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Hey y'all! I've decided to change up my profile a bit and give some basic information about myself.

Name: Kuroetai (gotta love my internet nickname)

Age: It's quite rude to ask a lady her age... : p

Gender: (As if it weren't obvious from the above statement...) Female

Location: Somewhere on Earth.

Favorite Games: TES III: Morrowind (and Tribunal and Bloodmoon), TES IV: Oblivion (despite the story-like rant that is my parody, I love the game), Halo, Halo 2 (yes, I'm a girl who likes Halo, no problem with that, is there?), Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic, Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords (though the first was much better as far as I'm concerned), and, um, I think that's all. Course I like plenty of others, but those are the main ones.

Favorite Books: Vampirates, Ranger's Apprentice, anything Tamora Pierce, anything Erin Hunter, Chronicles of Ancient Darkness, Holes, and Number the Stars, all in no particular order.

Favorite Movies: Pirates of the Caribbean (both of 'em. Yay pirates), the Star Wars movies, Brothers Grimm, Gladiator, Hoodwinked, Lion King (never too old for Disney movies!), Gremlins and Gremlins 2: The New Batch, and Nightmare Before Christmas. Once again in no particular order.

Favorite Music: I don't really have a favorite. I'll listen to pretty much anything but country and rap. And I prefer to avoid anything that screams curse words every five lines. Other than that, I listen to a really wide variety of stuff. Most recently been listening to a lot of Rammstein and E Nomine. Probably because of my German class. Yay German music.

...Yeah, I guess that's all.

One quick note regarding any writing I post here on fanfiction.net: I welcome any and all tips that you may have to offer; I'm always looking to improve my writing. So be generous in your comments if you have the time to review, I welcome any feedback you can offer. And that is all you'll see regarding reviews coming from me; I'm too lazy to keep writing requests, and I seriously doubt anyone really enjoys seeing one request after another to review.

Current Story:

Jumping Flaming Hoops: My own literary adaptation of Oblivion, just add in sarcasm and frequent rants. I had originally planned it to be a one-shot, but after the reactions I got from my friends, I will be continuing it through the entire main quest and perhaps through some of the side quests and/or guilds. Any suggestions are welcome; I'd love to have more ideas for this since I'm having so much fun writing it.

And that's it. Pretty sad, actually, but I hope to get up more stories in the future. I have some ideas, but I'll likely be too busy with my current story to write any others, at least for a while.


Chapter four is in progress, but it's taking longer than I intended because my muse kind of just died on me. It's taking a long time for it to return, but I'm working when I can, and since it's Christmas break now and I'm just staying home with my family this year, I should have plenty of time to work on it. Provided that my muse is cooperative, then chapter four should be up by the end of the break. No promises, but that's what I'm shooting for. I could probably post it sooner, but it definately wouldn't be good enough for me to be happy with it. I'd rather it take longer for me to get it done, but it be worth the wait, than for me to rush and get it posted soon but it be completely horrible. So that's what's going on, just so my faithful readers (if I have any, lol) know.

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