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Author has written 8 stories for Supernatural, and Vampire Knight.

Update: 5/15/2014 - Oh, shoot. My last update was freakin' a year ago on this site. Flubber heads. Oh well. I am sorry guys. I am definitely trying to get back in the habit of writing more consistently. I've have a rough year this year with writing. Just finding my voice again has proven more difficult than I thought. But, a new chapter of UR is out and I'm partially done with the next. I am going to try and do better writing on my blog, as well. Gotta do that. Gotta do that indeed. :)

Update: 4/30/2013 - Here I am! Man, what a year. I see my last update was in 2012, so yes, I apparently have been off the radar for a little bit. I did update at least a one-shot in that time. But, my good news today is that I am just moments (probably a month or two) away from uploading the first chapter of the sequel to Unholy Matrimony. The new story is called Unholy Rebirth and it's been a fun ride so far. I have about 3-4 chapters fully written and the entire story has been thought out. I wanted to make a sequel as good as the first, so I didn't rush it and am going at a pace I'm comfortable with.

You can follow me on my blog to get updates and even previews, or even works I may not publish but want to share a chapter or two. It's (http://)penguita38.blogspot. (com/) - remove the parentheses and the extra space from the .com and you'll have the website. :) I'll work on getting updates there in the next couple of weeks. Yay! An update and a title reveal for the sequel! Hopefully you're as excited as I am. :D


Update, 6/28/12 - I am so sorry I've been absent from the site for so long, but life got in the way and I've had to put writing aside for a little while. I had a baby, am in school, work, blah, blah, blah. I started writing again recently and I came out here to take a gander at the site after such a long absence. To my dismay, I saw the information on the stories that had been deleted across the site (but I think it's died down now). Thank you to the wonderful few that gave me a heads up either in review or via PM. If my stories were to ever come to an unfortunate end by a mod, I want you to know that they are backed up on another website that allows such ratings. Blackened Wing kindly informed me about the site ages ago and I have used it to back up all of my works, for cases such as this. So, if you ever get the itch to reread my works and you find them deleted from here, please visit this site and enjoy.

(http:) // (Penguita38) --Remove the parentheses and extra space from the front (http:) and at the end around my pen name (Penguita38). And if for some reason it doesn't work, just Google my pen name, Penguita38, in relations to the site Archive of Our Own (A03).

Much love to everyone and thank you for the continued support.


If you're visiting my profile, I am sure you might want to learn something about me that you didn't know from my writing. Well, I can tell you that I'm allergic to bees, so please do not send me any as a gift (unless it is intended to be deadly). O_o I love, love music. I am definitely a writer that is inspired by music, and I have an eclectic taste. I cannot write in silence, so my iTunes library and iPod are my lifelines when I'm immersed in Word. Another fun fact about me is that I'm lactose-intolerant, so please do not send me any milk-based products either. Oh, and my name real name is Lo, so you can call me that if you'd like.

I write fanfiction because it is a wonderful, creative outlet. Writing is a passion that I've carried around for a long time, and delving inside a fanfic is the perfect tool to get my busy fingers going when I'm stuck on my other projects.

I've liked anime/manga since I was about eleven years-old and that hasn't changed. Currently my favorite is Vampire Knight. I became a huge Zero and Kaname fan (who isn't?) after reading the manga, and because that most likely would never happen in the actual manga, I (like others) decided to take a chance at creating a realm where they could be together. If that isn't your thing, then I would either direct you away from my page or to my Supernatural stories (though they are really, really old). :) I don't foresee myself dropping the Kaname/Zero stories anytime soon.

Thanks for visiting!

Updates of my current Vampire Knight works here:

Unholy Rebirth - title announced. More to come soon. Sequel to Unholy Matrimony. It will resume a year after the last story ended.

Unholy Matrimony - is a quirky story about an overseas mission that turns into nightmare for Kaname and Zero when they both wake up with matching rings, and their trials as they try to come to terms with the unexpected event. The story can be humorous at times, but then it can also be quite angst-filled. It is rated "M" - and for a good reason, so please keep that in mind if you decide to click on the link below. This story is complete.

Status: Complete. Last updated: 2/11/2011, Chapter Twelve: Holy Matrimony.

Desire's Catalyst - is another kinky story about Yuuki's desire to entrance her two favorite vampires by buying a love potion. What she failed to do was read the side effects, and sadly isn't the one left fulfilled from the potions charms. Kaname/Zero. A birthday gift written for KanameZero4Eva. Happy birthday!

Status: Complete.

Replay - is a kinky smut-filled PWP about Zero and Kaname and a movie room that turns into an ecstacy-filled haven for the pair as they share an unforgettable "movie" moment. This story is rated "M" for a very, very good reason. Zero/Kaname.

Status: Complete.

Dark in My Imagination - is a darker tale from Kaname's view of his manipulation and hold over Zero and how it came into fruition. It's a one-shot with mature themes and a more sadistic Kaname than I've written. Kaname/Zero

Status: Complete

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