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Author has written 6 stories for Harvest Moon, and Geography Club.

I got my Pen name Senorita Rage from the manga Gravitation. One of my Fave characters is Rage who is this awsome babe who needs anger management(like me:P), she also carries a bazoka and shots it at people!( mainly Shuichi) I'm also cuban, so that's where I got the Senorita from and the fact that Lady was taken.

Name: Rachel

Gender: Female - last time I checked

Age: None ya business

Country: USA, Boo-Yah!


Avartar the Last Air Bender

Yu Yu hakusho

Full Metal Alchemist

Case Closed



Gravitation( heart this series so much!)

Sailor Moon

Hamtaro(brings back old memories)


Aishiteruze Baby

Shaman King

Vampire Knight

Fushigi Yugi: Genbu Kaiden

Strawberry Panic

from Shojo Beat manga my faves are Nana, Godchild and Absolute Boyfriend

Angel Sanctuary(just started this, but it's really good)

Worst Anime Ever: ZatchBell the characters and the plot is a disgrace to the anime world!

Top 3 Favorite Anime: Nana/Shaman King/Yu Yu Hakusho

Top3 Manga: Loveless/Nana/Imadoki

Myspace Link if u want to befriend me or give me a shoutout then visit my link.

Facebook Link: (not sure if you can see it unless u have one.) also no pic. srry guys, need to get a new digital camera first

Games I want: Mario Party for DS, Paper Mario for the Wii (i was close to defeating it but didn't have a chance to!), the new Avatar game for DS,

I'm a huge feminist and I'm black and proud!( Have a lot of black pride)

I'm a yellow belt in Karate(just started)

I'm surprised easy( reaction is always What! in a stupid way) and bad at hiding my excitement.

Shows: Ugly betty, the Sopranos(awsome show) Avatar the Last Airbender, The Tudors, Greek and Pokemon(shut-up, keep comments to your self.)

Personal Comment: Gay, Proud Not Outloud

Pet Peeves: People who walk too slow(mainly lovely-dovey couples), People who smell really bad(boy or girl), When guys have this stupid macho pride, Preppies, girls who are really stuck-up, and black people who act really stupid ( I can understand if they can't help it but it's bad for the sterotype of black people being stupid!) White People acting ghetto, they(not all) think that being ghetto is acting black and that is so annoying and offending at the same time! Playboys/Playgirls, straight people who hate gays

The way I can never spell the easiest of words, really pathtic T T

Biggest Pet Peeve: When Karate teacher is being an ass to me!

Fave Foods: Ham-fried rice and soft tacos

Looking for yuri fan girls, b/c there are too many yaoifanatics. There has to be a couple yuri fangirls out there.

Favorite Movies: The Top Best Lesbian Movie of all Time is But I'm A Cheerleader, Saving Face and Lost and Delirious. Watch it or Die. It's so funny, and sweet and it has a happy ending. watch it on Youtube. Brokeback Mountain(deal w/ it!) I love it because it's so romantic! Also anything that has Madea in it. She's a way funny character who has total blackness within her.(It's a black thing.; P) She's from Tyler Perry's plays and movies. My favorite straight couple movie is Titanic. I heart BOY LOVE! I'm totally for it( open-minded) I even more Heart Yuri for the obvious reasons listed above and there are not enough Yuri anime/mangas.

Fave Book: Rainbow Boys Series ,Geography Club series(only 2 but there will be more) This book makes my soul sing! I recommend this book to any one who has a life! (dur) Keeping You A Secret b/c It's totally awsome. Other books I recommend-, Breathing Underwater, So Hard to Say, luna, Twilight, Son of the Mob, the sequel to Son of the Mob, anything by Julie Ann Peters or Amy Tan

I absolutly adore Cumber Melon, it's really awsome! ( Just in case u guys don't know what this is, it's a really nice scent!)

Fave Characters:

HoroHoro,Ren,Jun,Pirka, Yoh,Ryo Shaman King

Roy,Maes, Ed,Greed, Scar,Lust(hubba,hubba) Full Metal Alchemist

Gravitation: Shuichi, Rage, Noriko-so many outfits, , K

Kuruma,Chuu,Jin, Rinku,Touya, Kuwabara,Hiei,Botan, Natsume,Sensui(Best villan YYH has!) from YYH

Zuko,Sokka,Azula, Katara, Iroh, Toph from Avartar

Miroku,Sango,Kagara, Kagome, Kougafrom Inuyasha

Gaara, Sasuke, Kiba, Shikamaru,Temari,Tsusdade, Kakashi, Rock Lee,Sakura(after she's less obsessed w/ Sasuke)from Naruto

Aoi,Arisa, Yuji, Koki from Imadoki

Nana: Nana O. drool, Nobuo, Shin, Junko, Nana K. get me a bucket for my drool

If I did all of them it would take 4ever!


Avartar , Zuko/Sokka, Sokka/Yue(they were sweet when they were together),Azula/Tylee I think it could work.

Inuyasha: Miroku/Sango, Kagome/Kouga, Kagome/Sango, Inuyasha/Kouga

Imadoki: Aoi(blush)/Tsukiko, Tanpopo/KoKi, Tanpopo/Aoi

Gravitation: Yuki/Shuichi,Ryuichi/Tatsuha

Nana: Nana K./ Nana O., Nana O./Ren

Shaman King: Ren/HoroHoro, Anna/Yoh,

Full Metal Alchemist: Lust/Scar, Ed/Roy, Roy/Riza

Yu Yu Hakusho: Yukina/Kuwabara, Chu/Natsume, Jin/Touya, Hiei/Kuruma, Keiko/Yusuke, Sensui/Itsuki

Tokyo Mew Mew: Mint/Zakuro,Ichigo/Kish

Naruto: Shikamaru/Chouji, Naruto/Gaara

Hamtaro: Sandy/Maxwell, Boss/Bijou,Oxnard/Hamtaro

Strawberry Panic: Yaya/Hikari, Nagisa/Shizuma(kinda),Nagisa/Tamao

Avatar the Last AirBender

I wanted to comment on the Awosome Season 2 Finale of Avartar The Last AirBender. Contains spoilers

I believe that was completely unexpected. I believe we all exepected Aang to kick Azula's ass. Azula is my favorite villianess of all time she kicks butt! But she is so hard core hitting Aang with her lighting attack was pretty clever. The thing I hated most about the Finale was Katara. We know she wants to wreck every one's happiness but Zuko actally was smiling and was blissful, which was creeping me out b/c he usually has a scowl on his face. I believe if Katara didn't rat on Zuko to Azula then Zuko wouldn't have joined up with Azula. Worst of all there was a zutara moment. I just wanted to scream. It's Zuko/Sokka not Zuko/Katara. I did not expect Zuko to join up with Azula. i know he wants his fathers respect, but I didn't know he wanted it so much that he would betray Iroh. Iroh after all the good he's done to Zuko. shaking head in disbelief You have to admit that Zuko/Azula vs. Aang/Katara was probably the best fight scene on Avartar. I believe episode 3 Agani Kai is Second best. I jsut love when he doesn't that flip thing that was freaking awosome! I always replay that scene dozens of times because it's so cool. I hope in the 3rd Season that Zuko and Iroh have a plan to overcome Azula. Did any1 notice that after Katara saved his life then hugged him aang didn't blush like he usually does. That might have something to do with almost being assaniated but i predict he doesn't love Katara after reaching the full potenial of the Avatar state.

Note: I do not hate Katara but I hate when she thinks she knows everything and makes fun of Sokka(he's so cool!)

Note2: I love Gravitation but I don't like Yuki. (I know he changes) Just b/c he had a horrible past(not gonna say it don't want to spoil it for others) doesn't mean he can act like an ass to Shuichi all the time! I know he acts cruel as a defense mechansim but don't be cruel to the one you love!

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