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Name: toxicPocky

I guess I should first say that I am a girl. Yes, by birth I am a girl. Though I think I would make a much better boy. Being a girl can be such a hassel sometimes. -_- It can be utterly frustrating. But I guess I just have to deal, and operation would be too expensive haha. I read mostly Shojo-beat manga, and cheesey girly stuff, though..not as cheesey as some of the stuff my sister reads. I am trying to expand my writing ability to horror. I've never written anything quite like that, but I would like to try. It's always good to be able to write in more then one genre.
I'm going to try to get back into the habbit of signing in here..though mostly likely I'll forget.
Gomenasai. Currently re-writing my one and only fanfic.

I wrote it so long ago..the writing style is so terrible. I can barely stand to read it. So I have to re-write it. I will try very hard to dedicate my time to doing this, eventhough now I'm more into writing about my own characters. If you ever get tired of poorly written stories, check my favorites. There are some really excellent stories on there and some excellent authors as well.

Okay, I would like to just announce on here that sometimes my sister (being the baka that she is) will send reviews and comments on stories while I'm still signed on. Mostly she comments on Gakuen Alice. So if any of you recive messages or reveiws from me on your stoires in Gakuen Alice, it is not me. It is my 12 year old, baka sister. [I still love you though Jessica!


I still have it.:( But I have been able to write the first two paragraphs of chapter 11. Not much help though really. I want to make chapter 11 long though, to make up for the delay. I'm really sorry this is taking so long. I want to finish this fic so bad! ToT I'm so angry at my damn writers block. I wonder if they make a pill for it...


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