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Hey everyone! I am DerringerMeryl87, and I am a freshman at Auburn University!! I love to read and write, so let me know what you think of my stories and be sure to suggest stuff for me to read too! Different things trigger my urge to write, so alot of my stories have titles that don't necessarily fit the story or its theme. I've written stories based on single words or phrases, and I've written stories where, when I was listening to the radio, the song playing reminded me of a good story. I love PMs so if you want to randomly PM me, that'd be great!

Lately I've been writing lots of one-shots. I find these easier to keep the character IN character and that's important to me. (Hence, I never write AU. at least, I haven't to date...) It's also alot easier to make sure that I don't have plot elements conflicting with something that happened earlier! At some point I plan to get back to my longer works, because they are more challenging to me. And that's important to me. I write to get better, so all suggestions are appreciated. If anyone has a request for a particular ship or situation, I'd be open to trying something new. Just let me know!

I love reviews on everything. Praise and constructive criticism are ALWAYS welcome. HOWEVER, do not leave me a review telling me that my ship is stupid. Just dont be THAT guy!

I Love:
Dane Cook
books (fictional)
my sister's iphone (i have a razr so that i'm not constantly worried about dropping it!)
Peach Ne-Hi
My dog Honey (she's a mutt)
My sister's Boxer Kokomo Jo (he's an idiot!)
My daddy
My bff Kyle
College football
My Jetta!
the letter k
most vegetables (excluding okra, cauliflower, and english peas)
My zune
my mom
arkansas (the state and football team)
auburn (the town, college, and football team)
cool words (e.g. ephemeral)
hey jude
europe (i loved it there)
constructive criticism
Micheal Phelps

I Hate:
When people don't use their blinker
Bathroom stall doors that swing inward
High school football
waking up before 7:30 (that's almost too early, but i handle it ok)
Verizon wireless
Dwight K. Schrute
Gas Prices!
when people think they're better than others
when people think they're not as good as others
english peas
the "i kissed a girl" song!
burger king
guessing when i don't know the answer
riding with my mom (she can't drive.)
when people cuss to be cool
hateful criticism

Jim and Pam
Dwight and Angela
Michael and Jan
Zuko and Katara (Zutara forever!!)
Aang and Toph
Sokka and Suki
I was rooting for Jet and Smellerbee, but i think Jet died
Goliath and Elisa
Broadway and Angela
A secrety love thing between Brooklyn and Demona would be cool
Maggie and Derek!!
Meryl and Vash
Milly and Wolfwood
Miaka and Tamahome/Taka
Yuu and Miki
Meiko and Nachan (they are why i read marmalade boy! i cry every time he leaves)
Hitomi and Van (i saw it the whole time)
Allen and Milerna
Allen and whats-her-name Milerna's sister
Amano and Yukari (that might not be her name, its been awhile)
kenshin and Kaoru
kenshin and Tomoe (samurai X only bcuz in the series hes got kaoru!)
Bella and Edward
Alice and Jasper (they rock)
Emmet and Rosalie (he's funny and i like her name)
Carlisle and Esme (when did esme become a popular name? for that matter...)
Klaus and Fiona (i dont remember how you spell her name)
Violet and that Quagmire i think it was Quigley
Kit and Olaf (i almost liked Olaf for a minute)
Fang and Max!!
and one time i read a fanfic with Nudge and Izzy 'twas a cool idea
Derek and Casey (Dasey forever!)

Alright i shouldn't have gone on like that, but once i got started... anyway! yeah! love 'em. ummm send me a message if you want! i love new friends!

Prince Caspian (movie and book version)
Edward Cullen
Jasper Cullen
Robin Hood
Ron Weasley
Sam Witwicky
Shane Gray (yes, from camp rock)
The Dread Pirate Roberts/Westley
The Beast (from the Disney version)
Bruce Wayne (just about any version but I'm partial to Christian Bale)
Lucas Scott
Vash from Trigun
Goliath from Gargoyles
Nachan from Marmalade Boy
Zuko from Avatar
Michael Moscovitz from the Princess Diaries (especially the books)


From the Journal of a Drama Loving Assistant
This one is really not good right now. I was just trying a new plan, writing from that perspective, but i failed. no big. it was an experiment, so failing is ok. I might rewrite this, regular prose style, because i really like my fanfic idea, just not the way i wrote it.

This was a one-shot and i like it just where it is. I might write more Zutara fics one day, but i don't think i'll add to this or pretend that it happened. I was just in a VERY zutara mood that day. like every love song on the radio was about zuko and katara's secret love (in my mind, that is) so i just wrote a story!!

La Tua Cantante
This is probably my favorite fic of mine. Since the twilight series is not finished, i'm not going to write too much on them. But if i can think of another one-shot, scene into the average day for Bella and Edward, i might write another one or something.

April Fool's Day
Another Bella and Edward one-shot. It's moved up to be one of my favorites. Bella plays a prank on Charlie and Edward.

Due to popular demand: Charlie and Edward get Bella back.

Random Question
This is a Bella and Edward one-shot. It's fairly pointless, but I still wanted to write it. It's dedicated to a couple friends of mine.

Going Back
This is my fanfic for what happens years after Labyrinth. For everyone out there who is waiting for me to update... i promise i will. But i need to rewatch the movie and regain my obsession and inspiration. It's not so much as writer's block as it is writer's flood. When i was so inspired to write more on this story, so many other things popped in my head and demanded to be written, but i didn't have time to write anything so... i WILL update tho!

I'll Meet You There
This is mainly what i'm working on now. I get excited just thinking about where i'm going to go with all this... Yay!! The title is... idk. i was just listening to a simple plan cd bcuz i found mine from years ago, and #6 is one of my favs. Then i was writing this song and somehow, it sank up in my head. i may never connect the two in the story, but yeah. This one is narcissaXsnape. it occurs not very long before Harry was born. Which means about 2 years before Voldy's downfall, i think. I'm going to try to stay away from canon happenings and such, but the more i think about it, the more it ties in with somethings. I hope i don't screw anything up. Wish me luck!! This is on hold right now, and to be honest, I don't know if I will ever get back to it. I still really like the idea I have planned, but with Ashes and Ice Shards to worry about, and knowing I still have to finish Going Back, it could be years before I get to it! If there are any people out there who are just wanting me to get on this, requests make me write more. Just saying...

Ashes and Ice Shards
This story is my heart. Zutara just gets me like that! This story takes place about 5 years after the end of Season 3. This is all kinds of new for me. There's an OC villain that I will have to work really hard on to get him right. I've never used a main OC like this, even though I plan to in Going Back. (one day...) It's also not alot of fluff, if anyone was wondering. I wouldn't describe it as angsty or anything, but it's not like Katara breaks up with Aang and Zuko passes her in some random hallway and is all "I will dry your tears! I've always loved you!" Happily ever after. Not that there's anything wrong with fluff. I read them all the time! So wish me luck on this story because I will need it!

McDonald MidMay Day
This is my first ever Life with Derek fic. I've recently decided that my favorite part of college is that I'm never in class when it comes on! LoL. (The sad this is, I'm perfectly serious) This was originally uploaded as a one shot, so the title does not fit anything past the first chapter. I'll try to fix this when I think of a good one! Anyway, this is a Dasey story, of course. Nothing epic. It will only be 4-5 chapter total! It all starts when Casey buys some new clothes... that Derek thinks she looks beautiful in!

Endings and Beginnins
This is just a Twilight one-shot for New Year's. It has 2 Chapters, but I still think of it as a oneshot.

Love Like Winter
I'm not gonna lie, I will probably never finish this one. I got a little deep into a story that went with the song. Then lost the idea I was writing from. I already don't like to write stories affecting the end of a series that hasn't finished yet (and Twilight hadn't at the time). Now not only am I completely devoid of the semi-plot that was in my head, the story is finished and it went nothing like mine, so... yeah idk. I'll probably remember to change the status to complete one day!

I'm actually pretty happy with this little piece. It's depressing, though. The depression Bella felt in New Moon really got to me, and I wrote this to see how I could do at that same depression. I think I did better than I thought I would!


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From the Journal of a Drama Loving Assistant
what an awful namemakerupper i am! i just decided to do this. the story of the gargoyles and the clan after the goliath chronicles as told by Owen as he observes all their lives through both magical and physical means
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