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Hi hi!

My name: Riku's #1 Fangirl, or didja want my real name? In that case, it's Yuna. Yes, it's my real name. And I'm not some FFX fanatic that legally changed my name to that cause that would be kinda weird! That's whatcha get for being part Japanese! Yup yup. So it was really awkward when my cousin came to my house one day and was like "Yuna's so hot." And I was like, "What?" And enough w/ my blabbing now! I believe most people just probably skipped this...if not, WHY not? ooki! onward!

Umm...I have a twin, her name's Kasami, and she like just made an account and she is: KH Roxas my sox-as...yeah. If you like soraxriku, akuroku, and zemyx, check it out! It's called "Destined Meetings"..I think.

Animes/ Manga that I like: Naruto, Rurouni Kenshin, Full Metal Alchemist, Love Hina, Chobits, .Hack//, Tsubasa, Negima, Kingdom Hearts, Bleach, FLCL, Gundam series and other stuff that I can't think of off the top of mi head. Oh, and one more thing, I know I'm probably gonna get mauled for this, but I aboslutely do not like, as in DESPISE Inuyasha. --boos and pieces of toast start flying at her-- I just think it's overrated.

Games that I like: Kingdom Hearts(duh!), Final Fantasy's, basically anything Tetsuya Nomura makes , Legend of Zelda series! although the original one was made like before I was born(hint hint about my age, it tells you I'm under like 20), Soul Caliber, OMG I can't believe I forgot this one: DDR!!!!!

Interests: Riku, Video Games, this site, Riku, Playing Lacrosse, Snowboarding, Riku, writing, playing guitar, piano, flute, Riku, reading, and have I mentioned Riku?

My quotes: "Too bad!" "One day, fangirls shall band together and rule the world! Muahahaha!" "One day, all fangirls shall band together and rule the world and send all non-fangirl/otakus to Pluto, where they will live out their last days in oblivion. Until then, Have a nice life!"

Math teacher: "Now I'm gonna teach you a theorem that will blow your minds!"

A week later: "Hold onto something stable, cause I'm about to do it again!" Aaah yes, Mr. Basoglu...a weird one he is...lol

"Have you forgotten? I'll tell you why. 'Cause I'm not a total sap like you." -Riku( I love that quote! )

"If I had a heart, this is where I would die of laughter" -Saix

Yes, I'm weird, ne?

Oh! And another thing. I am absolutely, positively appauled with RikuxMickey fics...or any disney character fanfics for that matter...it's just weird...KairixDonald?...o.O

Weird facts about me:

Ironically, I don't like OC pairings very much, although I wrote my first story about one... told you i'm weird...actually, they're ok. Just not mi fav.

I don't like Mary-sues...they're just too perfect...twitch twitch

I once carried around a picture of Riku in my wallet and told everyone it was my boyfriend...that didn't go too well...

When I moved I asked my dad if I could pick out the key and lock so I could choose my own "keyblade".

I am an avid fangirl...I believe you can already tell cough

Me and my twin switched places once, but we forgot that we were FRATERNAL

I forced my self to learn how to play one winged angel and Riku's theme song on the flute, piano, and guitar.

I painted my bedroom to have a collage the scenaries of the final fantasy worlds and kingdom hearts( quite badly I believe). So I have midgar, zanarkand, besaid, destiny islands, hollow bastion, the world that never was, etc. But now my sister stole it! She kinda did the paintings for me, she's artsy like that.

That's all I can think about for now. And I believe you have all concluded that I'm probably insane and should be admitted to a psychiatric ward. And I agree 100 percent

So onto stories...

Unrequited is finsihed. And I may probably go back and edit some stuff that is driving me crazy. But it was real fun to write.

Star Crossed is discontinued. No joke. I've lost interest in it, and frankly I don't like OC's. I've tried and tried and tried for the reader's sake to keep writing, but I can't go on. I'm sorry. If you would like to pick it up where it left off, PM me, or review. I'll be deleting the story in 2 weeks.

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