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Sad News is more like it, I've failed to get things done. My new job has had me tied up. I havent been able to write anything, I hope change that in the near future but...only time will tell.

I know I know...I cant spell for crap...Im sorry about that...But there are some limits to that appology, if you are noticing or complaining about the way I spell things like Colour or Favourite...get over it...I grew up in Europe and thats the way I was taught to write!

Soon to Come

Nothing New Comming Until Further Notice...Very Sorry

Poetry and Stories

Some of you might know that I love to write...my poems come out 100 times better then my FanFics...I have quite a large collection of poems that I have written. Out of the poems I have written 5 have won National Awards and 3 have won School awards...they are all very emotional and true. If you read any of the poems I put my emotions into it; the true way I feel. Most of them are Sad Love poems and one is about a friend of mine who wanted to kill him self...I find putting my true emotions into the poems make them come out better.

Also, I write stories, I am working on a short story...which has evolved to be quite long, it is about a Miami PD Narcotic officer, who lives for the job, his wife is killed. He must make the desision to loose his job and be true to his wife, or will he choose to keep his job. Yes the Discription may not sound all to fancy, but its a great story believe me and the many who have read it.

My point is that if any of you would like to read any of these poems or stories send me an email.To do that please click on this link, My Email.

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