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Hey I'm Shadowreaper82.

Hope you like my story Heir of Foxes.

Anime's I like: Naruto, Bleach, Dragonball z, and One Piece.

Game's I like: Final Fantasy X, KingdomHearts 1 and 2, Halo 1,2, and 3, Mass Effect, Devil May Cry 1,3, and 4, Ninja Gaiden 2, Soul Calibur 1,2,3, and soon 4.

Characters that I like or are badass in no order.

1. Naruto Uzumaki: does Naruto need an explanation.

2. Cloud Strife: He's cool a little emo at times, but still cool.

3. Kisame Hoshigaki: He's a sharkman whats not to like?

4. Hitsugaya Toushirou: Captain, short, cool hair, and hot vice cpatain need I say more?

5. Zaraki Kenpachi: Kenpachi rocks. He's a true bad ass.

6. Ichigo Kurosaki: Ichigo is cool. Kinda funny, and has some awsome fights.

7. Shino Aburame: Bug boy is cool. End of story.

8. Itachi Uchiha: He killed his own family to prove he could. A little pyscho but cool none the less.

9. Auron: He's awsome's your story bitch.

10. Dante: He's the only action game character I can think of that flirts more than he fights.

11. Nightmare: One of the best video game villians ever. Gotta love that azure night.

12. Broly: KAKAROT!!

13: Goku: Okay okay I'm sorry but I just can't dislike this guy. He's so nice and despite his anime making no sense in the story his fights are just epic.

Favorite Quotes:

1: 4 out 5 voices in my head say go for it.

2: Allllllll righty then (ace)

3. Thats a spicy meat ball! (the mask)

4. Yo she Bitch let's go. (army of darkness)

5. I am the greatest nightmare! (soul calibur)

6. All right babes lets Rock! (devil may cry 4 special ending)

7: What the fuck have you done lately? (WANTED)

Random things I have said that amuse me.

1. Hey guy's is it just me or do you also feel like killing your self after watching that?


3. Shut up. I don't care. You bore me. May I kill you now? (say this if you really really really don't want to talk to some one)

4. (okay this is something that happened to me and i thought it was funny. I laughed.)

Girl1: God your such a freak!

Girl2: Yeah how do you even know someone like dylan.

Me. I'm his cousin.

Dylan: Yeah lay off him.

Girl1: But he's such a freak can you belive he said he doesn't care about the new fashions at Hot Topic?

Me: Oh man I can actualy hear myself getting dumber jsut by listing to them.

Girl2: Us dumb? Yeah right your the one that doesn't care about the fashions and what's cool. Let me guess you play video games?

Me: Yup.

Girl2: Wow such a dork and he doesn't even try to hide it.

Girl1: I know come on Dylan let's leave him.

Dylan: No he's my cousin. Treat him better.

Me: And besides why should I hide what I am?

Girl1: Well duh you won't ever get girls as Hot as us like you are.

Me: I won't? Oh thank you God! You are real!!

Girl2: What's that mean freak?

Me: It mean I don't ever want to end up with a bunch of shallow, pathetic, and useless sacks of flesh like you.

Girl1: WHAT!?

Me: Oh was that to complacated for you? Okay let me dumb it down for your small brains. Me no want you...ugha bunga...

Girl2: What kind of freak doesn't want us? We're probaly the best things he's ever seen.

Me: Okay that's it I simply can't sit here and let inocents die. My poor brain cells I'll hide you from the bad girls.

Girl2: HEY!

Me: Shove a cock in it. It's all your good for. (That happened with me and my cousain one day while we we're hanging out in the mall. Funny shit.)

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