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Author has written 5 stories for Naruto, Loveless, Chrono Crusade, and Hetalia - Axis Powers.

Hello, lovelies! Carbon Black here. I never really know what I ought to put on things like profiles, so I guess I'll just plug in one of those "About Me" memes and add on anything else I think is relevant.

Jesika. Yes, that's how it's actually spelled on my birth certificate. It's German (but pronounced normally, like Jessica), and means "Foresighted".
Jesse or Jess, Carbon (yeah, there are actually people who call me by it. =p). If you want to call me something else, though, that's fine, and I like my actual name just as well.
Too damned old. Why can't I know Peter Pan?
Birth Date:
November the Second (All Souls Day/Day of the Dead) Gender:
I'm physically of the female persuasion.
Green. Or Hazel. They're a light grey-green, with dark forest green around the outer edge of the iris, and a ring of rust orange around the pupils.
Naturally, it's ash brown. I dye it a multitude of colors.
14 that are still intact. I'm continuing to add on to the collection.
None, yet, but we're working on that.
I'm a Scorpio in 'western' astrology, Snake in Chinese, and I know pretty nearly any other type of zodiac of mine as well, so if you want to know, just ask.
I'm a practicing witch.
Pansexual, but I've a preference to males.
Blood Type:
I'm an American. Don't dislike me for it, I'm a lot cooler than most of us. =p
Family Origins:
I'm an absolute mutt. In my blood, I have German, Russian, Irish, Scottish, French, French-Canadian, Swedish, and Cherokee Indian. More German and Cherokee than anything else.
I'm the oldest of six, but not all of them live with me, and none of share both of my parents. Three younger half-sisters, and two younger half-brothers.
Nine, at the moment.
Five dogs- Sydney, Willow, Neko (pronounced like Nee-koh. Yes, we know it's wrong), Emi, and Lucifer/Louis (Pronounced the french way, like Louie);
Three cats
- Barkley, Autumn, and Belladonna/Donna;
A rabbit- Laramie (pronounced Lair-uh-me)

Prussian Red. Colour code CC0022, since no one knows it by name.
Six 6. I'm also very partial to three 3.
Bats. Specifically, vampire bats and tent bats (both brown and white, but especially white).
Raspberry Sorbet. It's actually a dessert, but whatever.
Non-Alcoholic Drink:
Pink Lemonade.
Alcoholic Drink:
Strawberry Daiquiris are my favourite, but I'm partial to rum in general.
Music Genre:
I listen to very nearly anything, but I favour rock, especially punk-rock, alternative-rock, and hard-rock.
Movie Genre:
Horror. Season:
Fall/Autumn, but I also really love spring.
All Hollows Eve. Current Fandom:
Hetalia owns my soul.

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When America is coerced into retrieving England from one of the last places in the world he expected to find the Brit, he sets out on a mission to experience and expose this interesting and strangely un-lame side of his former brother.
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