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Well... where to begin?

Hmm, well I first got into FanFic back in 8th grade/Freshman Highschool... which was back in 2003-ish. Currently in college... woo? I was also introduced to FanFic back then as well as Teen Titans: which at the time was my favorite tv show. Now almost a decade later I've decided to come back and spare my time to try and get reacquainted with my younger self. Not going to lie but it's been fun re-writing some stuff. But anyways, yes unfortunately I am a guy and go by the following names: Lobsterbread, Shemasian and Roldy. And now, I really can't think of anything at the moment to add to my bio... So... Bye!

Oh, dur... some facts about me:

Name: Harold or Roldy - I don't really care if people know me on the net. I'm a dude so I guess that's one less thing to worry about. (No offense lady's)

Age: 21 (Dude I'm getting old...)

Martial Status: Single

Ethnicity: Half Chinese half Taiwanese (50/50)

Languages: Chinese and English


I'm a computer geek - mostly hardware related. I like building PC's but would like to develop these... "skills"(?) into something profitable. Big PC gamer (surprise) and play mostly FPS and do own the more well known titles; such as Call of Duty and Crysis.

I love listening to music but as to favorite artists... too many to list. I basically listen to anything within Pop, Rock, Alternative (alt-whatever also), some Metal and some Rap. But genres such as Polk, Country, Screamo, Heavy Metal, etc. are not within my pot of tea.

Love movies. Big movie goer. If it has action, comedy, adventure, sci-fi, mystery, thriller, and romance, I'll most likely like it.

TV Shows: As for Teen Titans, which was unfortunately canceled, (shakes fist in air), I don't really watch TV. Scratch that, I don't watch TV. I personally hate commercials and refuse to watch television-based show's (which is everything) that become interrupted with a lame and useless commercial. I want to watch the show. I want to know how it ends. I DON'T want to watch something for 30 seconds or more about a product, service or company that not only makes more money than me (I barely make money as is but that's besides the point) and want to make more by making me poor.

Other info: I'm crazy. =]

I don't know what else to add...

But if you wish to contact me for solely FanFic reasons (cough...), you're more than welcome to e-mail me or add me on MSN:



What I do when I'm not either working or being a lazy bum and not updating my story(s):


^Link is an image to what I'm currently working on. =] GeekStatusFTW.

FanFic stuff:

I will most likely only write about Teen Titans, as that was the only reason that got me into FanFic to begin with and since the show is canceled, I feel as if I should contribute to the still-strong Teen Titan community.

Favorite Pairings:

Garfield x Raven (Beast Boy x Raven) aka Garfield Mark Logan x Rachel Arella Roth

/StartCrazyRoldyRant: I am a very, VERY hardcore BBxRae shipper. Like... so religious about it I - ME - I get a bit angsty when they show RobxRae tidbits on the TV series. I'm that pathetically sad and (please excuse my language) hard-assed / up-da-butt about it. It's Raven x BB only and that's how it is, that's how it ended up in the comics, that's how it ends up in my mind, that's how it's supposed to be! Robin belongs with Starfire and we all know that. Just watch Trouble in Tokyo! FFS! Plus, I find them the most awesome couple, not to mention cute, in my honest opinion, in the entire show. /EndCrazyRoldyRant.

Nightwign x Starfire (Robin x Starfire) aka Dick Grayson x Kory Anders aka Richard Grayson x Koriand'r and other various forms of their names

That's kind of a given... They were meant to be together to the point where they actually aired it.

Cyborg x ? (Other alias: Victor Stone)

I find it hard to pair up Cyborg with anyone, to be rather honest. I find him more of the brotherly/fatherly/family type person. More like a facilitator than a lover. No offence to him or anything. Just the way me and my crazy mind perceives things.


Current WIP's (Work In Progress):

Evolution: Times of Change

Summary: It is now five years after the events of Tokyo and three years after Beast Boy left the Titans. It is unclear as to why he has left until one day he suddenly returns. But what will happen to the team, to Beast Boy when he finally returns? And why is it when he returns, Terra and Slade return as well?

This story is my "first" story under this name. Did have a previous pen-name years ago that I shared with my fellow FanFic'ers(?) that was by the name of TeEntItAn13 (or something like that... was too long ago. Very BAD long term memory). But essentially this is my current focus on Fanfiction.net and will update when I either: feel like it or reviewers/friends make me. Yes, I am a slave to society... which consists of mainly my friends =]

(No Name Currently):

Summary: None

But this story is essentially going to be yet another Teen Titans story. (Big surprise) It will be AU and will focus upon the Titans as grownups and living civilian lives (Bigger surprise, eh?) They will have no Superhero backgrounds. Everything will be made up and of course, be about my favorite pairing: Garfield x Raven (Beast Boy x Raven)

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