and 24. XD

my favorite couples are:

SasuNaru (duh!)

NaruSaku(only after the timeskip tho)


ItaSasu(as long as Sasuke is at least 13)

Riku/Sora (kingdom hearts)

Roxas/Sora (kingdom hearts)


SasuKiba (very rare!)

ShikaNaru(only a little bit)


InoSaku/SakuIno (I a yuri fan too...)




Garra/Sasuke(Don't care which one is seme)

Couples I HATE!:

-any pairing involving Shino, Kisame, Lee, Gai, Chouji or Kyuubi. It's not that I dislike them, I just can't see them doing anything sexual.

Why I hate them:

-Something about Shino's bugs that just creep me out. his bugs are everywhere inside him...which also means his manhood which just grosses me out!

-Kisame...he just ugly, I think he's cool but he's still ugly.

-Lee and Gai. anytime I image them having sex (not just with each other) I image them saying stuff like "If I can not 500 trusts, then I will do 700 licks!" or something crazy like that. it's kinda funny tho. lol.

-Chouji. I have a bad experience with a horny fat person and I’ll leave it at that.

-Kyuubi. First of all Kyuubi is a mean demon. HE CAN NOT LOVE! I can understand if Kyuubi is raping someone, but i don't like rape therefor I don't like any pairings with Kyuubi.

Other things that piss me off:

-when people say there bad at summaries, it makes them seem like a bad writer if they can't sum up their own work.

-when people have chats with charters that they didn't create.


"used2bcool: hi Naruto, how are you?

Naruto: im fine, but my ass hurts a lot...

Sasuke: sorry...

used2bcool: wow..."

when people do this I just want slap someone in the face. Do they really know how dumb they make themselfs look!?!?! if they chat with there own charter or a friend that’s fine, but it drives me crazy when people do that!!!

-when a writer puts themself in a story. It's okay if someone puts there own charter in a fanfic...but putting yourself in a fanfic is a bit ridiculous.

-when virgins write lemons/limes, it's just kinda odd...

-people who are overly homophobic(o0o0o men in tight pants I’m SO scared!

Other Notes:

-I am both a yaoi and yuri fan. i like het too.

-I am not a lesbian (im bisexual)

- if you want my myspace its

-Most of my stories will be about Naruto(the show), and some Kingdom Hearts. I really hope you like my stories. all I ask is if you don't like my stories, don't read them, simple right?

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