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January 10, 2009:

It's been forever, hasn't it? Yeah, I kinda bailed on everyone for a while, but I've moved on to writing my actual novel, the one I should be working on rather than effing with fanfiction. Funny how procrastination works, eh? I missed the fun of collaboration, so I came back for a couple of them. I will be continuing Perplexity, with Meowzy-chan, as my primary effort, but I'm also gonna work on Project: HEAT with Dragonwings144 and A Single Drop of Purity on my own, as Holyknightsteve no longer writes.

I'm very appreciative of all the reviews I get even a full year after I bail. Seriously. That's the only reason I'm continuing Purity, is because so many people even recently have reviewed saying to finish. I hope you all are still wanting to see it. :3

mwah :3

About Me

Name: Not tellin'! Just call me Spiritua. I like that name better than mine anyways. Teehee.

Age: 17

Gender: I'm a girl, thanks much. :P

Likes: Tales of Symphonia, reading, chatting online, tacos, the list goes on...

Dislikes: Seafood, tomatos, mushrooms, flamers, and people who think they're better than everyone else. Ooh, and spiders. -shudders-


Kay, here's the thing. I accept just about every pairing except seriously crack ones like Dirk x Altessa or something sick like that. HOWEVER. I try to avoid like the plague those pairings that are canon or popular. I guess they just seem boring to me. Like Shelloyd and Colloyd. As proven by my gift to the wonderful Insaneiac, however, I will write them on occasion if I must. I enjoy a good challenge, and I suppose this is what attracts me to crack pairings. I have to work to make it work out, which I like. I'll stop rambling now. Haha.

I'm certain that, by the end of my writing days, I'll have written every pairing imaginable for Tales of Symphonia. So I won't list the pairings I'm supporting or intending to write. Rather, I'll list the ones my various fanfics already support. (Though for Project: HEAT, the pairings are likely only temporary. D-wings likes to mix things up a bit.)

Straight: Yuan x Sheena, Lloyd x Presea, Genis x Colette, Kratos x Colette
Yaoi: Kratos x Yuan
Yuri: Sheena x Raine

The Poor Souls Who I Call My Friends

Haha, I'm not that bad, am I? Come on, you have to admit, my stupidity is entertaining. But that's beside the point. These are the people I have spoken to on a regular basis over an IM service, like AIM or MSN, and more likely than not I've either roped them into a collab, or I intend to. Mwahaha...

Insaneiac the Maniac - http://www.fanfiction.net/u/360447/ Teh Morgizzle fo Shizzle. :D His name is Morgan, so that's not just some random nickname I come up with, though I do do that sometimes. Hehe. Anyways, more about him. He's probably my best online friend, we share most of the same tastes, aside from his random ventures off into teensy almost nonexistant fandoms. He's got mad skillage when it comes to writing, and I'm not just saying that to be nice. His Tales of Twilight is absolutely amazing in every way. Hell, he had 28 reviews on the first two chapters! That's what I usually get on FIVE chapters. x-X I envy him and his gosh darn talent. :P (Our collab is Excidium, but sadly, it is due to be taken down due to lack of interest on his part.)

Meowzy-Chan - http://www.fanfiction.net/u/546506/ - She's awesome. Even though she's obsessed with Kratos x Yuan. Nah, just kidding, KxY is actually... kinda cool? It actually gets kinda stuck on you. o.O; But anyways. If you want a source of laughs or laughable Kratos and/or Yuan scenes, this is a good person to talk to. :D (Our first collab, which we finished, was Forsaken, and the sequel, Perplexity, should be out sometime this summer.)

Dragonwings144 - http://www.fanfiction.net/u/506495/She's awesome too. lol She's got a mind almost as twisted as me, and I've only found one pairing that disgusts her in all of the possible crack Tales of Symphonia pairings. (That being Dirk x Altessa, but I'm not going into that.) Her Runaway Series is partially what got me into unusual pairings, so she's to blame if I pop out any crack pairings anytime soon. We're on the same brainwaves, it's almost scary sometimes. (Our collab is called Project HEAT.)

Holyknightsteve - http://www.fanfiction.net/u/712080/ - Yeah, the Holyknightsteve. Lucky little turd, he gets a 'the' in front of his name. He deserves it though, he's fricken awesome. :D I've been talking to him for a while now, and he's officially another of my bestest friends. Hehe. I think he's another one I share brainwaves with. We came up with the exact same idea for a collab before we even decided to do one. xD He's probably the most famous of my friends, having like 100 people favoriting him. x-X Ah well, like I said earlier, he deserves it. Though he's a rabid Shelloyd fan, and I can't stand the pairing, that's mainly our only difference in opinion. That, and how he loves Regal and hates Genis and I adore writing Genis and find Regal to be crotchety, old, and boring. xD (Our collab is called A Single Drop of Purity.)

My Lovely Yume - www.fanfiction.net/~mylovelyyume - My newest friend and accomplice on my writing journey. She's basically my new partner in crime, what with the advice she gives me and the advice I give her and the collab we're working on. And she's hella skilled, too. I mean, go look at her fanfics! They pwn mine. And that's saying something, since I never say pwn unless I have a good reason. She's a great reviewer too, actually helping rather than just "omgzdisficrox!!1". And I call her Toast. :3 Or the Grand High Ruler of the Known Universe, but I'm too lazy to say that more than once a day. Teehee. We're working on a collab tother (It's a rule. I rope all my friends into collabs. XD), and it's gonna be called Tales of Symphonia: Labrynthine. Basically, it's what happens when an insane/stupid author (me) and a brilliant one (toaster) twist around the story of Lloyd and co. and retell it our own way. It's better than it seems, trust me. :D

Read or Die

(read these... or die. need I have even explained?)

Angelic Sacrifice: Them That Remain - http://www.fanfiction.net/s/3578222/1/ -
This is a really amazing fic, honestly. It's a new twist on an old idea. Kratos and Yuan head off on Derris-Kharlan... But do you really think they're just going to sit around and be happy on the empty planet for long? Maybe play a little bit of Scrabble? No. This is what really happens. Get ready to cry. ;-;

Tales of a Twist: Fate of the Prodigy - http://www.fanfiction.net/s/3525267/1/ -
What would happen if the Imperial Research Academy caught Raine as they'd intended? Took her captive for their research? What would become of her? And what of Genis, who was in hiding as well? How will he fare, in the hands of the one who discovered his hiding spot: a certain bluenette Renegade seraph. :O

Runaway - http://www.fanfiction.net/s/2789953/1/ -
Been looking for a fanfic to sweep you off your feet? To drag you in word by word, willing or unwilling, because it's just that dang good? Here's your stop. Genis apparantly runs away, and Raine goes after him. Mizuho is attacked by a psychotic half-elf named Kloitz, Sheena is engaged to a shinobi from Mizuho, and Genis is partnered up with the most unlikely candidate to save the world again. This is a fanfic that's not afraid to go where no fics have gone before. And what's even better, it has a sequel. :o ( Partners - http://www.fanfiction.net/s/3005162/1/)

(more coming, so sit down and shut up. ;D)

Fics in the Works

Forsaken: A collab with Meowzy-chan, and my very first fic. Whee. It's basically about Yuan and Kratos getting stuck on an island, where things are never how they seem and always what they shouldn't be, and have only one slim hope of escaping: A machine, found at the center of the island. But a massive number of things stand in the way, including two-headed dragons, man-eating plants, very large holes, a horde of incessent rodents, and Yuan's constant lack of directional senses. It's got action, adventure, romance, and lots of humor. (Finished) ( http://www.fanfiction.net/s/3010085/1/ )

Perplexity: The sequel to Forsaken, and, of course, another collab with Meowzy-chan. Yuan and Kratos are off the island, thank Martel, and they no longer doubt their feelings for one another. So now that they've found love, things are gonna fall into place, right? Wrong. A new evil has arisen, more powerful than Mithos himself, and not only that, but Yuan seems to have brought a little bit of island life home with him... (In Progress!)

Project HEAT: A collab with dragonwings144. Yeah, I do love collabs. :p A group of angels called the Elite have plans, big plans, bigger than even the once almighty Cruxis. These plans are called Project H.E.A.T., and they must be stopped at all costs, or the world will be pretty close to doomed. This is the story of Yuan, Sheena, Raine, Genis, and Colette and their attempt to stop the Elite beforetheir plan can be completed. There's drama, humor, and definantly romance, but by a few chapters in you'll be so confused about who is with who that you will never be able to predict who's in love in the end. (in progress again! HECK YES!) ( http://www.fanfiction.net/s/3044631/1/ )

A Single Drop of Purity: Formerly a collab with Holyknightsteve, but since he has quit writing, but I keep getting reviews saying to keep at it, I'm continuing on my own. Kratos x Colette. Yeah, you heard me right. But trust me, we make it work. -wink- At the end of the Journey of Regeneration, Kratos leaves with Derris-Kharlan as planned, his blue-haired Cruxis-mate steering his planet. But there's one little difference... A certain Chosen One leaves with him. Colette knows there is no life for her in the reunited world of Aselia; she sees the way the civilians look at her. She reminds them of their worst days, of the days when a Chosen was needed and depended on, the days when suffering was a part of daily life. So she accompanies Kratos and Yuan and the big purple planet and heads off into space. But little does she know that her job isn't done quite yet... (in progress, on my own) (see my fic list)

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