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Well, hallo to all!

I'm so glad you decided to check out my profile! I'm hoping that means you have come because you like my story, but that's big dreaming isn't it? Well, I will just keep dreaming... or if you really do like my stuff then I say cheers to you!

A little about me, I suppose, would be something to go on a profile (little voice in head: duh!) Oky Doky then... just keep going.

Ok, as you know, I'm a lovare of anime/manga (sigh) I want to bend down and kiss the feet of thewoman responsible for our lovely Inuyasha! (me inside: calm down darling... calm down shakes me back and forth violently) Ok, now past that... no wait one more, INUYASHA! OH MY GOODNESS GOOD GOLLY GOSH! (cough) ok, done... for now.

I live in el North Carolina-o... can you tell I suck at el Spanish-o? But I am fluent in 3 languages, and I abso-frickin-posi-tivle-luten-ly (giggle) want to go to good ole' Alaba Marau with my buddy Kristin... Oh, go read her stuff too! it's under the pen name Ka-lyrra and she kicks buttocks... but not better then me (don't tell her that) Ok, back to other stuff, I love guitar, music in general actually. Rock, Metal, Rock, grunge, Rock, Heavy Screamage, Rock, Classic Oldies Rock, Rock... um did I mention Rock? naw probably not.

INUYASHA! (randomnization)

Oh, and I do have a thing for Sailor Moon cause I'm cool like that... yeah... sure... moving on. I'm also a fan of Naruto (yes, I am), Kenshin, Fruits Basket, Demon Eyes Kyo, Full Metal Alchemist, and others but i'm totally blanching!


KagInu: come on, you gotta love the original bad boy-good girl concept!

SanMir: No other people, no other. It's completley obvious that they should be together.

KouKag: (dodges frying pan) Ok, I can't help it. He so adorably drawn to her like a love sick puppy, he gives her no trouble, loves her... come on! It's cute!

SesshRin:It's basically destiny to me, you know it's right BWAHAHAHA! Or, in other cases, I can tolerate Sesshy and Kagura... tolerate being the key word.

Books are basically my life, yeah, and music... Rock... (dodges sharp objects) OK i'm moving on! (crawls behind couch) Ok (from behind couch)

But basically I come to give my Inuyasha lovers a good story, if you think it is, and I really hope you enjoy it! So read, review, and be merry... oh, and I ask you not to orgy while reading this... it's kinda creepy _ still behind couch go, read, do whatever you do and may life be long and pleasant...even if you're a spirit from the undead... OH OH or a vampire (can I have your autograph?)

INUYA- (dodges frying pan) HA! you missed me! (turns around to run into door) Ok... that... was coming (falls to floor)

Really fast, I would really appreciate it if... ok, never mind I'm gonna be mean. Don't give me any damn flames, ok? I like hearing good things, and if you have a problem with me or my story, take it somewhere else... ok? OK? good, then we'll make it just fine.

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