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oi, im Shadow-of-a-pyro but i guess u can call me Wrier or Shadow or even Pyro. for anybody who's not sure I'M A GIRL! i cant tell you how many times someone's called me a guy, just because i say 'dude' or 'yo'. ok stuff about me...

Name: Wrier (real name Julia)

I love Sushi and Japanese food
I'm mostly Irish (don't look it though)
I'm a brunette w/ blue eyes that change frequently
I like drawing..things and i want to go into photography
I'm not sure what i want to be
I go to a trade school
I'm 14, but can seem like I'm 16
I'm protective of my friends
I love country music, rock, anything good basically and music in general
Love Sarcasm and being a sadist
I have a twisted sense of humor
I can seem anti-social, but those who know me know I'm not.
I'm a Pyro, 4th of July is my favorite holiday (that i don't get free stuff)
I'm a baseball addict... GO RED SOX! (I'm from Massachusetts)
I play softball ( I'm a pitcher )

If u readers wanna reach me, send a message through, email me, or talk to me on AIM my SN is

Being a smartass ( my specialty)
Annoying people (i know a song that gets on everybody's nerves...)
confusing people ('walking contradiction')
selective hearing (what did u just say?)
writing (no shit sherlock)
making smartass comments (whadda ya think ive been doing so far? picking my nose?)
Being different
Annoying the people I live with (oh, now who doesnt love that)
pullin pranks (oh that balloon filled with cottage cheese thing was priceless)
those few people who've gained the title of ' my friend' Keito, Kieran (Oracle), Enju, Cas...kinda, Liz, Leanne, Matt and D
being a 'counselor' (why do people come to me w/ their problems?)
Strawberry banana smothies ( what? i love em)

dont like
homophobes (why hate someone for something they cant help?)
stereotypes (your giving yourself a bad name)
normal people (O.o what's normal?)
people who follow the crowd (be your own person)
Having to listen to people who just flame my work (you dont have to read it)
People who try my patience ( your making me angry, you wont like me when im angry)

as i said, im Wrier, that name is a long story, i like Anime, House M.D, Red Sox X men, and Music -_-' vague enough?ok here we go

X men
LoganXMarie (rogue)
LoganXScott ( i luffles that pairing )
BobbyXPyro (i luffles this pairing the most, John's a good Uke)
PyroXBobby (John makes a good seme sometimes)


YukiXShuichi (obviously)

House M.D

too many other Anime's to list but so far my obsessions include Loveless, Gravitation, and Our Kingdom

Panic! ath the Disco
The Fray
Smile Empty Soul
Linkin Park
Fort Minor
The offspring
Weird Al
Within Temptation
Story of The Year
Breaking Benjamin
Trust Comapany
3 Days Grace
Bon Jovi
The Ataris
New Found Glory
12 Stones
Stone Sour
3 Doors Down
Simple Plan
Harvey Danger
Good Charlotte
Hawthorne Heights

TV Shows
Grounded for Life
According to Jim
Law and Order (all series)
CSI (original one)
Twilight Zone (blame my 7th grade english teacher)
Doctor Who
Who Want's to be a Millionaire (i like to diss the people who get the easy ones wrong)
Who's Line is it Anyways?

I'm usually a laid back person, it takes a lot to get me pissed, well not when I'm near a deadline. o and by the way for poeple who are wondering, I'm 14, by the way the last thing, if u diss me i diss u back tenfold.

Current project:
The rise and fall of Pyro: Chapter one 'How the Mighty Have Fallen' after spending two months on the run fron the cops, Pyro's life is going down hill; he's living off the streets again and disguising himself, he even let his hair go back to its normal color. but the fates has it in for St. John, he's found out while trying to light a fire in an abandoned alleyway.. desparate to get away he ran, right into a crowd, he snaps, unleashing an inferno, cops still on his tail he continues to run until the sirens cease, he finds himself close to the institute and in an unfamiliar street. but matters get worse when he's shot with the cure, left vulnerable by two strangers who only mean him harm...

The Rise and Fall of Pyro: Chapter two 'Mercy of the Betrayed' Bobby comes to the rescue, carries John back to the institute and discovers the extent of what those two A-holes did., read the story to find out the rest (smirk) and you get to vote on John's reaction!The Rise and Fall of Pyro: Chapter three 'the awakening' Long awaited John's POV,how will he take being human? (the readers previous vote decides) read later to find out _
The Rise and fall of Pyro: chapter four ' Changes'
Back to Bobby's POV, questions are answered , John's in pain. slight slash NEED NEW BOBBYJOHN BETA
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