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About me.

Name. Kathrin

Sex. Female

Age. 17

Location. Oregon

Current addictions. Death note. Dragonfruit vitamin water. Cheese nips.

Obsessions. Mountain dew. Pocky. Yaoi. Blueberry muffins. House. Halo 2.

Random likes. Thunderstorms. Races. Hockey. Lacrosse. Sleeping. Video games. Planes. Fire.

Animes I heart. Naruto. Bleach. Death note. Sukisyo. Fruits basket. Loveless. Gravitation. Trinity blood. Gakuen heaven. Ouran high school host club. Samurai champloo. Yami no matsui. Princess princess. InuYasha. Kyou kara maoh. Blood +.

Music. Three days grace. Disturbed. OLD green day. Linkin park. Acdc. Aerosmith. Guns n roses. Sublime. Sugar ray. The used. 800 octane. Ratatat. Modest mouse. The police. Wolfmother. Tribal ink. Offspring. Danzig. Everclear. Killers. Cake. Nirvan. Gorillaz. Red jumpsuit apparatus. Blink 182. Simple plan. Marilyn manson. Johnny cash. Bruce springsteen. Bob seager. Stonesour. Vengaboys. The academy is. Butthole surfers. Cheap trick. Eve 6. Foreigner. Fuel. Gym class heroes. Kansas. Pink floyd. Dean martin. Frank sinatra. Rat pack. Ok go. Superchick. System of a down. Third eye blind. Nickelback. We are scientists. The bravery.

Music I don’t like.

Avenged sevenfold.

Panic! At the disco.

Evanesance. (My friends love them. I can’t stand em . )

Senses fail. (Used to love em)

Fall out boy.

All the damn American Idols, especially the first chick.

Mariah carey.

Gwen stefani.

Brittany spears.


Jessica simpson.

Mandy moore.

Basically all those type of female singers.

Insane clown posse. (clowns scare me also another band my friends love)

Avril lavigne. (I despise that woman and have ever since she first showed up)

Breaking benjamin. (Oh snap! My friends LOVE this band XD)

New green day. (American idiot sucked so much)

Emo music makes me angry. You know the stuff I’m talking about.

I hate country.

Rap makes me sick.

Muahahaha I’m so picky about music.

Movies. Final fantasy VII advent children. Edward scissorhands. Employee of the month. From hell. Harry potter. Ice age. All 4 InuYasha movies. Little miss sunshine. Anchorman. Bruce almighty. Night at the Roxbury. Ninth gate. Once upon a time in mexico. Party monster. Rent. Saw 1 and 2. South park. Spiderman 1 2 and 3. Stranger than fiction. X men 1 2 and 3. Pirates 1 and 2 (3 sucked so freaking much). Da vinci code. Night at the museum. Jackass 1 and 2. The ringer. Talladega nights. Benchwarmers. Without a paddle. Labyrinth. Click. Nightmare before Christmas. Flight of the phoenix. Signs. TMNT. The crow. Kicking and screaming. Anger management. Billy Madison. Happy Gilmore. Over the hedge.

Movies I dislike.

Pirates of the Caribbean 3.

Mr and Mrs Smith.

Tomb raider. (I hate Angelina jolie)

Texas chainsaw massacre. (I’m terrified of chainsaws)


Dislikes. Homophobes. Idiots. Assholes. Bad drivers. Leather. Preps. Emos. Children. Tangerines. Rhododendrons. Marigolds. Island tag. Basketball. Hot weather.

Random stuff.

I love the dodge avenger. I cannot give a good reason I just do. I saw the car and just fell in love. I squeal like a little girl every time I see one and it annoys everyone that knows me. I must own one before I die.

I'm completely obsessed with House. I love that show. My favorite episode is the one where everyone thinks House is dying from cancer just because Chase hugs House and I squeal. It's SO cute. We just bought season 1 and 2 and I've been watching epsiode after episode. Lol Chase and House is an adorable pairing

I hate tangerines so much and I want to make that fruit extinct.

I have ADD. Nothing keeps my attention for more than 10 minutes max. I have to take frequent breaks from video games and writing to do something else.

I spent the first half of my life in Sacramento California.

I love butterfinger Ice cream (I’m eating some right now) It’s wonderfully delicious.

I’m completely passive. It’s impossible to get a reaction out of me no matter what you say. I never stand up for myself. It’s pathetic really. I will speak up however if it involves my friends. My friends are my life and I will not let people fuck with them.

I cross-stitch like a little old lady. I’m working on a pair of wolves right now actually.

There are cats fighting right in front of my window right now! They’re so loud it’s scary! My kitty got a scratch right underneath his nose 3 days ago.

Oh yeah I own a bass and violin. I can barely play bass but I played violin for 5 years. I need money for bass lessons.

Aww I’m out of ice cream now.

Favorite pairings.

No particular order.









(hehehe basically anyone and Naruto cuz he's a cute little uke!)

Pairings I like (But only as side pairings.)









Hated Pairings

ANYONExSakura ( The only person i can stand her with is Lee)

NejixHinata (all i have to say is ewwwwww incest)

ItachixSasuke (same as above)

GaaraxNeji (I hate this pairing so much! I don't know why i just do! It can ruin a whole story for me.)

AnyonexSasuke (He should be with Naruto)

GaaraxAnyone besides Naruto or Lee


ItachixHinata (wrong just wrong...)

SasukexSakura (That ones a given I know but i had to mention it because it makes me oh so mad. I scream in rage when i see it.)

Favorite Characters (no order just my faves)







Ino (don't ask why I just like her)


One more thing I hate.

Mpreg!! GAH i just hate it so much. No offense to anyone who likes it. I just cant stand it and it can also destroy an entire story for me.

I'm quite picky if you haven't noticed.

That's about it if you wanna know more just ask or go to one of my other sites.




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Naruto - Rated: M - English - Romance/Drama - Chapters: 28 - Words: 39,579 - Reviews: 312 - Favs: 79 - Follows: 142 - Updated: 6/22/2009 - Published: 7/7/2006 - Naruto U., Sasuke U.
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Bad boy whatcha gonna do reviews
WHOA! Another sequel. Muahaha! Summary: Sasuke's a bored cop and a certain blond catches his eye.
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