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Stress relase-Writtining in my six diffrent journals all diffrent storys

Fav Books-

Harry Potter 1-7--J.K Rowling

Any Manga

Birth of the Firebringer--Merdith-Ann-Pierce

The Ghost And Mrs.Hobbs--Cynthia Defelice

Santa Paws to the rescue--Nicholas Edwards

The Doll in the Garden a ghost story--Mary Downing Hahn

David Copperfield--Charles Dickens

Favorite Shows/Anime-



Xialon Showdown


Parinod Agent

Teen Tiatans

Pokemon (what can i say)



Favorite Movies-

The Craft

Charlies Angel

Tomb Raider

Final Destination 1,2

Hello everyone. again my name is Kat, I love reading and writting on my own i have six journals which all hae diffrent storys im writting i realy enjoy writting even on my myspace i have a story i started on there. I play football with my brothers (younger) i like Golf and VollyBall i watch Nascar Racing with my dad sometimes. Cats are my favorite animal. One thing if i ever put my fanfiction up you might see them with not as many puncuation as suppose to be one reason im a little shaky on that. yea i know how can a 17yr old be shay on punctiaion you ask? well there is a question im still trying to figure out LOL. Im more of a goth/tomboy im not realy girly (exept during pagents). Most my friends are boys or Goth (new school). I love anything Anime.I also Love cooking. im not one of those preppy girls who say'Like' or 'Oh my gosh' to much i dont listen to Rap. I prefer Hip-Hop, Heavy Metal,anything hard core, and some country (pretty much anything exept Opera and Rap).
Ok so you heard enough about me (well anything i can tell you). Anything eles you want to know about me you can message me i dont care im on this site 24/7 since i love reading and fanfictions count as reading since its words i have many stories im watching. Oh yea something i just feel like saying out of the radam dont ask why (im hyper its 1:57am here) I LOVE CHOCOLATE and we dont have any in this house can you belive that no chocolate i need chocolate now. anyway i have done many pagents and won many and lost many i am thinking about doing ms.teen usa the one on t.v but it will be expinses. well thats all i can think of and im tired of trying to type with out looking at the keyboard (habbit) so im going to Stop i say stop writing hand AGHHHHHHHH help my hand wont stop...i know i will cut them off SAVE US ARE OWNER IS GOING TO CUT US OFF AHHHHH...OK sry about that they had a mind of there own now plz excuse me and dont heistate to write if you have any question.Sorry if i seem crazy



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