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20 year old aspiring-ish writer and Final Fantasy nut.

My current addiction is Final Fantasy XIII. I've played all Final Fantasy games since VII, and a few of the older ones, and I love them. I've beaten the living hell out of X, XII and XIII though. All Celestials maxed, stats maxed (minus luck) and ultimate armours in FFX, and working on my NSG game. Max leveled, six Zodiac Spears, Order of Ambrosia in FFXII. That sort of thing. As for non-FF games, I'll play anything, but FPS shooters and RPG games (sorry, I have RAS syndrome) are my favorite and I'm not a huge fan of sports games (excluding Grifball :D). Currently I'm playing Soulcalibur 4, Modern Warfare 2 and Halo 3 online. Also up for Gears of War 2 and Castle Crashers any time. If you wanna play on XBL Live (it's a legitimate illness!), drop me a message. Here's hoping you guys enjoy what I have to offer here!

"Together" is completed. Enjoy it, and let me know what you think!

[6/13/10] computer's been dead for awhile now. In fact, I've only just now had the opportunity to get on and update my profile. New story was on the bricked computer, and though it wasn't finished, I haven't had a chance to work on it recently. What this means is that the Farroncest fic is on an indefinite hold. Rest assured, I'm working on getting the blasted thing fixed and I shouldn't lose any data, so I'll have it finished and posted as soon as possible. In the mean time, I'll keep everyone updated through my profile whenever I have the opportunity to borrow a friend's internets for more than a few minutes.

[7/9/10] Dunno if anyone cares, and further, I dunno if anyone who cares will bother to check my profile. But I've finally, finally gotten my computer back up and running. During the downtime, I came up with several ideas, and I'll hopefully be posting a chapter of something soon. It will either be a very smutty Farroncest one shot, a slightly-less-smutty-but-still-very-smutty Neapolitan one shot, or the first chapter of a significantly-less-smutty-but-perhaps-slightly-smutty-later-on story which will be very Lightning-centric, and possibly romantic. So...look for one of those to show up soon assuming all goes to plan.

[1/18/12] EIGHTEEN MONTHS. Lordy. Hokay, so, I've got a tickle in my creative bone. But I don't do creative things in my ordinary life, because I'm a pessimist and always afraid of negative feedback. Haha he's a terrible person. Okay, fair. So, I thought, what's a place where I've posted any sort of creative work and received overwhelmingly positive feedback? Yeah. This is the only one. So here we are. I feel kinda bad for abandoning my writing here, even if it was never really that serious a pursuit. Looking back at my story, I can tell at a glance the quality is not up to snuff. I'm not claiming I can actually, you know, do better, but that's not the point. The point is, I wrote twenty-four thousand, two hundred sixty-four words. That's probably more than I wrote in my entire high school career. And I actually enjoyed it. So, whether or not the outcome is decent, I intend to try to write something. It was fun, it was a great outlet. And it's better to post it here, where at least someone might enjoy it, rather than let it stagnate on my hard drive. So, here's my proposal.

Final Fantasy XIII-2 comes out in less than a fortnight (For us unfortunate westerners). Within that time, I intend to put some time into playing through XIII again, to refresh myself on the story. I may write one or more one-off stories during that time. They may or may not be smutty. They won't be long, if I do write them. I just want to stretch my creative muscles, so to speak, and I don't want to commit to any grand storylines knowing anything I write is likely to be invalidated, canon-wise, once XIII-2 hits. (I know, I could probably find a plot summary, but why on Gran Pulse would I spoil it like that?) I don't terribly mind my work not adhering to canon, but I do like to keep it to a minimum, creative license notwithstanding (i.e. Lightning and Fang never actually made out in game zomg).

THAT SAID, once XIII-2 comes out, and once I've had a chance to play through it, I very well may be back with new material. I PROMISE NOTHING. I am not a person who can be creative on demand. I don't know if those people exist. If they do, I envy them. I would feel bad if I told my devoted fans (both of them!) I was coming up with something new and couldn't deliver. So no promises, but I have my fingers crossed. I really would like to post something new if possible.

At any rate, that's about all I have to say. I don't know if FFnet notifies anyone when I edit my profile (I'm sure it doesn't) and I don't know if there's a way I can make an announcement that everyone who has subbed me will get (I'm sure there is, and I'm too dumb to find it). I've been away for a loooong time. To make sure everyone who cares (both of you!) knows what's up, I'm going to see if I can't post a new chapter on "Together" so that people's alerts will go off. If anyone who read that story, and is still around, and still cares to see more writing from me, is interested in any of what I'm saying now, then shoot me a pm, comment, whatever, and let me know! Otherwise, I guess I'll just have to pick up a new adoring fanbase (shouldn't be too difficult, eh?).

Finally, I apologize for the rambling, stream-of-consciousness nature of this post. It's three in the morning and I don't feel like proofreading something that's essentially a glorified instant message. Does that make me a bad person? Yes. Yes it does :D

Bed time.

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