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Name: Duncan Jeffery MacLeod

Alias: "Phantom Samurai DJ"

Starsign: Virgo (September 4)

Position: Bard

Bounty: 39,000,000 Beli officially (62,000,000 on an unposted bounty)

Alliance: Axe-Head Pirates/ Anyone who needs help

Weapon: Ittoryu as well as speedy hands and feet, Raikiri

Power: Ate the Speed-speed fruit, can now move at super speeds, creating shock waves and high winds. Can run across short distances of water as well as hover by moving arms/legs/sword or tool in circles at high speed. Also has a natural ability as a swordsman.

Personality: Cool and collected, often serious. At least without women around, in the presence of the fairer sex he becomes somewhat goofy and flirty, as well as poetic, calling numerous women his "muse". While he is respectful and chivalrous to all women, he seems to be more loyal to some than others -cough-Dusty-cough-. Refuses to attack an female opponent, however can be coaxed into doing so if it means saving other women.


DJ grew up on Ongaku island, his parents died when he was young, leaving him and his little sister to watch after themselves. When he was fifteen, a group of pirates visited his island. His sister Sirena took a liking to the pirates, especially their captain whom DJ never learned the name of but recognizes due to his red hair and three scars along his eye. The navy went searching for this crew after they left the island and come across Sirena who refused to tell them his location. Upon attacking the navy crew, DJ was overwhelmed by their strength and knocked out. Upon awakening he found his sister dead and swore a vow, mixing both of their blood in his hand, that he would never let down someone who needed his help again and would help whoever he could achieve their personal dreams. Years later he has knowingly bought and eaten the Speed-speed fruit to increase his power. He has earned a bounty for attacking some and killing other naval officers who were attacking innocent people. He roams from town to town, searching for somewhere he belongs, always thrown out after helping because of his outlaw status.

After saving Dusty from Dimitri and Katt on Whiskey Peak, DJ engaged Devon in an inconclusive fight and eventually ended up traveling with the Axe-Head crew until they reached a suitable dropoff point. Upon arriving in Little Garden, he, Devon and Austin were captured by Mr.3 and were prepared to be used in his Candle Set. DJ helped and defeated Mr. 5 with the help of Zolo and their flaming swords, consequentially saving Usopp and Dusty once again. Upon hearing this and asking him about his dreams, Captain Axe invited DJ to join the Axe-Head crew as the ship's musician. Recently, DJ has revealed a new sword, a sabre, similar to the one of the Red-Haired Captain from his past. Upon revealing this encounter to Devon, he finally learns the name of the captain to be none other than Captain Red-Haired Shanks, although he still has no idea of Shanks' reputation or status.

During the final assault on Alabasta, DJ as well as Dusty, Usopp, Austin and Chopper ended up in a battle with Mr. 4 and Miss MerryChristmas. Thanks to the loose desert sands, DJ was robbed of his speedy powers and rendered less than a match for the pair. Despite this, he gave everything he had to defend the others, esspecially Dusty, feeling that seeing her in pain was worse than his own death. Feeling uneasy about his lackluster performance, DJ then came across Dracule "Hawk Eye" Mihawk and begged him for a lesson, being thoroughly trounced once again, DJ now has a vertical scar across his left eye as well as a reminder on how to train to become stronger in the future, courtesy of the Shichibukai.

Newly inspired, DJ trained hard, yet still found himself falling short of many of his other crewmates, and failing in a frustrated attack on Monster on Isle Cadaver. After he was transported to Slayheim prison, he continued his training until the riot where he faced off against Marine Captain Ichi and his star sword. DJ gained a new understanding and a little more confidence from the battle, acknowledging that he wasn't as strong as Devon or Zoro, but that he was still working hard towards his goal and would never give up.

Upon reaching Jaya, DJ fought another hard battle against a strange mercanary but was defeated again, regardless he seemed to have passed some "test" the group of mercenaries had for the Axe-Heads. He went with his crew up to the island in the sky and helped the Skypeians and Shandorians eliminate the remaining enforcers of Eneru with his friends, and came across the priest Sky Breeder Ohm, suffering yet another defeat at the hands of the Mantra-wielding swordsman, and worse being saved in battle by his top rival. After healing and doing even more training, he met up with Kirsty during the heat of the second war for Shandora and the two were drawn into a battle of the hunter of goddess Frigga, Hodd and Heimdall. Heimdall's speed proved even too fast for the swift swordsman until he revealed his newest edge, the removal of ankle-weights that he had been training with for some time. With his increased speed and some quick thinking, DJ managed to defeat the so-called god and prove his strength as well as gain some respect from his enemies and fellow nakama alike. During his stay on Skypeia he managed to make friends with a Skypeian named Conis and expanded his musical talents even more, winning the gift of a musical harp upon his departure from the legendary island.

After Skypeia, DJ and the other encountered Dusty's old crew, the Foxy pirates and challenged them to a Davy Back Fight to save the nakama of a friend. Despite some "dirty" tricks on the part of the other team, and DJ essentially forfeiting his part of the game, the crew won the Davy Back Fight overall. Soon after leaving the strange group, they found an island with strange customs and began to make a supply stop there when DJ and some of his friends were captured by the ruling family, only to be rescued by the Freedom Fighters, a resistance group on the island fighting against the rulers there. Upon hearing about part of Dusty's past and the reason for her strange behaviors, he ran off to the castle to retrieve her. Despite a valiant effort, the swordsman once again fell into defeat's hands, losing to the ruler of the island, a man named Zev. Even while defeated, his thoughts remained on his love at all times.

After his defeat, DJ had a premonition of a giant fox telling him where the secret lie in order to gain the power to rescue those he cared for. After escaping the traps of Kinmotsu mountain, the musician did battle with the ghost-samurai Sarutobi and proved his worth to the great katana Raikiri. He recalled the memories of his late father who sparked his hatred of men through his abuse of his mother and encouraged him to change his name as to not be a legacy of such a man, remembering the life that came out of his mother’s suffering, Sirena, was also crushed by the Marines. This sparked his resolve and allowed him to prove himself to Raikiri and Sarutobi.

With his new sword in hand, he rushed to help Dusty and defeated the guards in his way as well as easily defeating zanbato-wielder Murai, revealing a variety of new, super-speed attacks in the process. He fully professed his love for Dusty during the final battles and watched over her as the island recovered after the defeat of Zev. As he and Dusty kissed, a sunshower appeared, often the symbol for a marriage of two kitsune or a sign of a good omen, ensuring that good things were to come in the future for them...

Regular Techniques:

Dragon's Barrage: DJ's most used attack with the most history. Uses flat side of the katana to attack multiple times, cutting only when needing to. Created in the attack on Apollo Tower in the battle against Zabimaru, after Ryu Renduin was killed and inspiried by his emblem. Uses great speed that can be done with or without the Speed-Speed fruit's power.

Reckless Fire: A spinning slash attack that can be utilized most effectively when the katana or user is actually on fire. Gives the image of a one-winged phoenix in flight.

Rough Divide: A powerful vertical attack capable of splitting an unprotected target in half.

Unchivalrous Swan Song: DJ’s response to seeing Sanji’s anti-manner kick course in action at Rainbase. Similarly, this attack is only used when he is very, very mad and is a very powerful vertical attack that is aimed at the center of the torso. Differently however this attack is done with a sword and not his leg, sometimes crouching down before swinging up in order to add a greater effect.

Sharp Note: A series of quick stabs in succession meant more to put the enemy on the defensive than to inflict harm, low success rate but highly damaging if hit on major parts of body.

Dancing Shadows: The user creates multiple after-images, both confusing the enemy and picking up speed for an attack while in an inconspicuous place to launch an attack. (usually very close to the opponent)

Do Re Mi: A triple strike attack aiming at the shoulder, head and then finally the chest.

Burning Sonata: The user swings their weapon hard to make an air current to hurtle at the enemy. Because of the speed of this attack when DJ executes it, the air current heats up and becomes a red arc of a heat wave. Can be diagonal, vertical or horizontal, can also be used in quick succession, releasing more arcs with less power. (Note: The name of the attack is rarely called out when executed)

Shinsoku Iai: Phantom Howling (Literally, God-Speed Draw and Resheath technique, Phantom Howling). The user draws their sword and sheathes it again at such a speed that it creates a shockwave that can damage objects within the radius and also disorient anyone's hearing or balance in a larger area

Shinsoku battô: Panther Run: The user draws out their sword and quickly slashes the enemy, a basic battôjutsu technique incorporated with a quick slash.

Envoy of Inari: Phantom Fox Barrage: The user rebounds off nearby surfaces at
high speeds, creating afterimages of the user to surround the target before delivering many hard strikes to the opponent's body. (Similar to Fox Fury of Dusty's and thus given a foxy name)

Hiraishin: Sealing of the Six Tails: Based off the legend of the Tailed Beasts, Hiraishin meaning Flying Thunder God. The user moves their weapon so fast that it doesn't appear to be moving at all, but is still heating up to glow red because of the friction of the air. Once the weapon is red, it is rotated at such a speed that afterimages of the blade are created so that it appears to be more than one blade at once. The user then dashes forward, causing a flash similar to lightning and a sound similar to thunder because of the color and heat of the blade. The attack strikes an opponent many times in a split second, literally ripping an unguarded target to shreds and leaving burn marks and cuts wherever it strikes.

Speed-Speed Techniques

Speed-Speed Dash: The simplest Speed-Speed technique/attack, a simple run in any direction, leaving a trail of dirt and dust or sometimes a small whirlwind in it's wake. It can also be connected to a sword attack or martial arts to be used in battle.

Speed-speed Roundhouse: implements a super-speed roundhouse kick.

Speed-Speed Cutter: Can be used on one or mulitple enemies, rapidly cuts the enemy numerous times within the blink of an eye.

Speed-Speed Revolution: Once considered the ultimate Speed-Speed attack, now... not so much. The user creates a tornado, trapping the target in the eye of the tornado and dashing in and out of the tornado, striking multiple times in the blink of an eye and giving the impession of a razor wind.

Whirlwind Fist: A melee attack where the user spins their hand in circles so fast that a miniature cyclone is created, with the user’s fist in the eye. When thrust into an opponent, the winds force the user’s torso or possibly the whole body to twist around the fist, creating a spiral effect much greater than a normal punch and capable of sending most targets flying.

Flurry Fist: A melee attack that is similar to Gomu Gomu no Gatling Gun and the like, but is so fast that it seems as if all the punches are hitting at the same time.

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