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... (silence) ...

Right. What am I supposed to do?


Name: It's Japanese and it's a bitch to pronounce right. It's Elina(Use Russian Pronounciation) but screw it and just call me Nalix.

Age: 16, but my mentality ranges from a 6 year old boy to a 48 year old woman.

Sex: A Female. Who always chooses to play as a guy in pokemon. =P

Sexuality: Officially Asexual as of the moment. Men and women have no sexual appeal to me what so ever.

Location: Used to be NY. Now, Japan... Right smack damn in Meguro. Ick. I hate being close to Tokyo. Waay too little space. Oh Yokohama, I miss thee.

Occupation: I'm a translator for Lady Phantomhive's group. You might know her from AarinFantasy's Doujinshi Forums. =D

Attitude/Personality: I'm the type of person who frequently suffers from mood swings. One second I can be so nice as to share food, lend money, help out, etc. And then the next minute I would be all annoyed, pissed off, and extremely anti-social. My classmates thought I had MPD or something. My writing is easily affected by such things and if I'm in a bad mood, then I can't bring myself to write something nice. SO there might be a chance that I won't update if I'm having a bad week/month. DX Otherwise I'm a pretty okay person. Except for the fact that I'm obsessed with corpses. But really, I'm nice!! ... Sort of...

Likes: Manga, Video Games, Fanfiction, Doujinshi, Literature, BL/Yaoi, Tragedy, Angst, Eggplants(WTF?), Sakurai Takahiro + Suzumura Kennichi + Ishida Akira + Ono Daisuke, corpses, and Bishie-MPD/Split Personality characters.

Hates: Pink, Anime (I hate half of the voices. 50 good. 50 bad), Cliched Happy Endings, Homophobics, Racists, Pious people, really bad manga (coughstereotypicalshoujomangacough) really bad fanfics (like My Immortal. shudder), and a ton of other things that will take up half the page.

DO NOTE, that though I AM A AVID YAOI FANGIRL/FUJOSHI, that does NOT MEAN that I ONLY love/accept BL pairings!! Tidus and Yuna are MEANT FOR EACH OTHER, I would HATE ANY BL PAIRING IN ALIVE: THE FINAL EVOLUTION (cuz really, romance is NOT a factor in that manga. Merciless killings and death is), and NODAME IS JUST TOO AWESOME TO NOT DESERVE CHIAKI. CAPICHE?

I read too many manga to list. Like, over 90 different mangas. I'm serious. I've counted them before. But I pretty much love Shounen Jump, Jump Square, Shounen GanGan, GFantasy, GanGan Online, Shounen Sunday, Weekly Shounen Magazine, Monthly Shounen Magazine, Shounen Rival, B-Boy Comics, etc. etc. etc... Wow, that's a shit-load of Shounen. Sweatdrop.

My Favorite Manga of ALL TIME are:

Katekyo Hitman Reborn!

Axis Powers: Hetalia



Alive: The Final Evolution

Fullmetal Alchemist


My Favorite Video Games of ALL TIME are:

Kingdom Hearts 1+2

Kingdom Hearts Re:Chain of Memories

Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 Days

Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep (I beat it. It was so sad... And so good. Ven and Aqua's stories are to cry for while Terra's can leave you feeling empty in a sense...)

Final Fantasy 7+Crisis Core

Okami (One of the most amazing games on Earth. If you've never played it, go find it and play it!!)

Dissidia:Final Fantasy

Final Fantasy X+X-2

Subarashiki kono sekai / The World Ends With You (Can't believe I forgot this!! Best battle system ever)

My Favorite Characters of ALL TIME are:

Shirosaki/HollowIchigo/Hichigo (I do also like Ichigo, but insane people are so much more awesome. )

Ichimaru Gin!! XD (I have a fetish for albinos. And I love how cruel and inconsiderate he is... X)

Hibari Kyouya (Way better than Mukuro, hands down. grr.)

Zack Fair (The one character which, even though it hurts, I can stand reading so much angst about. T_T)

Cloud Strife (He's just so, so, so CUTE!! I want a plushie of him to cuddle!)

Roxas (In my personal opinion, he's way better than Sora. I do love Sora too, though!!)

England/Arthur Kirkland (Tsundere guys are so IN. I just luv him so much)

Japan/Honda Kiku (My luv for his cluelessness about the western world is just so... so... MOE~~~~~!!!!!!! XD )

Russia/Ivan Braginsky (Who can't luv this guy? They'd be crazy not to. Doesn't his mental instability make you want to snuggle him?)

My Least Favorite Characters are:

Sasuke (It's his fault Itachi died!! Do I HAVE to say more? Plus, his unbearable, self-important shit headed ness just BEGS to be hated)

Hyuuga Hinata (Useless. Hindrance. I don't HATE her but she annoys the SHT out of me with all her stuttering...)

Riku (shot I'm sorry but he pisses the Fck out of me!! If it weren't for Xion, who knows what he would've done to Roxas?!)

Sephiroth (shot again He's so mean to Cloud!! How can you people like him?!)

I pretty much don't like them also for the fact that they ALWAYS get in the way of my favorite pairings!!

My Favorite Pairings of ALL TIME are:

ZackxCloud (Drool. Hottest. Shipping. Ever. The day I run out of it is the day I commit suicide. lol. And when it's depicted by Yuubinbasha. . . nosebleed.)

HichigoxIchigo (This pairing is more wicked than it seems. Hell, the conflict it always brings is great. Hats off to Masaki Rioka!!)

HibarixTsuna (SQUEAL. Simple as that. SQUEAL. And loving the works of Katakuriko. Awesome Doujinka's though I can only find sevenish. . . sigh)

RoxasxSora (This pairing deserves more attention!! It can be bittersweet at times but can really, REALLY CUTE!! RikuxSora and AxelxRoxas can go DIE!)

EnglandxJapan/ArthurxKiku (They are so CUTE. Arthur is probably one of my only exceptions to a Tsundere seme, but these two together are just so... so...) Current OTP

SpainxS.Italy/AntonioxLovino (Whether Oyabun is being "black", pedo, or chibi, this two are just adorable together. XD )

RussiaxPrussia/IvanxGilbert (Yukiusagi Saikou!

My belief, is that Protagonists are made to be uke. There is no denying the fact that all main characters are just too cute for their own good.

My Most Hated Pairings of ALL TIME are:

SephirothxCloud (UGH. I HATE SEPHIROTH. And I can't stand the idea of Cloud being with that BASTARD.)

AxelxRoxas (Ew. I can't see them as anything other than good friends and though I do think Axel is a great guy... Ew. no.)

RikuxSora (Once again. Ew. Fuck no. I hate Riku. Sora doesn't deserve him. He deserves Roxas!! >

NarutoxHinata (I seriously don't get why people love this pairing so much. I mean, what's so great about Hinata?! She's weak, pathetic, and pitiful)

NarutoxSasuke (Sasuke. He ruined this pairing for me. If he weren't such a bastard, then I might not have hated this pairing as much. But since he just HAS to be an ass...)

GokuderaxTsuna (Hell no. Why the FUCK is Gokudera a seme?! He is so~ uke material!)

My Favorite Seiyuu/Voice Actors of ALL TIME are:

Sakurai Takahiro (Cloud Strife, Kanda Yuu, Kururugi Suzaku, Takamine Kyomaro, Kusuriuri)

Suzumura Ken'ichi (Zack Fair, Lavi, Shinn Asuka, Demyx, Gippal)

Ishida Akira (Kuja, Sabaku no Gaara, Athrun Zala, Nagisa Kaworu, Zexion)

Uchiyama Koki (Roxas, Ven/Ventus, Soul "Eater" Evans, Sakuraba Neku)

Fukuyama Jun (Onion Knight, Lelouche vi Britannia, Watanuki Kimihiro, Vincent Nightray)

Ono Daisuke (Koizumi Itsuki, Nikaido Akira, Sebastien Michaellis, Kurokami Sigma, Jack Vessalius)

If you didn't know at least 3 of these people, shame on you. SHAME

Also, just for you to be aware, I am insane (in more ways than one like some people). I have problems, very bad anger-management skills, frequent mood swings, and I dream of the abolition of most things man. (Then again, don't we all?) Due to these mad and (mostly) rage-induced thoughts, I have had a guidance councilor, a psychiatrist, and a psychologist, all at the same time period. So I might just lose it from time to time. So yeah. I warn thee~.


Most fanfics I will be working on will have BL/Yaoi. Or maybe not, I don't know. But feel free to look at my favorites list. There's a lot of good fanfics (both homo or hetero) of various elements and well written plot lines.


For the life of me, I don't get why people love USUK so much. loves USUK, AarinFantasy loves USUK, practically all my American fujoshi friends love USUK.


I am a worshiper of AsaKiku, so I may just be a bit biased but really, the tasteless combo? Where's the moe in that?! At least in the Island nation alliance, there are so many tags you can put on Arthur like the "pervert" tag or the "gentleman" tag. The "Britt Angel" and "Pirate", "Empire" or "Yandere" tags also fit in nicely with this CP at least. Arthur makes a colorful seme. XD

And against it, what's there to tag onto USUK? "Tsundere"? Arthur's always tsundere. That isn't an 'option' you can tag onto him!!!!

And don't get me started with Alfred. I get he's a funny guy. But lovable? Oh please, he's just a metabo!! With a Hero complex!! If you're gonna pair him up with someone, pair him up with a person who can actually knock him down a notch! Hence the NA brothers!! YOU PEOPLE ARE FORGETTING CANADA GOD DAMMIT. Matthew is the perfect uke that can handle Alfred, and can set him straight with his verbal abuse. The uke always needs some sort of leverage against his seme.

Does Arthur have one? No.

So won't some of you people out there PLEASE convert to AsaKiku? Or RusPrus? Or NorIce? Then maybe there'd be more fanfics of these pairings that don't suck! And maybe then AarinFantasy will upload Hetalia doujinshi OTHER than USUK. I'm not 18 so I can't buy R-18 doujinshi at Tora no Ana yet, kono yarou!!!! I WANNA READ MY R-18 ASAKIKU!!!!!!

Please excuse my outburst. I went to Ikebukuro today and could only drool at Jinkou Ririka (famous AsaKiku doujinka) doujinshi since I'm not old enough to buy it... I wish I were 18. . . (sob)

I did get to buy an adorable Arthur plushie tho (and two normal AsaKiku doujinshis)... That made me a bit happier at least. >

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Harry Potter - Rated: M - English - Drama/Family - Chapters: 11 - Words: 67,922 - Reviews: 483 - Favs: 754 - Follows: 1,078 - Updated: 4/2/2012 - Published: 8/9/2011 - Harry P., Tom R. Jr.
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