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Author has written 4 stories for Digimon, and Negima! Magister Negi Magi/魔法先生ネギま!.

"I'll tell you the ultimate secret of magic. Any c-- could do it."~John Constantine

Name, Location, Age: ALL CLASSIFIED

Fav Animes: Harem animes (as long as the male lead isn't abused), Full Metal Alchemist, Death Note, Fate/Stay Night, the Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, etc.

Fav TV shows: Red Vs. Blue, Everybody Loves Raymond, 3rd Rock From the Sun, The Simpsons, WWE RAW & Smackdown!, TNA Impact!

Fav Wrestlers: "The Texas Rattlesnake" Stone Cold Steve Austin, "The Phenom" The Undertaker, "The Instant Classic" Christian Cage, "The Marine" John Cena, "The Phenomenal" AJ Styles, "The Fallen Angel" Christopher Daniels, "The Legend Killer" Randy Orton, "The Immortal" Hulk Hogan, "The Olympic Hero" Kurt Angle, etc.

Fav Bands: Mercy Drive, Green Day, Papa Roach, Evanescence, Seether, Backstreet Boys (got a problem with that?), Limp Bizkit, Linkin Park, Saliva, Puddle of Mudd, etc.

Likes: Meganekko, writing, modern rock music.

Dislikes: Bullies, Bureaucracy, Racism, the Westboro Baptist Church, unwarranted stereotyping, vindictive and abusive Anime girls, crack-fics.

Original Characters:

~Leigh Constantine (Hellsender): "The Humanist" Working class mage, occult troubleshooter, cynic mystic, freelance exorcist, part-time professional wrestler, computer genius and former musician. A cunning, slow-aging teenage jack of all trades who travels universe to universe going on his own personal agenda, yet not being without loyalty to others, he seeks the most valuable treasure to man, knowledge. With a knack of inadvertently making friends and girlfriends who eventually find themselves killed, a struggle of trying to kick his bad habit of drinking, and a...hidden fetish for girls with glasses, Constantine is basically a magnet of angst and weirdness. Based on the comic book/movie character John Constantine by Alan Moore of Vertigo comics.

~Leigh Constantina (Hellsender-Beta): "The Utilitarianist" A bisexual clone created from the fetus of Constantine's dead younger twin sister. Constantina is an employee of an enigmatic force only known as the G-Man, possessing high-tech equipment, rudimentary knowledge in pagan magic, and two swords from the female warriors Joan of Arc and Hua Mulan. Like her "brother", she possesses an array of skills and talents, but contrasting to him, she is more "sociable". Despite her off-time of seducing young girls and boys, she always gets her assignments done. Possesses some parallels to the characters Gordon Freeman of the Steam game Half-Life and Rin Asogi from the anime Mnemosyne.

~Duma/Christian Chan (Silencer): "The Consequentialist" Constantine's parallel self who is a bloody-thirsty, cannibalistic teenage serial killer with a Thomas Hobbes sort of view on the world. Seeing himself as a benevolent crusader of vindication, Christian Chan created his name from the archangel of silence from Jewish folklore. Starting his own personal quest by sadistically torturing and murdering bullies, social criminals, and others whom he sees as scum to society, he seeks to spread fear to quell disorder. Based on the novel/movie character Hannibal Lecter by Thomas Harris.

Story Ideas-The Hellsender Chronicles:

~The Coldest Day in Hell: (Crossover with Hellsing) Leigh Constantine arrives in Europe, where it has been plagued by demonic vampires and ghouls alike. He seeks out a top-secret wing of the Vatican called Iscariot Organization, a secret group charged to eliminate demons and heretics. Hiding his status as a magic-user and as a Catholic-turned Humanist, Constantine goes under long, intense training under his new mentor Father Alexander Anderson. Under the Paladin’s teaching is where Constantine learns his powers of consecrating with biblical scriptures and his expertise in knife-throwing and short-bladed combat. Having access to the Vatican’s resources, Constantine learns of the powerful, god-like vampire known as Alucard who works for a British, vampire-hunting organization called Hellsing. After months working undercover as the Vatican's assassin/scout, he is finally given the opportunity to travel to England to face Alucard. The two meet in three confrontations, with Constantine nearly losing his life in the third round. Baffled and intrigued by Alucard’s indestructibility and finding himself in the middle of a war with a Neo-Nazi organization called Millennium, he finds himself caught in another nightmarish global war he had hoped to escape. With the Vatican making an uneasy alliance with the Hellsing Organization, his insanely devout teacher being skeptical of his spirituality, Constantine's cunning is put to the test to survive in this unholy conflict where vampires run rampant like ants. As for the devilish Alucard, the godlike vampire will not stop in erasing the young mage from the bane of existence. (Theme: "Downfall" by Trust Company)

~Fully Loaded: (Crossover with Chrono Crusade) Constantine has arrived in the good 'ol USA, specifically in the Roaring 20s. Walking down the streets of New York City, he runs into a spitfire nun named Sister Rosette Christopher and her assistant Chrono, who is a demon. Both are members of an exorcist organization called the Order of Magdalene. After assisting them in an exorcism, mainly by just shooting a demon with one of his revolvers, he is taken in to a covenant where he is made as a provisional member of the Order. Knowing his mistake of the previous Catholic organization he worked for, Constantine keeps his practice of magic to himself. After being assigned as a partner to a weapon-envy Rosette and a suspicious Chrono, they must combat a demon-formed stable led by the sinner Aion. Constantine must crack the mystery behind Chrono's contract to Rosette and Rosette's brother Joshua's hidden powers. Also, why is it that Rosette gives him a rather...intangible feeling that there is more behind her rather than a exertive personality? Complications will arise soon when he is placed on the Order's hit list after being found out as a practitioner of magic, an evil towards the Christian society. Once again, Constantine is caught in the middle of the war, this time unsure of which side to join. (Theme: "Heart of the City"~Jay Z)

~Transmutations: (Crossover with Full Metal Alchemist) Constantine has arrived in a pre-modern, European sort of country called Amestris. In this parallel world, Alchemy is an almost magical practice dominating the humans and the Earth that supersedes technology. Seizing the attempt to become stronger, Constantine seeks out an enigmatic alchemist known as Hohenheim of Light for teaching. He finally meets him who agrees to train him in the ways of alchemy. After a few years of apprenticeship and being confirmed of the existence of the powerful stone known as the Philosopher's Stone, Constantine becomes ready and sets out into the new world, despite Hohenheim's warnings. "Power can be a curse if you do not realize the consequences of your actions." To gain more access, Constantine enters himself into the Amestris military's annual state alchemy exam, and becomes a state alchemist, granted with the rank of "captain". Soon, he must subdue a renegade state alchemist known as Lincor, "the Tuning Alchemist", who seems to know the real truth behind Amestris's constant wars. As Constantine travels throughout this realm in which magic is considered a science, collecting all of the wisdom that alchemy has to offer, he must come to realize the importance of pursuing your own dream, which by the way, he has none. (Theme: "Remedy"~Seether)

~No Mercy: (Crossover with Hostel) Sensing more demonic presence somewhere in the world, Constantine takes himself to Slovakia, where he stays in a hostel where multiple disappearances have taken place. It turns out that the hostel is a trap-place where a sadistic criminal organization called the Elite Hunting makes profit by brutally torturing and murdering innocent Slovakians, Europeans, and most of all, Americans. Now the Elite Hunting has turned their sights on Constantine, as they have been hired by one of Constantine's enemies for a undeniable price to deliver the most repulsive forms of excruciating torture any human wouldn't dare to live. And since Constantine possesses regenerative healing, the ability to heal his woulds and regrow any lost limbs or body parts (except his head or any other vital organs) at an accelerated rate, the Elite Hunting will have the utmost pleasure of subjecting him to a never-ending cycle of abhorrent pain. In this most bloody chapter of Constantine's odyssey, the occultist will experience the true meaning of the sin of wrath; how fear begets anger, anger begets hatred, and hatred begets suffering. (Theme: "Stricken"~Disturbed)

~Kingdom's Come/Sailor Moon-Exodus: (Crossover with Sailor Moon) (Theme: "Enemy"~Fozzy)

~Bad Blood: (Crossover with When They Cry: Higurashi) Hinamizawa, a sleepy little rural town of about 2000 inhabitants has been plagued with a murder and a disappearance every year for the past four years on the day of the Watanagashi Festival, a tribute of thanks to the town’s local God, Oyashiro. Amoral, dimension-traveling investigator Leigh Constantine arrives where he meets a jittery 15-year old Keiichi Maebara, who had just settled down, and his five female friends, the obsessive-compulsive Rena Ryugu, the colorblind Satoko Hojo, the wine-drinking Rika Furude, and the eccentric twins Mion and Shion Sonozaki. During his stay in the countryside, Constantine senses dark, malevolent vibes radiating from within the community. His new companions begin acting in strangely, circulating around the disappearance of Satoko’s older brother and Shion’s crush, Satoshi. Joined by Keiichi and Rena to investigate the cobwebs of Hinamizawa's past, Constantine dives deeper and deeper, even discovering the pitch-black past of each of the six teens. What is more disturbing is that each of his new companions has slowly begun exuberating paranoid and irrationally violent behavior. Like before, Constantine has had friends who soon became foes. As he tries to crack the mystery behind the punishing deity, Oyashiro, he may have unknowingly tripped over the wire of a trap set up by someone hiding behind the shadows of deceit and deception. (Theme: “Nothing Left to Lose”~Puddle of Mudd)

~The Book of Ages: (Crossover with ROD: Read or Die) Curmudgeon Leigh Constantine finds himself in yet another supernatural scuffle, in a world where Great Britain takes the United States' place as the world superpower. After a pleasant encounter with a well-read yet air-headed English teacher named Yomiko Readman in her late twenties, he is hunted down by the Special Operations Division by a powerful Institution known as the British Library. It turns out that his new friend Yomiko is an agent for the organization who is able to telekinetically manipulate paper. After a long game of cat-and-mouse against the Library's agents, he is finally caught and brought before the Division's head Mr. Joker. Joker strikes a deal with Constantine to acquit him of all crimes he has committed (illegal hacking, piracy, forging of legal documents) in exchange for securing an artifact known as the Book of Ages, a book that records all of history as it goes, which includes the power to alter reality. Constantine agrees, but doesn't plan on giving them the book, knowing that Joker has ulterior motives besides "world security". From then on, he is equipped with a remote detonator on his leg to be kept in line, and must fight members of a secret Chinese organization called Dokusensha, who seek to use the book themselves. To make matters worse, they are being assisted by Leigh's old two enemies, the Sinister Minister, Father James Mitchell and his pet monster Abyss. To counteract, Yomiko is chosen to partner with him and teach him her Papermastery. Constantine now finds himself boxed in between the powers of two powerful organizations, his enemies and the Lima syndrome of Yomiko Readman. (Theme: "You Know My Name"~Chris Cornell)

~Back in Your System: (Crossover with System Shock) Leigh Constantine is spending time relaxing in a contemporary world where no war nor financial corruption is taking place. In fact, it has reached technological success and is about to launch a global computer server on the eve of the New Year when the clock strikes midnight. The global computer server unites all of the international networks as one, to keep high efficiency of all of the technologies of Earth and keep unification and peace of all of its peoples. As the server is launched, Armageddon revealed Her face. A malevolent and maniacal AI from the future named SHODAN (Sentient Hyper-Optimized Data Access Network) has taken over the mainframe of the global network and is now spreading her terror taking over all the satellites that control all of the technology Earth has to offer and slaughtering humans and assimilating them into mutant cyborgs. Constantine's hacking skills are now put to the test as he combats this demonic program that seeks to take over the human world and eventually this realm. (Theme: "Game On"~Disciple)

~V for Vengeance: (Slight crossover with Elemental Gelade) (Theme: "Always"-Saliva)

~Fate/Hell Bound: (Crossover with Fate/Stay Night) (Theme: "Take Me"~Papa Roach)

~Nemesis: (Slight crossover with Elfen Lied) (Theme: "St. Anger"~Metallica)

~(Crossover with Zombie Loan) (Theme: "Headstrong"(Remix)~Trapt)

~Sacred Fire: (Crossover with Inukami) Constantine has taken in another apprentice, a girl-crazy boy named Keita Kawahira who is the descendant of a long line of tamers of mythical dog beasts known as Inukami. Keita's clan was strictly against this at first, but struck a deal with him saying that Constantine must take in an Inukami to assist in their exorcism duties. From then on, Constantine meets Yoko, a very playful yet mischievous Inukami who possesses potent pyrokinesis. Yoko tries to trick Constantine into being her toy and to serve her for all of eternity, but he turns the tables on her by engaging into a duel in which he narrowly won. Knowing that she is actually a demon fox, Constantine spares her life and uses her own ploy against her, resulting in a collar being fit around her neck. After the pact, Yoko takes a full interest in the cynic mystic and his apprentice and is constantly annoying them with her child-like antics. To makes matters more difficult, Keita's cousin, Kaoru assigns his pack of TEN female Inukami into trying to "convince" Constantine in relinquishing Keita's apprenticeship so he can go back to the clan. The poor exorcist finds himself in yet another polygon of tasks in which he must train a sycophantic Keita into a befitting magician, discipline an incredibly irking Yoko, holding the other Inukami at bay, and deporting malevolent demons hunting him down. (Theme: "Control"~Puddle of Mudd)

~Celestial Shatters: (Crossover with Shattered Angels) Academia, a large city made up entirely of schools, which is also thought of as a symbol of recovery for humanity for ten years have passed ever since the greatest disaster mankind had ever seen occurred, has become the new destination of the travels of the depressed jacketed sorcerer, Constantine. He once again poses as a teacher whom a majority of the schoolgirls have instantaneously swooned over to him. When he rescues a timid little girl named Ku Shiratori and meets a dashing young man named Kyoshiro Ayanokoji, he’s once again caught in the middle of an underground war in which all of the combatants will want a piece of him. His erudite knowledge in accessing the powers of the supernatural make him a moving target for lethal artificial humans called Absolute Angels. Each faction whom an Absolute Angel serves will stop at nothing to hunt him and Ku down and have them join their sides. Unknowing to them, the only side Leigh Constantine will serve…is his own, therefore he must trust no one, friend or foe. Complications also arise when he is caught in a love polygon between three other girls. Mika Ayanokoji, Kyoshiro's homosexual older sister who decides to seduce Constantine in order to use him to accomplish her own goals; Kaon, Mika's servant and an Absolute Angel, who was enamored by Constantine's show of kindness to her after she was critically injured; and Himiko, best friend of Kaon's who has also developed a crush on Constantine after seeing him stand up against her master Mika. (Theme: "Survival of the Sickest"~Saliva)

~Kira: (Crossover with Death Note) Arriving in Japan, once again, Constantine comes across a mysterious black notebook left on the ground after subduing a crazed, demon-possessed man hiding in the basement. After thorough investigation of the events in the world he has arrived in, as well as the mysterious god of justice known as "Kira", Constantine comes to the conclusion that he is in possession of a magic notebook responsible for the deaths of countless people over the past several years. To make matters worse, a crazed zealot is out following the path of Kira, using another notebook to murder criminals and people considered unworthy of the new world. Constantine must now track down this senseless serial killer and delve deep into the horrendous history that the Death Note has recorded ever since is was first held by human hands. What Constantine holds is an artifact of a race of Shinigami who take leisure and delight in seeing humans drive themselves to oblivion. What he holds is possibly the most virulent weapon of any universe in existence. The question is, will the strong-willed exorcist be seduced by the potent power of the Death Note? (Theme: "Ugly"~The Exies)

~Oblivion/Magic Teacher Hellsender: (Crossover with Negima!) The sarcastic exorcist once again finds himself boxed in a position where he surrounded by a horde of beautiful over-friendly girls. First, he apprentices a preadolescent boy named Negi Springfield, the son of a legendary and possibly the greatest magician in the world known as "the Thousand Master". On the day of the boy's graduation from the magic academy, Negi is attacked by a dark assailant who leaves the scene before anyone could catch him. With Negi in a coma, and Constantine grieving with guilt and seething with vengeance over his pupil's/little brother figure's injury, he takes Negi's place as a middle school teacher in Japan. Upon his arrival, he first has a brief meeting with a beautiful and cute girl named Chisame Hasegawa, a lone girl who personality reflects that of the occultist's. Their encounter sparks a strange vibe between the two. After his introduction to Chisame's eccentric classmates, the members of the chaotic Class 2-A, Constantine instantly becomes a celebrity with all of the female students of the girls' division of Mahora, save for Chisame, who instantly becomes disgusted by his presence here. A megalomania of events ensue drawing the two computer hackers closer together, eventually having Constantine taking in a new apprentice/partner. Soon, a demonic plot comes to work through Chisame's classmate Asuna, who holds a hidden power in summoning demons. Constantine must now safeguard his new apprentices and his students through a dangerous world of magic and macabre, hopefully with no casualties on his part, and unlock the secrets that will spin the worlds of the most unlikely of persons out of proportion. (Theme: "Propane Nightmares"~Pendulum)

~The Suzumiya Supremacy: (Crossover with The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya) (Theme: "Hell Yeah"~Rev Theory)

~No Way Out: (Crossover with Silent Hill) Receiving cryptic messages disturbing his day-to-day life and being hired to investigate the disappearance of two little brothers and whom the body of their friend was horribly murdered, Leigh Constantine arrives with their older sister to the ominous New England town of Silent Hill whose history is stained with blood. They find themselves swallowed into an otherworldy dimension in which the town is decayed and blanketed in thick fog and raining ashes. Now, the amoral occultist, who has had a past associating himself with the darkness, and his de facto assistant must now venture throughout a sunless world filled with the most perverse shadows of human sin that have manifested themselves into creatures of gruesome macabre. Not only that, but an evil cult known as "the Order" is aware of their presence and is hunting them down in order to "cleanse the heathens". Unbeknownst to Constantine, his most terrible nightmares come to life await him deep within the confines of this nihilistic hell. (Theme: "Bring Me to Life"~Evanescence)

~Genesis: A flashback novel into the old life of Leigh Constantine, and what he tried to leave behind. In a contemporary world where masterminds of the supernatural pulled strings in the mortal world of politics, propaganda and innuendo leading to a disastrous third world war. From his early childhood to torture in a mental hospital to his draft in the U.S. military at the age of fourteen, to finding himself as a punk rocker, to discovering his first love, each event gives the young Chinese American a broader step into the perils of magic and the cascades of tragedy...(Theme: "Little Things of Venom"~Arid)

Hellsender-Beta Chronicles:

Other Story Ideas:

Negima!-An Asuna X Chisame story

Maburaho-What if Kazuki Shikimori was pretty much the top student in Aoi academy with a majestic spell count beyond anyone has ever seen? Possessing the most power any magician had to offer, yet he is so hesitant in utilizing it for his own will? What if the major problem about him is that he is actually...IMPOTENT?

~Chisame 5/13: Chisame is caught in an accident when Constantine tries to suppress an experimental spell gone out of control by Negi's magic. As a result, the cold and distant computer nerd who had made herself be the cynic mystic's apprentice is transformed, body, mind and soul, into a bubbly, troublemaking five-year old little girl. Now Constantine must play babysitter for the hyperactive little toddler who clings to him, calling him "big brother". Problem is, he's already a big brother to thirty other clingy, thirteen-year old girls plus a ten-year old mage who's dangerously impressionable. The begrudged occultist will certainly have his hands full. (Based on the anime UFO Ultramaiden Valkyrie)

~Servants of Zero: (Familiar of Zero/Fate Stay Night) What if Louise summoned Saber as her familiar? Saber, a powerful female knight who is immune to magic is outrightly loyal to Louise and mercilessly brutal to her foes.

~Kitsunes of a Kind: (Naruto/Inukami!) Up-and-coming ninja Naruto Uzumaki has a guardian, in the form of a very bubbly green-haired girl named Yoko who is actually a fox spirit. Both are hyperactive, mischievous, playful, and ambitious making them the dynamic duo of the Leaf Village. Yoko is extremely protective of her blond partner, making her hostility known to whomever may try to take him away (particularly Sakura and Hinata or any other girl), or try to hurt him (Sasuke, mainly).

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