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Hello, one and all! Fathoms, here! So nice of you to drop by...

Well, I discovered this place many, many years ago, on accident I think (or web surfing). Back then I was deep into Final Fantasy X, and I was delighted to find such wonderful stories that allowed me to continue old adventures and start ones anew with my favorite gang from Spira. Eventually, I found X-Men: Evolution and was instantly captivated. Mutants and made me enjoy the X-men franchise even more, as I had collected some of the comics and enjoyed the prior cartoon series many years before. Needless to say, I explored and ventured into many different fandoms, investigating this "fanfiction" thing that seemed so arbitarally cool and creatively exciting. So...I eventually joined and tried writing my own stories, had some fun, left a lot of loose ends, and then started to lose interest. But I'm back, thankfully not as obsessed and now more focused on the quality of stories. Though these tales may be based off worlds already created, originality is still important and execution with style can really carry a story. So there...I'm trying to pick this type of writing back up for something else to do and because I still find the fun in crafting tales that I hope will entertain fellow writers and readers of certain fandoms.

A little about myself...I'm a writer who lives in the Sunshine State (a very neat place to call home!) and my fandom interests include:

-Final Fantasy-

-Red Eye-

-Resident Evil-

-X-men: Evolution-

-X-men: The Movie-

Some types of stories I enjoy include AlternateUniverses (AU), post-series/game, and character-driven tales. I'm a sucker for good action fics, but I have found some romance/dramas that are very stunning and beautifully written. Humor is always a plus, too! Cross-overs are interesting as well. Couples include, but are not limited to:

-Scott/Jean, Rogue/Remy, Kitty/Lance, Kitty/Piotr, Bobby/Jubilee- (XME)

-Tidus/Yuna, Gippal/Rikku, Squall/Rinoa- (FF)

-Leon/Claire- (RE)

-Bobby/Rogue, Scott/Jean, Logan/Jean, Bobby/Kitty- (XMM)

-Lisa/Jackson- (Red Eye)


Prisoners of the Heart-(XME) A short AU Romy tale set after the events of "Self-Possessed", where Rogue is abducted and used to further Magneto's plans into discovering more information on Apocalypse and Mesmero. Never one to play nice, Rogue will do anything to escape, even if a certain Cajun tries to stand in her way. (Six Chapters)

Touch-(XME) When Rogue starts having sensual dreams about a certain Cajun X-man, she confronts both her greatest desire and her worst fear: touch. After embarrassing Kitty, Rogue's roommate takes revenge, and Rogue ends up locked in a walk-in freezer with the man of her dreams.She soonfinds out that the one she can't stand the most may just be the one who she can't stand to be without. Rogue/Remy. (One-Shot)


Dark Side of the Moon-(XME) The visions glimpsed in Apocalypse's mind by Professor Charles Xavier start to become a reality on the evening of Rogue's eighteenth birthday. Dear friends are lost, new allies are gained, dreams are betrayed, and the advent of darker days drawns near. For Bayville's mutant population, everything is changing and the lines in the sand are fading. As they face the darker depths of what it means to be different, the idealist known as Professor X comes to realize the fragility of his dream. Even the "greatest mind in the world" is powerless to stop the oncoming trials witnessed from a bleak future where his pupils are no longer the individuals he once believed them to be. Canon material galore, with new characters introduced from the comics and much-loved story arcs to come. Scott/Jean, Rogue/Remy, and many others. 8/13--Updates on DSotM are on hold; the school year has started and so have many other things; Chapter VII: Grave is partially written and will possibly make an update soon; thanks for the patience.

Machina Boy-(FFX-2) A tale revolving around Gippal, who inadvertently discovers that something is amiss among Spira's state-of-the-art technology. A secretly-missed but hardly-forgotten face shows up to put further strain on Gippal's life as it spirals from the mundane to the chaotic. Canhe agree on good terms with Rikku for the betterment of Spira, set against a backdrop of a conspiracy? Or will the Machine Faction leader soon realize what it's like when worlds collide? GippalxRikku. (First chapter is up, but I have mixed feelings about this one. I think I rushed into it too fast and may take it down and repost it when I feel like it's better.)


Seeing Red-(XME) Set AU first season. A major Scott/Jean fic where one is an X-men and the other is still oblivious to mutantkind. Scott Summers is more than smitten with a nameless redhead who he sees around school; he believes they are soulmates. Is he willing to risk everything for a girl he hardly knows? Can love at first sight lead to more than just a one-sided crush? Scott's seeing Red all over again, and her name is Jean Grey. Scott/Jean.(One-Shot)

Killing Me Softly-(Red Eye) Jackson Rippner wants back into her life, no matter the costs. Lisa Reisert's looking for love in all the wrong places. Can redemption escape the past? Or will an unrequited passion be lost to the violence of history repeating itself? Lisa/Jackson. (One-Shot)

If anything sounds interesting, please check it out. If you enjoy something, please leave behind a review to let me know. Feedback and insight is much appreciated.


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