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Name: Dark Angel.

Age: Well, my guess is at least 404 years old, but don't hold me to that. In human life, I’m about 24.

From: Duh, Mercury where else would I be from. Wait most think their ain't no life on any other planet. How dumb can I get? Oh well, I don't care what other people think.

I might just hit Shina on the head if she doesn't leave me alone with my spelling I's maybe Hiei will lend me his sword to hit her with, gods know Amy has borrowed it from him to hit Hiei on the head. Oh and maybe, the other Ami will come to help me hit Shina, one never knows.

Occupation: Writing!

Best Friends: I have more than one that I consider being close with. Shina, mentioned above, she doesn’t know how lucky she is to be friends with me. The last friend would be, Becca, a false name like Shina’s because I don’t want u to kno the real names. Anyway, I love to annoy Becca with the way my mind thinks, because it thinks in weird ways, ways she sometimes doesn’t understand. Ok, so Becca isn't the last, Kacey is the last, she is new friend I made last semester. She's cool, we'll have classes this semester coming up, and from there I don't know a thing. I've made a load of new friends in the past year, they are Momma Goose, Turtle, Puppy, Penguin, Panda, Leo, and Bunny. All nicknames of course. Momma Goose is the worrywart. Turtle is the one trying to be smart and goofy all at once. Puppy is soft spoken. Penguin is dating Puppy. Panda is quiet. Leo is goofy and cool. Bunny is the leader of our pack.

Hobbies: Complaining when I feel like, reading, writing (obviously) and being there for friends when they need it the most.

Websites: ...

Jin: Hope tae seeyae readin' m'lady's fics!


Jin: Well, bein' a muse stinks. What ELSE am I tae call her then =floats about=

Gohan: Call her ur princess! DUH!

Dark Angel: Would you both shut up I'm getting a friggin' headache from your arguing.

Looks Above

OK, So I have a muse named Jin from Yu Yu Hakusho. Blame him if things are not going smoothly because he can fly away from me, making it hard for me to write anything I wish to write. I might have another Muse, let me think on that one.

My next Muse would most likely be Cassie! She's about 5,000 years old and comes from Egypt. I like her more cause she always gives me insight into something I hadn't noticed before. Of course, the bad thing about her is that she is always looking at new things that are out and about to the point she isn't much help to me and I have to drag her back!


A Life I’m Glad I lived: Complete of course but that was a while ago. So many chapters too! I’m happy with the way it came out.

Dark Meets Light: I believe to be my best fic yet. Although, I rather feel I need to fix things in it. Complete

Jim and I: A story I felt like doing. Complete

One day: Was writing out in an IM to a friend of mine because I was bored. I'm redoing it, so be prepared for something slightly different and longer to be on the way. Complete

Surprise: Is as it says a birthday gift to my most cherished friend. Complete

Hardly Free: I’ve been working on this story for a year and I am still working with it. I believe this might top Dark Meets Light. At least I hope it does, so review for me please! Complete! Yay, I'm done with it. Ok, so not really because there is a sequel to it!

No Name: I didn't have a name for this but then decided to keep the name and move on with life. Complete

Once: A fast paced story, I wanted to write out to see where it led me and it was fun, hope you like. Complete

Hardly Free II: Seth Reeve Princeton: It is what it is. Jaden has a child and deals with the loss of Jadai his other personality. Complete

08/30/08: Hello my readers and fans. This is something new and so I’m not sure as to what will be said here. For my One Day I’m thinking about redoing and maybe it will go further than four chapters. I’m not sure yet. I might or might not redo it, so please don’t hold ur breath. I have more stories that will be posted soon. Jim and I has had a name change and has been completed. I am thinking of another fic for it but I’m not sure as to what is going to happen as of yet. A Life I’m Glad I Lived is completed and nothing more is going to happen to that story. Dark Meets Light I’m not sure if a sequel will come out or not. I might go in and fix my mistakes but for now it will be left alone. Hardly Free, my new story. Hmm, what can I say? I have worked with this fic for a year and am still working with it. I haven’t figured out how many people will like the story or the plot or anything else I’ve done with it so far. But I’m looking forward to seeing it complete in the future and many people growing to love this story. It’s my baby in the fact that I put a lot of effort into creating this story. I have pulled a lot of research to make this story more real, as real as I can get it with all the twists and other things that are pulled. Although, I know it is still being worked on, I really hope people like it.

01/13/09: Hello everyone. Edited 11/05/11

03/01/09: Hello readers and fans of my stories. I have placed two new stories up on Fanfiction.net and on Cassie's World and my livejournal! Check above for the website for Cassie's World and my livejournal. Jim and I is not going anywhere, there will be no new story for it. Dark Meets Light I'm still not sure if a sequel is coming or not. One Day, I will be redoing it, just not for a while. Hardly Free, has been updated to chapter 15! Also there will be a sequel to that one coming out after it is done and maybe another sequel after the sequel, hmm, not sure on that one yet. Once, is a Code Lyoko story. It is short and fast paced! No Name, title will not stay the same as I do not have a name for the story yet! I'm Not sure what to call it! Maybe reviewers could give me some ideas. It's Digimon!

07/30/09: So, i just had a birthday, on the 21st I turned 21, isn't that cool! Anyway, I'm on vacation from college and this was an opportunity to get online and I took the chance. Once, No Name, and Hardly Free will be undated as soon as I get back to college. I have decided that No Name will keep it's name. Hardly Free is up to chapter 18! yay me, and it will be ending in a few more chapters, though, I don't know how many that will be. On the poll for a sequel for Hardly Free, so far no one has said no, one person said to ask them later, two said both, I can't make up my mind, help me, two said they didn't know, and 15 have said yes so far. The poll will remain open until the day after the very last chapter is updated, we shall see if anything has changed by then!

11/09/09: So there is a sequel to Hardly Free, it's called Hardly Free II: Seth Reeve Princeton. Yes, it is about Jaden having a child named Seth Reeve Princeton! I've slowly started One Day over again and I haven't gotten very far into it. Wish me luck! As for, No Name, it's moving along at a steady pace. I'm also working on other stories but I'm not sure when I will start posting them or not cause they are still in the planning stages.

9/6/10: I noticed I haven't updated this part in a while. For stories No Name is completed. One Day is being reposted as it is almost done in writing. There is only a little left then it is done. Hardly Free II: Seth Reeve Princeton is well on its way. Although, it's got a long time before it will be completed. Also, I'm 22 now instead of 21. I'm in my last year at Potsdam too, maybe. Depends on other things.

11/05/11: Wow...Anyway...I have completed all stories for this site and have taken down Surprise. I might have another story up later...long time from now. I am dealing with the Death of my Mother right now and cannot deal with anything else much! But, I will get back to what I love most, WRITING!!!!! I guess that's all for now. Later.

9/05/12: So, I shall not have another story posted to this site. I am now working on my own stories. So sorry, if anyone had wanted sequels to any of my stories up here but nothing will come. I am going to face my future with my own stories from now on. Wish me luck!

Dark Angel is out of here.


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