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NA has been updated with three full length chapters, in one whole day! I wanted to make up for the time I haven't updated it, so I hope you all enjoy it. I'll try to update it as much as I can.


A New Ally: Hoshi Ni Negai O:

Hiro Aoyama returns to life after being 'killed' a year ago by Sephiroth during the Geostigma accident. When he awakes, he finds that nothing is the same anymore, especially Yuffie, and runs away from Avalance. He meets old friends, enemies, and new friends during his time away from Avalance. During the time he is alive, however, things start to happen. The world is thrown into chaos when a new enemy appears after a Rebellion against the WRO's new president.

Hiro Aoyama must now face things he has never faced before. He must learn his true past, future, and destiny to defeat this new foe who he is somehow connected with. He also must join forces with Avalance, the WRO, the Rebellion, and also the people who were revived to help him battle this new force.

Will he win the battle, or will he lose?


A New Ally: Disc 1. 2. 3

Hiro Aoyama, a mysterious boy joins AVALANCHE in hopes of helping them defeat Sephiroth. Hiro also falls for none other then the kleptomaniac ninja, Yuffie Kisaragi, who wants nothing to do with him. Hiro also has a interesting past, and also has a very interesting relationship with Sephiroth. Along in their journey, they meet Arxen, who also joins the group on their adventure, ending up Hiro's best friend.

As their hunt for Sephiroth continues, alot of things are revealed about Hiro, and are questioned. Who exactly is Hiro Aoyama? Why did he decide to help Cloud and the gang in the first place? What is his relationship with the One Winged Angel?

Will he get Yuffie to love him in return?

(Disc 1 has been completely rewritten, while Disc 2 and Disc 3 still need to be rewritten.)

A New Ally: Advent Children

Two years after Sephiroth was defeated and Meteor has been stopped, Hiro Aoyama lives alone. His old relationship with his friends still remain, but his relationship with Yuffie is still the same, but he has been drifting away, confused about what he should do. When news of three silver haired men and the spreading of Geostigma arrive from Rufus, Hiro knows what he must do. Defeat the Remnants, try to find away to stop Geostigma, along with Cloud and the others, but there has been changes since their fights two years ago.

Hiro must help his old friends again, and save the world again from danger.

Can he? Or will he die trying?

(Going to be rewritten.)

A New Ally: Hiro's Past

A prequel to the New Ally series. Tells of the time from where Hiro was a baby to up to when he joins Cloud. Hiro Aoyama lived a strange, but normal life to him until he was seven. A terrible murder happens infront of Hiro, resulting him in running away. He is found by Zek Arofk, a young warrior from Axens, a small town. He, his master Xen, his childhood friend Rachel, and her little sister Larsina, welcome him as family. He lives a good life, and joins up in a adult tournament, resulting him to encounter someone important to him, Tiamatt, at the tournment.

Tells of some of the things left out in the New Ally series.

(Going to be rewritten.)


The New Ally Series-Orignal Characters List:

Hiro: The main hero of my stories. He is kind, loving, and cares deeply about his friends. He would put them infront of himself. When he was born, Void, The God of Demons, was put inside of him. He was raised in the Shinra building, and there he met Tiamatt, who became a big sister to him. Later on though, she left when he was seven, and things started to become a cold reality. He ran away from Shinra, and met Zek. He lived with Zek, Xen, Larsina, and Rachel for most of his life, until he was sixteen. Zek died of wounds from Sephiroth, while Xen, Larsina, and Rachel died in a raid. The truth behind the raid is unknown. Later, he met Avalance, and helped them fight Sephiroth. He fought Sephiroth a second time during the events with the Geostigma, but failed and "died".

Hiro is revealed to be a Seraph from Ziran's line, but not much known is about his true place in the Seraph world. He is apparently the last of his line.. His duty now is to fight Void, the God of Demons and his minions, in the battle for the world. He harbors hatred towards Void because of what Void has done to him.

It is also revealed that Angel Nagareboshi chose Hiro to be it's true owner.

His romantic interest is Yuffie Kisaragi.

Zek( Ze k)Hiro's old friend, who found him in the woods all by himself. He is a mature, smart man, but does not appear to be one. He was raised in a small village by Xen, who considers him a son. Zek's parents wereabouts are unknown. His romantic interest is Rachel. He appears in the Final NA, to help Hiro with the battle against Void. He says he got married to Rachel in the Lifestream, and it was revealed that Rachel is pregnant with his child.

Arxen: Arxen is Hiro's best friend, who he met when he was 17. Arxen is smart, and has a sense of justice. He loves pie, and he never backs down from a fight. But he is also known for being hotheaded. He becomes different after Hiro's death. Becoming cold and rude to anyone he talks to. But when Hiro comes back, he returns to his oldself. When Hiro reappears, he felt betrayed knowing that Arxen kept a secret from him. He and Hiro are now best friends again, and he has created his own version of Divine, which the name is unknown.(Owned by xXzexionXx)

Tiamatt (Ti-mat)A woman who takes care of Hiro like a little brother, Tiamatt is viewed as cruel and cold-hearted. She even threatned to kill Hiro during the 10th annual Midgar Tournment. But Hiro sees right through her. She also was a expierment alongside Hiro, but she was much older. She turns out to be a new branch of the Jenova Project, holding alot of Jenova cells, allowing her to transform. She reappears in the Final NA to help Hiro in the Rebellion. She may still love Sephiroth, but his death caused her to go in depression, and the only family she has now is Hiro. (Owned by Fishie)

Aya: Aya is a mysterious girl who appeared out of the staff Spirtius, the staff Lorrile, Hiro's mother, use to use. She is revealed to be born in the same timeline as Hiro, but her father was from the past. She is a Maiden, which means she is one of the most powerful magic users in the world, only bested by Cetra's. She is kind, sweet, and is very shy infront of Hiro. Her romantic interest is Hiro, but he is to obilivous to her feelings. She is very close to Tiamatt, and actually claims that Tiamatt is like a mother to her.

Kadai: A hot headed Remnant that appears in the final NA. She has a bad temper, but is willing to help her friends and brother anytime she is needed. She is the sister of Kadaj, who explains to Hiro why she never appeared at first. Her best friend is Ara, who she considers a sister. Her romantic interest is Yazoo. (Owned by Audra Kaiba)

Ara: A girl who apparently has Geostigma, who became friends with Hiro when he returned. She is kind, yet like Kadai, has a temper. She is willing to help someone when they are injured. Like Kadai, she never appeared during the fight with Kadaj. Her romantic interest is Kadaj. (Owned by Audra Kaiba)

Xen (Zen)The old man that has raised Zek and taught Hiro. He is a perverted old man, but actually has skills in fighting that most people don't believe exist. He is known for his Heaven's Slash attack, which he teaches Hiro. He reappears in the final NA to help Hiro against Void.

Rachel: A talented young woman whom met Hiro when he was seven. She is kind, sweet, and gentle, but has a violent side to perverts. She thinks of Tiamatt as a friend, and treats her with respect. Her romantic interest is Zek. She returns in the final NA. It is also revealed that she is pregnant with Zek's child.

Larsina: Rachel's younger sister. She has some of the same personality traits as Rachel, but looks up to Tiamatt. She clamied as a child she wanted to be like Tiamatt when she was older. She thinks of Hiro as a big brother, and treats him as such. She returns in the Final NA, and apparently has a crush on both Hiro and Arxen. She is 18 in the Final NA, and her appearence has changed during the years she has been in the Lifestream.

Razen (Ra-zen)Hiro's deceased father. He is known by the world as 'The Legendary Swordsman' His past is unknown. It is belived that he is somehow related to a battle along time ago. Creator of Angel's Cry and Keeper of a secret move only known to him, Kaza, Lorrile, and the Seraphs.

Lorrile (Lori-l) Hiro's deceased mother, she was rasied by a blacksmith and a tailor. She became a expert at crafting, and met Razen as a child. She fell in love with him during his time at Shinra. Creator of Twilight

Kaza: The old friend of Lorrile and Razen. He is the Rebellion leader who hates Katzuna, and wishes to kill him himself. He was asked to be the uncle of Hiro during the final moment he and Razen shared. He is the creator of the move Earth's Roar.

Dr.Dexel (Joseph): The man who took care of Hiro when he was at Shinra. He was a kind, caring, and intellgent old man, who also helped Tiamatt when she was at Shinra. Hiro always thought Dr.Dexel was like a grandfather, and Dr.Dexel thought of Hiro as a grandson. Dr.Dexel also cared about Tiamatt, and thought of her as a granddaughter as well. He helped Hiro various times in the Final NA, and actually stood up for him when he was fighting Dazo. He was killed by Dazo, activating Vandr's final tail form.

Galn: A mysterious man who appeared with Razen the first time they met Hiro. He is kind, serious, and is very loyal to Hiro and Ziran. Not much is revealed about him, besides he was a warrior that helped Ziran, and he is Aya's father. It is also revealed that Dazo was lying to him about their family. Their family was fake, and Galn's real parents were killed by the fake family, and were given to Void.

Lila: Aya's mother who appeared when Hiro was in the final tower. She is kind and outgoing, unlike Galn. She was actually from Hiro's timeline, but was transported back in time by a mysterious demon, where she met Galn, and fell in love with him. She then became pregnant with his child, but was teleported back to her time. She had Aya in her own timeline, but once again, was teleported back in time by a demon.

Sana (San-na)The wife and lover of Ziran. She is able to enchant any item she comes into contact with.

Ziran (Zir-ran)The original Seraph who defeated Void millions of years ago. Currently, and possibly for eternity, he is locked in a seal with his lover somewhere. He claims that he did not have his power, but he lied to Hiro and the others. He has yet to explain his past to Hiro.

Luza: The First Tower Watcher. She is a demon woman, who attracts men easily. She is a nacrisist, she sees herself as a Goddess of Beauty. Her real demon form is ugly, though she still holds on to her beilefs of her being beautiful. Her weakness is, strangely, men, pointed out by Hiro. She met her end when Hiro used his new move on her, and the First Tower has been destroyed. It is implied that she lusted for Zan. She served under Vex.

Yox (I-ox)The Second Tower Watcher. He is a demon man who has human skin that repels light. He is rude, brash, and is a bit crazy. The skin was tore off by Hiro, who was full of rage. His real demon form is also grotesque, but unlike Luza, he never did praise his beauty. His weakness is light, pointed out by Hiro when he was easily beating him. He met his end when Hiro used Divine, and the Second Tower has been destroyed. He served under Aex.

Tax: The Third Tower Watcher. He is a show-off, and he loves to fight. He had incredible defense with his human skin and demon skin. Hiro defeated him, but of course, the demon form wasn't his true form. His true form was a spider-like creature. His weakness is strong hits, pointed out by Hiro. He was killed by Tiamatt's and Hiro's joined attack, called Heaven's Flame, and the Third Tower has been destroyed. He served under Aslo.

Aux (Ox) The Fourth and Final Tower Watcher. His human skin seemed to be a persona. With his human skin, he is calm and emotionless. A insult would not affect him. Without the skin, he is a crazed killer, wanting blood and nothing more. His true form is a green demon, and he is good with hand-to-hand combat. His weakness is fire, which is pointed out by both Hiro and Tiamatt. He was killed by Hiro when he stabbed him and the Final Tower has been destroyed. He served under Zan.

Vandr: A mysterious demon-beast which was placed inside of Hiro by Void, but it was unknown when or where. Hiro has activated all three tail forms It is revealed that Vandr is actually the pet of Void. Hiro stopped Vandr of controlling him. No one knows what actually happened to Vandr.

Dazo (Da-zo) A mysterious follower of Void who claims to be Galn's brother. He, without guilt, killed everyone in his family besides Galn. The truth was that Galn and Dazo were never actually related, and Dazo killed their fake family from bloodlust. His true parents were killed by the fake family, and were sacrificed to Void. He was actually the one who started the raid at Hiro's hometown, Axens. His true form is actually a giant snake, where he tried to kill Hiro. He was killed by the combined efforts of Hiro, Tiamatt, Arxen, Cloud, and Sephiroth.

Aex (A x)The youngest, and most twisted of the Demoic Five. He is Void's possible favorite. He lusts for Aya, and apparently he and the other Demoic Five know about Aya's past. Not much is mentioned of Aex's past at this point in time. He, like Hiro, has a partial form. But it is Demoic. He was a subject of a ritual, and his powers have increased. Not much is known about the ritual and why he went through with it. His "romantic" intrest is Aya.

Zan: The second oldest of the Demoic Five. He was a personal servant to Void originally. His true powers have yet to be revealed.

Aslo (As-low) One of the Demoic Five. He was a Demon Warrior originally, and then became a follower of Void, by helping him learn new skills. His true powers have yet to be revealed.

Vex: One of the Demoic Five. He is the most cunning and brilliant of the Demoic Five, though Zan can easily out smart him in certain situations. He was approved of being one of the Demoic Five by giving Void slaves. His true powers have yet to be revealed.

Void: The God of Demons. He is the Leader and Founder of the Demoic Five. A long time ago, he fought a Seraph name Ziran, who defeated him, leaving Void's body disabled. He was found by a group of scientists, and Hojo managed to persuade them to let him have the body. He was orignally inside of Hiro, both his soul and his blood. Though, Hiro doesn't know it, Void is still within him by blood. Void true appearance is in the Final NA as the primary enemy. The true plan will not be mentioned here.

"No day but today."


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