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Hm. Well, I've completely re-done Alex's story, so I think I'm just going to re-post it. The new version makes more sense and is more Alex-oriented. Therefore, I will not be continuing work on You're Just Like Me. Sorry.

Just went through this for the first time in over two years. I've updated a few things.

Name: Erin

Sex: No thanks, I'm good. lol, I'm female

Age: 19 (August 9, 1991)

Race: (Which doesn't really matter but I just have to put something I find funny) HELL YES I'M WHITE!

Fav. Animal: Cats. I really, really like cats...RAWR!!

Hair color: Blonde (I'm not stupid, I act like that on purpose)

Eye color: Blue

Fav. TV show: Hummm, that's tough. I'm going for Danny Phantom! Then again...House is good too...

Fav Song: That's even harder. It would have to be I'm Alreay There by Lonestar, then if we're talking Christian, I'd have to say Arms of Love by Kutless, Welcome to the Black Parade if we're talking My Chemical Romance and Emmy's male aphrodite, Gerard. Check out Superchick, Family Force 5, and TobyMac. muy bien christian bands.

Fav. CHRISTAMS song: Mary, Did You Know? sung by Clay Aiken

Fav. Superhero: Everyone should answer this question! Mine's Batman. And if you do answer, don't say Superman because he's the only hero you think of.

Fav. Candy: Kissables! or Kit Kats

Fav. color: Orange

Religion: Yes I have to put this here. I'm a Christian.

What I like: Anime and music, drawing, writing, singing (even if I'm not that good), my computer, my sisters (sometimes), sleeping

What I love: ...

Location: Kansas, USA

Fav. Soda: Pepsi or Sprite

Stories: I have...tons. My first was is about a rich girl that falls in love with a punk guy after he teepied her house coughmansioncough. You have to ask me for it. My Quizilla account's was deleted on Tuesday, October 10, 2006.

I'm so bored I decided to name them off for you!

1. The one with Kaytie and Sam. I love it. it's so sweet, but alas, I haven't worked on it in a few years.

2. You're just like me. Seto Kaiba and Alex. it's listed below.

3. This one with Jaden Yuki from Yu-Gi-Oh! GX. Chloe Green starts to go to, where else, Dule Academy. She's in the Ra Yellow dorm. She goes over some rocky spots, but with the help of Professor Banner, Jaden, Syrus, and her new found friends, she is back on her feet in no time.

4. You're Never Alone: Part 1. Danny Phantom/Fenton and Camryn. it's also below.

5. You're Never Alone: Part 2. Same as part 1 and it's also below...with only one chapter...sorry guys! I'll get that asap!

6. My Pokemon one, just to say I did it. Amalee meets Ash and this meeting isn't a friendly one. Bella, her best friend meets them and then Max is old enough to go with her. (Sephi: Misty should die, by my hand. (Says it all Sesshomaru like!) FC: I have plans for her.) Misty and Brock are needed at home. Then Drew shows up and guess who leaves with him. Yup, it's May. So we're left with Amalee and Ash. What could possibly go wrong!

7. Some random story I'm writhing with Emily. Who recently wanted me to stop "cyberbullying" her and "harrasing" her. So I removed most of what I had on her from my webpage, none of it even that bad. Just that I don't liker her opinions. So, yeah.

8. A story about a pop diva named Renee Anderson and how she handles her life.

9. My personal favorite, to some extent, Portals. Which no one knows about cuz they've never read it! Well, it's compicated to explain.

10. One called Dragons. It's muy bien...even if It's only one page so far.

11. One created by my old Gifted teacher and I. it's really good. don't have a name for it though.

12. My comic! It totally rocks! there's pixies and dragons in it. but it's totally kewl!

13. I've started to work on my Parallel story. I think it has a pretty good plotline. And I also did a time line because it go through two years. Crazy I know.

14. Wow, fourteen. This one's a short story. Kinda personal.

Boyfriend: Currently single. And I'm okay with that.

Fav quote: "Little kids know everything, they just don't know it yet..." Me.

"Sticks and stones may break our bones but words break our hearts." Don't ask, I forgot.

"Love hurts and if it doesn't, you're doing it wrong." My big sis, Beth

"Air-it's free, use it." Billy Ashley's older brother.

"NO WE DO NOT HAVE ANY PENS!" From the book Peeps. You gotta read it.

"When in doubt, cover your (censored so I'm changing it!) bum!" Also from Peeps. No this story has nothing to do with the fluffy marshmallow chickens you get for Easter!

"This truck is old enough to be your car's grandfather!" Bella from Twilight

"Besides, friends don't liet friends drive drunk!" Edward Cullen from Twilight

"Hell yes!" Emmet from New Moon (Two books I've read recently. Great books! Put them on your summer reading lists! Korey-Forget the Summer! Read them NOW!!)

"Hell, no!" Jessica. It has a hilarious story behind it too.

"If you love me, tell me, cuz if you don't, you might just break my heart." -That was me! None of you have to tell me this...

"Whoot!" lol Amber and I say this all the time. I even have an icon to go with it! Which I can't post it on here cuz of the symbols it involves. Nothing obscene, just, Fanfiction won't let them!

"Sometimes, I miss you so much, I dream of you, then, I wish you were here with me." Me again! hahaha!

"I love you with all my heart and every second that I'm not talking to you kills me more, and more inside." Guess who!

"I question no one's sanity because that would be hypocritical and therefore I would question my own sanity." Me talking to Joel.

Don't you dare disrespect me Baby cuz TobyMac said so." TobyMac

"1. Boys are bad. 2. Everything is dangerous. 3. Daddy is always right. 4. Always observe rules 1 2 and 3." TobyMac

"You're FDA approved." Me

"You didn't tell me you loved me and so you broke my heart." Me

"I want to have an excuse to absolutly hate the song that made me love you in the first place!" Yes, me after breaking up with Eric

Fav. tv shows:

1. Danny Phantom

couples from that show:

A. Danny x OC

B. Tucker x Sam

Sam and Danny is bad! no! I know, Sam and Tucker isn't much better...

3.Teen Titans

A. Robin x OC (Starfire will die!)

B. Beast Boy x Raven (They so like each other!)

C. BB x Terra

4. Yu-Gi-Oh! GX (I have a totally messed up story. I swear! Everyone's with an OC!)

A. Jaden x OC

B. Chazz x OC

5. Yu-Gi-Oh!

A. Seto x OC

B. Yugi x Té a (Hate her btw)

C. Joey x Mia

D. Anyone else is fair game! Just no gay or lesbian couples.

Memo about the Opposites Don't Really Attract story: You may notice that there are stuff at the top that aren't...memo's from the author. That's becuase yesterday I decided to spell check every single chapter because come to think of it, I didn't want them like that, I type them on a webpage setup with out spell check (word pad) so I copied it to Microsoft Works (yes. A program that isn't allowed for documents) and spell checked it. The stuff at the top is a chapter link, but you can't use it. And I just woke up and didn't feel like messing with anything. So, surprise! You get a free future look, and the next two chapters don't really fit. Oh and another thing...I think I'm gonna change the title to You're Never Alone, just cuz of part 2. Oh! and yes they all are Mary-sues and big ones and someone so quaintly put it and I never had any intention of changing it, ever cuz I'm really deeply into it. I mean really deep. Like I would spoil the ending if I told you deep. Well, love ya, buh-bye!

P.S. I'm really hungry

I just realized like, seriously five seconds ago, that I didn't have a disclaimer on my Danny Phantom story! OMG! I had completely forgotten about it when I re-did the story cuz I had to go back and fingers were not nimble that day...and I had just forgotten about them ever since, so you can now find my DP disclaimer on the summary thing, kinda boring, but it works. and for those of you who really don't know anything, I just want you to know that Camryn, Samson, Macy, and Samson Sr. all belong to me...and the part in the plot that I've made, so please remember not to steal. Thank you!


1. I know Camryn(and her family) and Lauren and Alex are all what you call "mary-sues" Importaint fact about me: I DON'T CARE!

2. People really like to tell me in, if you will, that You're Never Alone is a Mary-sue and guess what guys, it get's really annoying. That's why I warned you in the summary.

3. I know that You're Never Alone isn't all that, "good". I just didn't want to let it sit around on paper all day, decomposing. So I did what most of you would do, I posted it on the internet so that, unless the net crashes, it won't get lost. (Plus, the 2nd part is a lot better)

4. My favorite part of freedom IF YOU DON'T LIKE SOMETHING STOP READING IT OR DON'T READ IT AT ALL Then again, you can't judge a book by it's cover

5. Who cares if it isn't any good, it's not gonna get published.

6. I got a..."review" that said that the mary-sue thing was old. I thought, well the Sam and Danny fall in love crap was old, so I used my creative brain to get around it. Why? Cuz it annoys me. (random animal moment) -gerrrarrrarrrarrr!-

7. Same review, I'm really not gonna mention names now, Danny falls for Camryn easily seems...unlogical. MY BUTT! He falls for Paulina faster than Camryn, trust me, I would know. and I know a ton about Danny Phantom. I flipped out when Eric told me he had met Butch Hartman. He met the creator of Spongebob Squarepants too. -K: she is so jealous- HECK YES I AM!

8. a. I'm a very creative person. You know how I know that? -laughs- it's amazing, I'm in my gifted program at school. The only freshman in the program too. And prolly the smartest, when it comes to Geometry, in the Sophemore and Freshman class.

b. I seem to show no emotions and I don't usually care what people think about me. Hummm...wonder why that is...OH YEAH! Because I'm a Christian (as stated below) and I know the people that love me and care about me. So I don't care if you don't.

9. Finally, if you don't read this and I get another "review" like the one's I got today, I'll just ask if you read this and suggest that you re-read it, just like I did the guidelines. Like I said, I LOVE to know my rights!

Well, I've finished ranting, for now. I'm going to go do what I got on the net to do. Go figure, it was my homework. It'll suck if you don't read the above statements too.

I am re-re-reading the guidelines real quickly. I feel like posting something people will read that's not in my profile and I hope it will be okay, most likely, not. Just like an online diary sorta thing that's intended for everyone...would you consider that an author's note? Ah, darn! SOMEONE probably would and would report me again...bummer dude...(lol inside joke) -thinking of a solution...- KOREY! K: What! Firecat911: Help me...I don't want to delete my profile but people AREN'T READING MY VERY IMPORTAINT MEMO ABOUT MY LITERARY WORKS (Go figure. I only have a vague idea of what that means, just kidding) K: Well then let's refresh their memory! (listed above so it's the first thing you see)

I'm not leaving! Hooray! I hope. Well anyway. Just thought I'd say that and now I shall accept any flame anyone wishes to send. I've been writing stories for 2 years now and am getting better. But no one can make me stop writing. I'm like a boomerang, I always come back. I'm also like a child, if I don't do something right, I mope (Gotta get that out of the way) then try again. I also never throw anything away. That is very importaint for any writing to remember, and, never let anyone get you down or change your style of writing for anyone! Love you all! I kinda just broke my promise...didn't I? (Korey) Yes! You are such a ditz! (Firecat) Shut up! -tackles and gets into huge fight-

Some things people should know about me... (A memo to anyone that thinks about flaming me)

1. One of my stories is not full of typos because I used my spellcheck and re-read it and not to mention that I have great English skills. You may think things are spelled wrong, but their not. I choose to spell things the way I want to spell them. And besides, we're all open for CONSTRUCTIVE critisism here, aren't we?

2. Yes, it may be a "Mary-sue" but who really cares? It's not really a rule and I will not go around and rat on all the girls (and occasional boy) that have Mary-sues! It's just stupid! You would have half the website down! And I also don't think I read the rules right if it says that we cannot write Mary-sues and post them. Or I missed the memo. And all of my fan-fiction stories are like that. I don't post them all on FanFiction.Net though! And I also think that if there is a "No Mary-Sue's" rule then it shouldn't be a rule anymore because where else are people who write those kinds of stories going to post it? Quizilla! It has a virus that kills your computer! It happened to me three times!

3. You should never judge a book by it's cover! Just because you read the first paragraph does NOT mean you know the whole story! Mine is original! For the most part anyway. And for the record, Camryn doesn't like everyone to know everything about her! That's why, all her little "friends" that live in Averfield, hate her. The whole world does not love her because she does not know the whole world! Duh!

4. IF YOU DON'T LIKE THE STORY THEN DON'T READ IT! YOU DON'T HAVE TO BE A TATTLE TALE! Because guess what? Just because you are the only one that doesn't like the story doesn't mean you have to read it. Everyone else likes it at least, and if they don't, they don't read it...It's amazing how that works, isn't it?

5. Camryn is NOT based off myself. None of my characters are based off myself. They are all unique. Except for the love of writing, she is nothing like myself acctually, and neither is her daugher, Alex. You know, it's crazy. I killed off my own like, the sequel and now her daughter is the heroin. Amazing.

6. HER HAIR DOES NOT CHANGE COLORS! She was born with Midnight blue hair and Pine Green eyes. And Alex was born with Royal Purple hair and green eyes. You do know that Danny's hair does change colors when he "Goes ghost" right? From black to white, and so does Vlad's so you can shut your face about her hair color. I was trying to be crative.

7. You know, if you put my story on a plot line, it fits perfectly, you just have to learn how to make a plot line first.

8. You know, back on that whole, born with blue hair thing, it's crazy but I've created and developed my characters quite nicely. It's all written down on a piece of paper because I don't know how you create your characters but I know this perfessional writer that does that, I've been doing that forever. It lets you actually know your characters.

9. My conclusion: my story will not be deleted. If it ever does for some strange reason, I came up with an alternative. Anyway. If you want to continue to read my story and it does get deleted by fanfiction, I will probably leave my account up for about...a week to a month with a memo that I am deleting my account. But anyway, E-mail my yahoo or hotmail account and I think I'm going to just e-mail the stories out to the people that WANT to read my story. So, you'll need to notify me and tell me if you want to recieve it. It could be like a newsletter type thing. It's not like I type them up out of my mind, I acctually save them! Amazing. so my e-mail addresses are: -or- One or the other, I don't really care but one might be down so I'd use the other so I'll save your e-mail addresses and e-mail you from the other. I also have messenger for both so just IM me if you wanna chat or something.

If she agrees, after I delete my account (because I have no use for it whatsoever!) I will probably leave this message with December's Morose who absolutely loves my story. I will tell her all I know about posting and she will probably be the first one to know about my new chapters. I just joined over the summer after about a year appart from Quizilla so it could, I guess, fill a void within me, the need for other people's writing. Whatever you want to call it. I absolutely love this website. And I don't care about my grammer because I know I'm good and I also know that I live in Kansas and go to one of the best schools in Kansas and that I will get the proper grammer education.

Just know this: I love all the people that give me ideas, not because they message me, but because they write. I don't steal any works, I change them so it's not plagiarism. (oh poo, that makes me sound so bad) I never steal things from other writers. They also inspire me to write because they all have their own unique way of writing and they never give up. Even if someone flames them. I'll never give up. I would just be choosing not to be apart of it and also choosing to find my own way around it.

So I give you this notice in hopes that it inspires you and that it tells you what might be going on without your knowledge. I urge you to read the rules carefully and I thank everyone who's read and supports my stories. Like I said, nobody's perfect and everyone makes mistakes. But, even if you're not a Chirstian, I believe that no matter how many mistakes you make, God still love you. No matter how severe the mistake, (yes I'm referring to the mistakes that you really don't want people to know about) He will always love you and welcome you with open arms. And this may sound really cheezy, but I love cheese, it makes everything better!

Wishing all of you good luck

The aspiring writer and teacher,

Erin (a.k.a. firecat911)

and her evil counter part that totally agrees with everything she just said even though I'm evil

Korey (a.k.a. Answer # 2) or the one she was looking for a name for

and the extremely evil alter ego she shares with her BFF Amber,

Sephiroth and yes we know he's a Final Fantasy character, he looks different in our minds though. We just like the name.

and, oh dear, Natalie who is the one that keeps me relativaly sane...of course Eric does too, but he also makes me insane sometimes...

Who really read all of that?

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Starts out when Cam and Danny are going on a vactaion trip. But what will happen when they start school? Could there be trouble? Read and find out! D x OC S x T
Danny Phantom - Rated: T - English - Romance - Chapters: 2 - Words: 4,175 - Reviews: 1 - Favs: 6 - Follows: 4 - Updated: 5/14/2007 - Published: 2/10/2007
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There's a new girl in town and she's really ruffled the gangs feathers. Sam's jealous and the boys are smitten. what will happen with the towns only protector distracted? DxOC Complete Disclaimer: I don't own DP
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Alex and Eric move to Domino after their house burns down. now she has to deal with her parent's death and just can't grasp the fact that their dead. Can Seto help her get her life back together? SK x OC
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