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sakuraanime2: Hi! Sakuraanime2 here but you can call me Sakura for short. I like cherryblossoms so that's why I put the name Sakura in my pen name. The rest is just random. Anyways I love writing fanfiction and stories! Now here's my partner in cri...I mean partner in writing. -glomps Yami-

Yami: -sighs- Not again. gets out of Sakura's grip

Sakura: How mean! Anyways...I'm obviously a female. I will never tell you my real name!MUHAHAHAHAHAck -coughs-

Yami: Heres some water. -gives glass of water to the coughing Sakura- I told you to drink water before you do the evil laughter.

Sakura: -takes water and drinks it down fast- I feel better. Now where was I?Oh yeah. MUHAHAHAHA!Now I'm done.

Yami:0.o -steps away from wacko- OK

Sakura: Hey! Come back! -drags Yami back beside her- Now back to introducing myself. I love anime! My fav anime are: Yugioh, Inuyasha, Blood, Rorouni Kenshin, Full Metal Alchemist, Bleach, Ouran High School Host Club, Yu Yu Hakusho and much more but i don't wanna type them all down.

Yami: That's because you're too lazy to type them down.


Yami: -rolls eyes- Right.

Sakura: Meanie. -keeps going on with intro-...I like rock music or any song that sounds good. I like japanese songs too. If you keep going'll see a full profile.

Name: still not telling

Age: not telling

Height:not telling but i'm short T-T


Hobbies: Writing, drawing, listening to music, and watching anime.

Fav Food: I really don't know. Theres so many.

Most hated food: Still I don't know. Olives I think. I know the last time I ate an olive I almost threw up. Pickles too. I don't like pickles.

My fav anime couples: SetoXYami or YamiXSeto, YamiXYugi, IzayaxShizzy, I like many couples so...I'm done here.

My fav Quote: Live to die, die to live, death is always near. (it's true)

For all my readers, if you want to see a pic of Yuki (the Yuki picture doesn't exactly look like the Yuki in Always Loving You but it's close, it's just the eyes) go here:

If you want to talk to me on IM then here's my e-mail:

If you want fanfic updates, I usually tweet about them or blog so you can go on either follow me on or (I tweet more than blog btw). You can also talk to me on twitter, I like talking to people and making new friends ^-^.

Well I hope you enjoy my fanfiction(s). Please review or Yami will kill you. (jokes, he'll just send you to the Shadow Realm)

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