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Heya, BadCatGirl Here.


I'm back!! I know, it's been a whole year since I've updated Lemon Tea. I decided I was done sitting around, fooling around with this and that, waiting for job offers and avoiding doing the laundry. Hopefully the dry spell is over and I can finish the series. Heck.. here's hoping I finish the story! Thank you to everyone who waited so patiently and sent their support of the series.

P.S., Evil Dead Rocks. I thank you.

P.P.S; I'm Scardy on Deviantart!

Real Name: Rissa G.

Age: Twenty-Two

Occupation: Graphic Design Student

Reminders/ Frequently asked questions

Q: Will Vlad/ Danny be coming into Lemon Tea?

A: Yes, eventually, but I want to give Danni some time to grow before I bring them back into the story. You will know when Vlad comes in, because I will throw a freakin' party. There will be no question of it. As for Danny, I don't know. I'm still figuring out Vlad, much less Danny.

Q: When will you update Maltese Phantom/Lemon Tea/etc

A: I consider Maltese Phantom finished. I was originally going to write a sequel until someone else had already used that plot. As for Lemon Tea, I am a very busy girl most of the time and ever since 2006 I've only been getting busier and my passion for the project has waned. I WILL finish Sour Fruit, because I'd hate to leave y'all hanging, and I have more plots planned for the series, but how likely it is that I'll ever get around to them is questionable.

The song Kay sings in Murder Mansion is a reference to the miniseries, Kingdom Hospital. It's Called Worry About You; By Ivy.

Danny Phantom and all related are the intellectual property of Butch Hartman.

Charactors such as Christopher Haunting, Daisy, the Lemon family and Marz Stanton are naturally of my own invention. And Man did I have fun inventing them!

Current and Upcoming Stories:


Sour Fruit: Kay is considering adopting Danni, but has to get her mother-in-law's support. But another ghostly misadventure has landed Danni and the twins in the doghouse and some very tough questions have to be asked...


H'aint Blue: Vin is taking the kids ghost hunting while Kay attempts to deal with business. But what are Vin's real motives, and what is it that is hiding just below the surface of The Derytown streets?

School Mill: School is starting up and Danni is thrown into the jungle known as Junior High. Classmates, teachers, and hallmoniters become the least of her problems when she discovers that something is stirring up the ghosts of millworkers who died in a fire years ago where the school now stands...

Sugar High: Emotions are running high in Danni's school. Kay dismisses it as usual adolescent hormones, but Danni knows better. Three malicious ghost sprites are bending the emotions of the school, and the only one who can stop them is a particuarly disturbed ghost...


“Usually she talks and talks… Big words I don’t understand.” –Jack Fenton

"He who fights with monsters might take care lest he thereby become a monster. And if you gaze for long into an abyss, the abyss gazes also into you." -Nietzsche

"Heaven for the Atmosphere, Hell for the Society." -Mark Twain

"Oh yeah, that's the one with the cute butt." -BadCatGirl

“Glowing green skeletons couldn’t drag me away… well, actually they probably could, but not without one hum-dinger of a fight.” -Marz Stanton

"Do you wanna talk or do you wanna kick butt?" -Dani Phantom

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