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Hey my name is!


I currently and FINALLY own some Naruto plushies. SCORE!

My FAVE pairing for Naruto is


And I also don't mind...




ALSO in the real Naruto manga i freakn hate Sasuke and wish he was never in Naruto's life to begin with. Poor Naruto I want to hug him and kill Sasuke myself so he won't have to go through that and can hate me instead of himself. yeah i'm a dedicated fan of Naruto. HOWEVER i do like my Sasuke, the one i made!! yeah sometimes he says stuff that i question if it is too cute or if he is showing too much feelings but i like him none the less. YAY my Sasuke and boo to original Sasuke


OKAY! This is my NEWLY updated profile. al-RIGHT! Let's see...i shall start byyyyyyyyyyyy, GROVELING.

I feel terrible that i haven't updated my story in a whole entire year(well 2 years...who's keeping track). I'm so heartless. Frankly, the reason why i have YET to update Camp Romances is because a lot of things happened and got into the way of me continuing onward. My computer crashed and the next chapter, you know the one you're ALL waiting for, got lost. Well if that wasn't the worst luck in the entire history of the world, it would most likely have to be that my computer crashed TWICE! Sadly once again getting rid of my next chapter. Don't hate me, obviously i can't control what happens. If you must hate me, let it be that i still haven't put it in yet. I was so busy with other things and had a writers block bigger than the moon. So i wrote my next story, The Elemental Four ! Just to let out some creativity in me and to get my juices flowing again. Now i always keep a little book on me to write down my ideas in so i can prepare better for CAMP ROMANCES. I will finish it. i repeat...

...CAMP ROMANCES WILL NOT END. I can't just start baking a cake and leave it in the oven with no hopes of coming back to get it while it just sits there getting...buuurned. NEVER. It shall be completed. IT WILL BE DONE!! But if it sucks then i really hope none you, my readers, hate me.


I'll be turning CAMP ROMANCES into a BOOK, like all of you have suggested. WHY NOT? Not now though, too busy. But it will be edited, spell checked(hahahaa you know me), and the names of people and places will be changed. When all of that happens I'LL TELL YOU. But for now, it's just something i know to be happening.

I LOVE YOU ALL!! And will update again. BUT i actually have rewritten i think the first two chapters..? i don't recall; i did that for like EVER ago. But they are for sure. i don't know if i did like the third one.

Thank you all for the great and AMAZING reviews. and the threats. thank you for those too. LOVE YOU NO MATTER HOW MANY TIMES YOU ALL THREATEN TO KILL AND BURN EVERYTHING I KNOW AND LOVE, you guys are the GREATEST!

im also kinda interested in like writing a quick one shot ya know? it could be therapeutic for me. i could feel somewhat accomplished and i may do that OR A BUNCH OF PRINCESS DRABBLES. like from fairy tails and tails made up i could do that!!

This is MEME

Profile POST 1/16/10

Camp Romances: Answering Questions and giving Explanations for why things are the way they are

About HINATA. Originally she was made by Kishimoto to be a pacifist, not confrontational and totally shy around everyone. Well, in my story, she was! Then she met Tenten who changed her over the course of camp. Everyone seems to be fine with the changes(more like enhances) on the Hinata in my story, Camp Romances. I see her a lot like I've seen myself. Shy, but when growing up changing to not be a doormat while still being kind to others. And she is kind and polite to others when first met. Being and heir and meeting adults at functions run by her dad all the time she would have to know when to be polite. So she isn't SHY, just really polite, kind, and quiet.(around her friends this can be a WHOLE different story. Not a total 180 but close enough) When it comes to sports I get CRAZY competitive, so, since i felt Hinata and I are the same, I gave her that too. So when she plays basketball she can loose her Hyuuga calm. ALSO, keep in mind how this is not the ninja world. So I couldn't think that her father HATED her, just strongly disappointed in his heir being weak. BUT after camp she does begin a bubbly personality and more interest in being herself(a girl who loves her friends and does like to shop) and also the person she will soon be (heiress to a huge fortune and a company to boot)

About WHY HER DAD LETS HIS DAUGHTERS HAVE WHATEVER THEY WANT ALONG WITH ANYTHING THEIR FRIENDS WANT. Here's the back story to this. When they were younger Hinata didn't realize what being rich meant. Hanabi understood right away what it meant(I DON'T' WANT TO REVEAL TOO MUCH AS TO NOT RUIN THE FUTURE CHAPTERS) But giving Hinata things like, a boutique for a closet, a shoe closet in her closet, and two pairs of every shoe INCLUDING CUSTOM PAIRS is because he knows that in the future what a difficult job it is being head of a major company so he doesn't want Hinata to have a part time job and wants her to have a good time while she's young. ya while she can! Also he doesnt allow her to have her friends over till she's 16 for this reason. At first he did not want her to have friends who were using her for her wealth over in his house(MANSION) BUT she is allowed to have friends. When She gets older, Hiashi realizes that Ino, Sakura, and tenten who is a friend he has never met, are her true friends and finds that they are not using Hinata. So he allows them to come over for a short visit. HANABI, is a different story. She was allowed to have friends from the very beginning. ONE occasion she had a slumber party of her peers over. ALL GIRLS. Neji mentions this to his friends. He had visited his family while Hanabi was having this party and they truth-or-dared a girl to go kiss Neji.

The only reason this slumber party was allowed was because it was supposed to be at another girls house but they had to move it to someone else's house or cancel. Hinata knew it was important to Hinabi so she convinced her father to allow it. She knew it would help Hinabi to have friends since it was hard for her to make them right away. Hinata saw this as a way to level to playing field with all the little popular brats in Hinabi's grade. But this was the only time a group slumber party ever happened. THE OTHER reason Hinabi can have friends over is because they are the Hokage's honorable grandson and the Hokage's respected advisors' grandchildren. Mogi and Ugon and Konohamaru. he knows they are not using her because of their families. This is why this is allowed. Hinata has never complained. She never really thought of it.

and that's the back story

Bout WHY SASUKE ISN'T A TOTAL ASSHOLE! His family was NOT killed and are still alive YAY so there's no way i could make him a jerk right? RIGHT SASUKE FANS?? HOWEVER-ness, he no longer looks at his brother with little brother admiration. Itachi, to Sasuke, is the main focal point of his father's attention. This too is like the manga, but since nobody dies you could say it turns into a jealousy...not that Sasuke would admit he is jealous of Itachi. NEVER, he's too good for that. He does want to surpass his brother in his old accomplishments. Why? To show Itachi and his father that he is better then Itachi, just to prove something to himself, to show that he is better than the shadow of his brother that looms over him forever. HE'S not even sure why. But you can't mention Itachi's name around Sasuke without his eyebrows furrowing that's for sure. TRUST ME there is still love for Itachi, he wouldn't want to kill him or anything.

Why SHIKAMARU AND INO ARE TOGETHER. Because i say so. HAHA, no but really i know ShikaIno haters have the same feelings. AND they are these (cause i get reviews and emails saying this) i quote, "Just because they are on the same team doesn't mean that they should be a couple" end quote. WELL, as i recall in the manga/anime this is what happened. Ino wanted to be on Sasuke's team. She tells Shikamaru around the lines of NOT wanting to be on his team or she'd kill herself. and wouldn't you know it? she IS on his team! YUP, Kishimoto you...oooh! LOL. i loved it even though i saw THAT one coming. I believe opposites attract and thought it would be SO funny for it to happen that way. HEY even in the manga if that happened that would be HILARIOUS cause...well refer to what Ino told SHikamaru about them being on the same team. now i KNOW Shika wants to have a regular girl and regular life, HE DID HAVE THAT WHOLE DREAM ABOUT IT...but sorry Shika. i love you SO much that i'm giving you more then you wanted. You're welcome. YOU'RE WELCOME!! He doesn't complain, i mean he saw her in her underwear. You're welcome.

Why I WANT NEJI AND TENTEN TOGETHER! Cause opposites attract. She's fun and more outgoing while he is HYUUGA STRICT. HURR! They are on the same team, sure sure, but that just makes it EVEN better cause she already knows what he likes and doesn't like. ya know? like a head start before all those other girls. IN MUH STORY...they knew each other and she is attractive so he never overlooked that, but he respects her completely. A girl who can hold her own against any girl AND guy, and she is smart...but we'll get to that later. Neji, being a Hyuuga does want the best for himself, and Tenten is on the money on that one. Tenten sees Neji as her crush as nothing more. She does not want to ever be in a relationship with him so that is why in my story they will never be together. I'm totally kidding. If you're a Neji Tenten fan I hope I didn't scare you just then HAHAHA. I just love them a lot and I know (SO FAR) in my story like they kiss for a second but they both feel the same about each other. Respect. So they don't want to push the other. And Neji, i mean we say HInata is shy, but he is in his own way shy too. And not even that, I explain to make it clear. If he asked her out and she said no that would hurt his Hyuuga pride a-LOOOOT, ya know? we can all agree? So i make him QUITE dense in this, Tenten is just UBER doubtful that he likes her so she likes to brush off her friends comments about him likeing her. SHE DOES THIS WITH A BLUSH THO!

Why NARUTO IS AN ORPHAN. I can't say that much with letting out the whole thing. i'll say this. he was in an orphanage but NOT treated right. so of course he left and lived outside alone.(SAD) The Hokage tries to help him and he even tries to find his parents. But that is all i can share at the moment.

WHY THEY HAD ALL OF THOSE TIES TO CHOOSE FROM FOR THE DANCE: This is why they guys have nice clothes to dance in and why they have a variety of ties. You may recall chapter 28 where Naruto yells to Shikamaru, "WHY DON'T YOU HAVE ANY COOL TIES?" meaning he had more then one with him. the answer is this. YEAH they are at a sports camp, but when playing sports you always dress nice when you have a game or are going to a visitors court. SO, in conclusion, while at a sports camp they also have to learn how to look appropriate. now i'm not saying there's a whole class lesson on dressing like a snappy dresser 101 or anything. i just mean every coach in the camp explains this to all campers on how the real world of sports is. no matter what sport on the day of the game you wear a nice outfit with a tie. so ,NOT THAT IT IS MENTIONED, but when they have games sometimes their coach will tell them to dress nice. Not always, but so they get the feel of what it's like at actual games. I'm sure a lot of the campers are already used to these regulations if they're in highschool. then they do probably dress up and are used to it. but that is the mystery to why there are ties, and why Shikamaru has variety.

WHY THERE WERE SO MANY DISHES IN THE SINK: Let's be honest...guys are mostly a mess. But here is my real reasoning for it ...anywho...Sasuke and Neji don't do dishes. Someone always was there to do it for them, like maids. So they only had to eat and then have someone take it away, or they would put it in the sink.

Shikamaru is it's obvious why he wouldnt bother to do the dishes, and i think he would go so far to say that he doesnt even use that many dishes. And NARUTO would be the one you would think that would have to do his own dishes because he lives alone and has to do them himself. BUT he doesnt have any dishes. only paper plates and instant ramen so he wouldnt be able to do dishes. well he might have to real silverware but that would be it.


As i work on my 30th chapter of Camp Romances, i send in a revised and longer version of Chapter 4. spelling errors are probably still there ya know? but i like this version better because when i first wrote it was a young cute and 16. so hopefully i've improved from then. *nervous laugh* oh golly i do hope so...

*NEW* Profile Post: 10/23/10

so after a 3 year hiatus from Camp Romances i finally got in the 30th chapter. WOOT! i really wanted to bring in other characters into focus there, so you do see loads o' Shino. Hopefully the next chapter will be in by the end of October or beginning of November. I promise. Well...if you know me then you know i usually say things and then it doesnt happen. i suck. i'm sorry.

SO SOOOORRRRRYYYY!! AAH! some people yell at me in private messages. i deserve it all WAAH! i'm SORRY!!

I'd like to say that the art i find on Photobucket is so amazing, and pictures i see usually give me ideas and really inspire me. I admire the people that can create the Naruto characters so well, and would DIE DIE DIE if someone drew ones for me. *heavy sigh* i'm trying to get my younger sister to. She drew a picture of Hinata for me and it...was...great!!! damn her, she got the good drawer gene. How unfair. till then...i hope that my story(s) could give others ideas just like drawings have for me. :)

(Rock Lee's hair)http:///albums/u276/xxkillingthetimexxox/LeesHair.jpg

(Ino's dress)http:///albums/u276/xxkillingthetimexxox/inosdress.jpg

(Hinata's dress)http:///albums/u276/xxkillingthetimexxox/Hinatasdress.jpg

(Tenten's dress)http:///albums/u276/xxkillingthetimexxox/tentensdress-1.jpg

fun quote!!

“All I heard was blah blah blah, Fate, blah blah blah Fate, blah blah blah Sasuke and something something more fate. But whatever, what I really want to know is how you make you’re hair blow with no wind.”

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