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Author has written 6 stories for Harry Potter, and Death Note.

I am known as Nat in the Real World, not that a name means much.

I am 26, with two lovely children.

Sorry about not updating since January!! I have been super busy trying to open my Etsy shop, and now it's up and running!


I'll be really busy until after Christmas I reckon, so many apologies there...

Unfortunately due to long term illness of body and mind, I'm not sure if I will ever continue with my HP fic 'Path of Destiny'. It seemed like a good idea at the time, but that was a long time ago and I don't know if I'll ever pick up the thread of the story. If you think you could continue it, then feel free but I would appreciate it if you would let me know, so that I can read it of course. My mind deals with reading better than writing. I'll keep it up here just in case I get a good idea about it. -This still applies...

My favourite character of all time now has to be L. If I could be any character, it would be that guy. He's got a kind of freedom to express himself that I've never been comfortable with, I can't help being self conscious, whereas that guy doesn't care that he's weird.

"I play keyboard, I used to play piano until my body decided it wasn't going to cooperate anymore."

- I have my own piano now, and I'm well enough to play it on an almost daily basis!

"With me, regular updates are not a given as I cannot guarantee cognitive ability from one day to the next. I often forget things that I shouldn't, and remember things that I couldn't care less about. It's annoying and I can't help being totally sideswiped by my illness, so I owe nothing to nobody and they don't owe me."

- This also still applies, just not so much anymore. It's simply that I no longer have huge chunks of time to myself that I can devote to writing. Any time I do have is spent making things for my shop, spending time with the kids, and generally resting when I give myself the opportunity. I have not forgotten any story, but Real Life must always come first.


P.S. I had the idea for The Original Slytherin a couple of months ago and decided to post what I've done so far... I figured just because I'm stuck on one thing doesn't mean I can never write anything again!

Harry Potter:

Harry Potter and the Path of Destiny: full summary ON HOLD, PERHAPS FOREVER (muahahahaha totally inappropriate evil laugh there, but I take every opportunity I get)

The powers that be decide to release Harry's full magical potential early so that he has a better chance of defeating Voldemort before the world falls to eternal darkness, but can Harry cope with this power at such a young age? Find out what the "power the Dark Lord knows not" is, and how it will keep Harry from losing his soul.

The Original Slytherin: full Summary

Everyone says that the Slytherins are all evil, but Harry is just about to find out what being a Slytherin REALLY means. Founders era.

Death Note:

Beginnings of a Misunderstood Legend: full summary

L, the World Famous Detective. Everyone knows and respects the title, but strangers in the streets label him a freak. Even the task force don't understand him. The closest to understanding is Watari, but what could have made L, L?

L and the Mystery of Christmas:

Basically just a cute little one-shot because I was feeling christmassy, and usually orphanage stories regarding Christmas are pretty miserable, so I decided to write a happy one! I can't remember the summary, and I really don't want to open another window to find out, but it's down below anyway, and I'm procrastinating. It's either sort stuff out on here or knit.


DN/HP: Two Saviours and a Maniac:

Basically pretty much what it says on the tin. Two saviours (well Harry's pretty obvious, but L is kind of a behind the scenes secret saviour.) and a Maniac (Light Yagami, or Raito, I haven't yet decided, but feel free to tell me which you'd prefer, and when I get there, whichever version of his name has the most requests is the one that will be used.)

This is the first crossover I've attempted to at least start, and I have to say that I'm enjoying writing this more than any of my other stories, purely for the bit where integrating two different 'fandoms' and making a third out of them both is actually rather exciting! Most stories have been fanfic'd to death, but crossovers haven't, and it's so it's easier to have an idea that's actually original! I really try not to use a concept that I've already read about, but sometimes that's just the way things have to be. (Like Harry being Master of Death, there's only so many ways to tweak that!)

Oh, and


The response to this fic has been flippin mental! So, a huge thanks to all those who have favourited my story, or have it on alert, or have added it to communities... the list goes on! I giggle like a maniac to think of all the people who have read this.

Thanks mostly to those who review though, since it is very encouraging, and it's just really nice to read what folks think! Feel free to guess about stuff!

I wondered what it sounds like when people from around the world sneeze, like how in English it's 'Achoo!' so I found a list! If your country isn't here, feel free to send me a PM with an approximation of the noise in English characters and I'll add it! Oh, and if your national sneeze is wrong, it'd help if I was sent corrections too...

Denmark: Atju!

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Hungary: Hapci!

Iceland: Atsjú!

India: Akchhee!

Italy: Etciù!

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Netherlands: Hatsjoe!

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Romania: Hapciu!

Russia: Apchkhi!

Sweden: Atjo!

South Korea: Achee!

Spain: ¡Achís!

Vietnam: Hát-xì!

Do you know someone who suffers from a chronic illness? Do you understand what their life is like behind closed doors?

The 'Spoon Theory' can help you to understand what many of us have to endure every day of our lives.

Some people have more spoons, some people have less. Either way, it's hard.

To learn more, and to gain some insight, click below.


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