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Name: Nutcase

Age: 20

Gender: Male

Likes: Video games, music, comic books, things of mythical origin, pizza, and pasta.

Dislikes: All things evil, people who spam the internet.

Favorite video game(s): Mario series, Sonic series, Donkey Kong, Pokemon, Legend of Zelda, Banjo-Kazooie,

Favorite TV shows: Mystery Science Theater 3000, Pokemon, Super Mario Bros. Super Show, The Simpsons, Loonatics Unleashed, Xiaolin Showdown, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (both the old and new shows), Sonic X.

Personal Background: I'm a college student planning on getting a degree in Graphic Design. I'm currently single, but I wish it was otherwise. I'm a witty sort, and can be quite sarcastic at times. I'm generally a nice guy all around and easy to get along with.

Fan characters:

Name: Clayton Mario (prefers to be called Clay)

Age: 19

Likes: Video games, music, computers, pasta, pizza, taunting bad guys, golf, tennis, baseball, go-kart racing, soccer, parties, and dancing.

Dislikes: Bad guys, world domination, sensless destruction, people who dare take food from him.

Apperance: Typical teenager build. Like his older brothers Mario and Luigi, he wears denim blue overalls with shiny yellow buttons. He wears a light blue cap with a matching shirt. His hat, like his brothers has a white patch on the front with the letter "C", also colored light blue embroided on it. Wears the typical brown plumber's issue boots. Wears the same cartoony gloves. Hairstyle is similar to Mario and Luigi's. Usually has a calm expresion on his face. Unlike his brothers, he has a small nose similar to that of most anime characters as opposed to Mario and Luigi's big noses symbolic of Italian men. Another difference is that Clay has no mustache, even though when his brothers were his age they had their now famous cookie dusters in their now current state.

Personality: Clay is usually a calm and caring person, but once the glare of competition sets he's like a completely different person. He's the current champion at the Mario Kart Grand Prix with his sigature car the Blue Blazer. He's also the captain of his own soccer team and always teams up with three koopas named Kooper, Koover, and Koops. their team's goalie is a reformed Kremling named Krunch who was exiled from his homeland for working with one his people's arch enemiy's several years before. Clay's also the winner of two Toadstool Tour golf tournaments, the star pitcher of his brother's baseball team, and the winner of the Gimick Masters tennis tournament for the last two years as well. Tends to act like a big kid. The reason being is that since people always want to stay young, his motto became "You only live once, so try to keep your inner child all your life." To further this point, his bedroom looks like that of a ten year old with posters cut out of magazines, toys on shelves, video games on the floor near his TV, and comic books on the floor. Even has plush dolls of Loony Toons characters as well as plush doll versions of him and his friends.

But his true passion aside from video games and traveling with his brothers and his many friends is golf. Like Mario and Luigi, Clay is a plumber, and is very good with tools. He's been known to build use his plumbing know how to fight bad guys from using his favorite hammer like a sword, or building up a mass of pipes to create a powerful water cannon to blast his opponents away. When on an adventure on his own without his brothers, he tries to think like either Mario or Luigi to get through tough situations. This at times causes him to talk like his brothers too with Mario's catch phrase "Pasta Power" which he yells when he gets supercharged with power, and making refrences to Italian food on occasion like Luigi does when suprised, scared, ect, such as "Great Garlic", or "Frustrating Fetachini". Also occasionally speaks fluent Italian when ticked off. Tends to be very short tempered at times.

He's also quick witted, wise, intelligent, and sarcastic at times too which leads to how easily people can get along with him so well. He's even adapted his sarcasm and wit so well, he can turn bad guys against each other if he gets on a roll with his trash talk. One of his favorite tricks is to put on a Tanooki Suit and say to bad guys with the IQ of a rock, "Hey, I heard that when people under the age of twenty years turn to stone, the Apocolypse will start. I happen to be 19, so I hope that-" then he uses the powers of the Tanooki Suit to turn into a statue and laughs at the idiot bad guys for falling for his trick. It's a good tactic to pull when outnumbered, and he is in no mood for a fight. He may be sassy, but that doesn't mean he has no fighting skill. He uses his jumping prowess to confuse foes as he dodges attacks easily, and sometimes enemies knock each other out trying to attack Clay. He winds up having way too much fun while fighting, and acts almost like a lunatic which really annoys bad guys if not slightly unnerving them. He's got a mean right hook powerful enough to knock someone's teeth out with little effort. His choice of weapons are various plumbers tools such as a plunger, wrench, and a drain snake. His most devestating weapon though is his hammer. He'll even use food as a weapon if he finds an oppritunity.

His love of music is one of his most well known qualities. In fact, whenever he sees a musical insturment, he's compelled to play as if he's a puppet and the insturment is the puppet master. His favorite three songs are three well known pieces from the Mushroom Kingdom entitled Here We Go, Boo Boogie, and the Hammer Dance. In Miguel's world, the songs are known simply as SMB Overworld, SMB2 USA Overworld, and SMB3 Overworld.

He's bold and very confident in the abilities of himself and his friends, but at times he's very cautious since he's been through his fair share of typical hero's trouble from falling for underhanded tricks to cleverly disguised traps. Clay is a bit clumsy at times, as he's accidentally injured himself numerous times over the years from stubbing his toes on furnature to walking into doors that just open up as he's passing by. Plus being a plumber doesn't come without it's fair share of problems either. One time a pipe hit him on the head, and he began thinking he was a chicken.

Fears: Clay doesn't really have any fears, but he doesn't like ghosts, zombies, or just about any other supernatural entity since he's had some close calls with evil spirits over the years. But, some good friends of his happen to be ghosts, so he's not as afraid of them as much as his brother Luigi.

Friends: Clay has a lot of friends that he's made during past adventures, and other outings. A lot of them simply used to be huge fans of him and his brothers who simply became friends and allies when bad guys reared their ugly heads. His closest friends are a goomba named Goombario, a koopa troopa named Kooper, and an adorable dinosaur named Yoshi. Other close friends include Princess Peach, Princess Daisy, a bear that wears yellow shorts and a blue backpack named Banjo, and a sassy red bird who lives in Banjo's backpack named Kazooie.

Personal Background: Clay was born one year after his older brothers saved the Mushroom Kingdom for the first time many years ago. His brothers while although born in the Mushroom Kingdom were raised in an alternate universe in Brooklyn, New York. After growing up and taking over the family business, Mario and Luigi's parents secretly moved back to the Mushroom Kingdom.

After Mario and Luigi came back home in 1985, their parents announced they were expecting another child after meeting back up with their sons. When Clay was old enough, Mario and Luigi agreed to take care of their new little brother for their parents from then on. At times, Mario and Luigi asked Princess Peach to take care of Clay during the early years of his life, which she didn't mind. Clay's experiance in adventure began very early when he and his brothers and Peach went to Dinosaur Land (SMW) on vacation after Mario and Luigi saved the Mushroom World from Bowser Koopa and his seven deranged children (SMB3) when Bowser struck again and kidnapped Peach again. This was when the "Brothers M" (as they are called by the hipper crowd) met Yoshi, who wasn't that much older than Clay was, but already was at his adult size since he is a dinosaur (and they are known to grow up pretty quick).

Clay's biggest claim to fame was when he participated in the 3rd anual Mario Kart Grand Prix in 1996 winning the silver cup trophy from that year. Since then, Clay practiced his driving skills to become better. He got his chance to prove his skills when a close friend of his, Diddy Kog asked him to help with a problem he and some friends of his on a neighboring island were having against an evil space sorceror named Wizpig (Diddy Kong Racing). This was when Clay first met Banjo and his future soccer team goalie Krunch along with many other kind peace loving animals. After defeating Wizpig, Krunch's boss, King K. Rool heard he was working with an enemy and exhiled him from Crocodile Island. With no where else to turn, Mario, Luigi, and Clay decided to let Krunch live with them rent free as a show of frendship. Krunch was so grateful that he practically became part of the family from that point onward. This was the main reason Krunch decided to be the goalie for Clay's soccer team as a means to repay the kindness of the Mario brothers, even though he was to proud to admit it.

When Bowser stole the Star Rod from Star Haven (PMN64), Clay made a lot of new friends including a Goomba with a blue baseball cap named Goombario and a blue-shelled Koopa Troopa with red wristbands and matching bandana named Kooper. These two became such close friends that you often can't see one of them without the other two. Other friends they met in that adventure were a pink Bob-Omb named Bombette, a Paratroopa mailman wearing a pilot's helmet and goggles named Parakarry, a green Boo wearing red and yellow bows on the sides of her head named Bow, a Lil' Sparky with a lightbulb nose named Watt, a purple Cheep Cheep named Sushi, and a Lakitu with a green mohawk and sunglasses named Lakilester (we all call him by his nickname Spike since he doesn't like his real name that much).

The wildest adventure he ever had was a few weeks after the Star Rod was returned to Star Haven. An evil alien robot monster named Smithy and his army invaded the Mushroom World (also called Earth, occasionally). His sword factory fortress, Exor slammed into bowser's castle and caused an earthquake so massive it blew almost everyone inside it clean out of the castle. This included, Bowser, Peach (whom he kidnapped again), Bowser's children, and the Mario brothers. At first the Mario brothers didn't think much of it until things started getting wierd around the Mushroom Kingdom and many other locations around the world. Reports of shooting stars and the dissaperance of Star Haven to name two such events. then crazy biomechanical monsters begin terrorizing the world.

With the help of a wise old frog in Tadpole Pond, the Mario brothers and a new friend named Mallow find out that Star Haven was destroyed by Exor when it fell from the sky, and that the Star Spirits vanished mysteriously. It also shattered the Star Rod, the magic wand capable of granting wishes, into seven pieces and without them their world would have fallen into despair. Eventually they teamed up with many of their old friends, along with a child's toy magically brought to life named Geno, who have heard about the problems the kingdom faced and wanted to help out. Even Bowser, the evil Koopa King and his kids joined to get revenge on Smithy. Peach suprisingly also lent a hand since she wanted to defend her Kingdom, and she was beginning to get tired of being pushed around by psycopaths like Smithy. She was almost like a demon because of how angry she got at bad guys during battle. She attacked with everything imaginable from a golf club, a tennis racket, an umbrella, a paper fan, and even a frying pan! She also could use powerful White Magic to heal anyone who got injured or knocked unconsious during battle, as well as curing curses and other bad spells. Together, they all destroyed Smithy and restored the Star Rod and Star Haven like the way it was before Smithy showed up.

At the end of that year, a strange incident occured in a haunted mansion that forced Clay and Luigi to stand up to their greatest fear: Ghosts. Mario was kidnapped after the brothers were tricked into believing that they won a mansion in a contest they didn't enter. They met an old paranormal researcher named Elvin Gadd who told them his story of his love of catching ghosts. After a long discussion, the three realized they had to team up to not only save Mario, but to keep the ghosts inside the mansion from causing trouble all over the world! The evil mastermind behind this was one of Bowser's most feared generals, King Boo. After dealing with the poltergiest problem Ghostbusters style, Clay and Luigi saved Mario from his most unusual of prisons: A painting. The money they found in the mansion was used to build a new mansion which the brothers left in the care of E. Gadd, and some of the nicer ghosts they met during the one night long adventure.

Some time after that, things were quiet and Mario and Peach decided to take a vacation along with Luigi, Clay, Yoshi, and several of the princess's servents. They went to a place called Isle Delfino where another adventure was just beggining. Bowser's 8th child, Bowser Jr. disguised himself as the Mario brothers to try and throw them in jail by spreading graffiti all over the island with a magic paintbrush. Luckelly, they eventually cleared their good names when Bowser Jr. revealed himself at a local theme park. And a while after that, the brothers beat the evil Koopa family again and saved Peach, and the island.

Relationship Status: Currently single. Despite Clay's temper and over-use of sarcasm, he does have his own unique charm. The fact that he's a hero plumber like his brothers combined with his youth make him a target for many girls intent on getting a date with him. He, of course can't stand such fake feelings and is looking for someone that likes him for himself, not his hero's reputation. Clay feels that he may have found that particular person when he was on his search for the Crystal Stars to open the legendary 1,000 year door. She was an innocent lady named Vivian who was constantly mistreated by her sisters. When she first met Clay, they were enemies since she was being forced into fighting Clay and some of his newest friends for the Crystal Stars. A while after that, an unusual incident occured that turned Clay into a living shadow, which he found to be an advantage when he ran into Vivian again. After she told him her troubles, he felt very sorry for her and decided to lend her a hand with her current problem.

After that, she decided to help Clay with his odd case of identity theft, and soon found out he was her enemy. She had mixed feelings about this scenario at first, but seeing as how she promised to help Clay after helping her, she couldn't go back on her word. Together, along with their friends they saved the Mushroom Kingdom's princess, Peach Toadstool as well as figured out the identity of the legendary treasure that once lay behind the 1,000 year door, which happened to be an aincient demon who once tried to rule the world one thousand years before. She took control of the body of Princess Peach, which really hurt Clay in every way possible as the kind princess was like a mother to him. He and the friends with him fought valiantly to set things right and won the epic battle. Those events occured two years ago, and both Vivian and Clay still think about one another. Luckelly for Vivian, her sisters gave up on world domination, because they figured if they tried again they'd suffer an even worse defeat in the hands of either Clay or the combined might of all three Mario brothers. After her sisters Beldam and Marylinn apologized for the mistreatment, Vivian decided to move back with them seeing as how importent family is, no matter who they are.

The two hope to someday meet again so they can get their feelings out in the open. To help him remember the fun times he had on this adventure, he purchased a copy of the novel based upon the epic journey. He also bought the movie that was made a year later after the book was made, and even purchased the hit video game that took the planet by storm. Clay always carries the book with him to remind him of his adventure with his team. There are times that people often ask him what the adventure was like, but he tells them they can get a better idea by reading the book, playing the game, or watching the movie and often lends either one to curious people wanting to know the whole story.

Special Abilities and Attacks: When they went to the Beanbean Kingdom in a past adventure, the Mario brothers found a series of three temples where they learned spectacular elemental abilities. Mario gained fire powers, and was now able to throw fire without the use of a Fire Flower. Luigi gained control of electricity allowing him to unleash the fury of a thunderstorm in the palm of his hand. Clay gained powers over ice for simply immobilizing enemies rather than a full on attack. But he could really bring on the pain with his powers if he wanted to.

Clay's Hammer- Clay's hammer is similar to either Mario or Luigi's in shape, but Clay added a spiffy paint job to the tool to make it look cooler when in battle.The head of the hammer is red with a blue flame pattern on it. The head also has the same "C" emblem as his hat dose on both sides of the head. One end of the head of the hammer has a fist painted on that makes it look like a gloved hand is coming right at your face to frighten the target somewhat just before being whacked with it. Clay uses it like Amy Rose uses her hammer (big suprise).

Super Jump Punch- This move is the signature jump attack of the mario brothers. When performed, it's basically a strong uppercut puch launched while jumping. The attack hits the foe where it really hurts: Their wallet

Ice Punch- Works similarly to the ice-type pokemon attack of the same name. Clay can also do this when doing the Super Jump Punch to freeze an enemy in the air. The blast of cold air that hits the target causes quite a bit of pain to the enemy target. After all, getting frozen that quickly is bound to hurt.

Drain Snake Spin- Aside from cleaning deep down clogs in pipes, a drain snake can be used as a grappeling hook to swing across gaps (he got the idea from his brother Mario who in turn got it from the Indiana Jones movies). This move when used in battle involves Clay striking the target horizontally with the drain snake so it wraps around them. With one good tug on the line, the target then becomes a weapon as he/she is sent colliding into multiple targets like the Tasmanian Devil.

Ice Wave- Clay crates an icy mist that is launched at the target(s) which causes he/she to slow down dramatically so it will be easier to hit. Great against speedy foes, or incredibly strong enemies with very powerful and fast attacks.

Hammer Throw- Clay doesn't use this move often as it involves throwing his main weapon at his enemy. He usually throws it by leaning back, and swinging his arm forward while forcing his wieght forward to add more power to the attack. When thrown, the hammer spins in the air at high speed, making the impact very damaging. Clay can of course throw the hammer high into the air to strike airborne enemies, but the hit is less powerful than his standard attack. However, it knocks flying enemies to a lower elevation allowing Clay to strike them easier. When his strength is increased by a Starman, the hammer spins so fast that it looks like one of Sonic the Hedgehog's spin attacks thus making the attack so powerful, most enemies drop with one hit.

Hammer Punch- Clay's favorite attack. This is a move commonly seen with cartoon hammers. Hidden at the bottom of the handle of Clay's hammer is a button that is the same color as the handle to ensure the enemy does't see it. When pressed, the front end with the fist painted on opens up, and a boxing glove shoots out and hits the enemy dead in the face. Usually this results in an instant KO due to how suprising the attack is.

Spin Kick- Due to his great jumping ability, Clay obviously has a strong pair of legs (and can run pretty fast by human standards as a result). Clay does a quick spin that at first appears to be a dance move, then Clay swings his leg up and kicks the enemy in the face.

Breakdance Sweep- This is another kick move that involves breakdancing. While Clay spins low to the ground, he can defend as well as attack at the same time. The kick unleashed here trips the opponent allowing Clay to perform a follow up attack.

Super Stomp- This move is used in one of two ways. Clay either jumps up into the air and lands on an enemy's head, knocking them to the ground, or plays the old "Look over there!" trick and slams his foot down hard on his opponent's foot. If he's realy mad at an enemy, he wears soccer cleets to unlesh this move.

Clay's Go-Kart, the Blue Blazer is a light blue colored car with his "C" emblem on the hood, sides and, hubcaps of the car. It's a midweight class car with high top speed, moderate acceleration and is light for a midweight class car. It's overall appearance is like a small convertable big enough for four people. The pull over hood is made of metal rather than the fabric commonly used on convertables in case Clay happens to be in a high speed chase with an enemy and needs to have protection from overhead attacks for some reason. Rear window opens up so passangers in the rear can unleash an assault on those tailing behind the car in case this situation arises. Clay always keeps a store of items in the glove compartment in case a situation like this pops up.

The nice ghosts I mentioned were:

Melody Pianisma- She was a very polite ghost who loves music just as much as Clay. Clay sometimes visits the new mansion just to play a few songs with Melody. Plus she likes video games as much as Clay does. If she were alive, she'd be a perfect girlfriend for Clay.

Shivers- He's the butler after all, and someone needs to look after the place when the brothers aren't visiting.

Slim Bankshot- Luigi's quite the Pool Shark, and he figured that since Slim never got the chance to play anyone when alive that he would enjoy playing against him.

Orvill and Henry- These two may have been a bit rude towards Clay and Luigi when they met, but they're basically nice boys. Since Clay and Krunch play video games almost daily, they allways look for new opponents. Orvill and Henry along with Melody enjoy playing against one another in that regard.

Madame Clairvoia- She said she'd be happy to be back in her painting after giving her last reading to Luigi and Clay, but they decided to let her be free again in case they need spiritual help of any kind when the Toad Town fortune teller, Merlon is unavailable.

Biff Atlas- Clay and Luigi got off on the wrong foot with him at first, but they warmed up to him during their occasional workout sessions with him as well as sparring matches.

The Floating Whirlindas (can't remember if they were given names or not)- These two ghosts in life were local waltz champions, and they posed no kind of danger to Clay and Luigi so they let these two free to dance to their hearts content. Clay and Melody often play their songs for the ghost couple so they can dance.

I know the actuall story was that Mario found the 1,000 year door, but since this is a fanfic let's say my fan character did this adventure instead of Mario.

Creator's Note: I barrowed a few ideas from other authors while working on this character. Anyone who recognizes any of these details, please don't be mad at me. I might be a creative sort, but even those who truly are creative need to draw inspiration from other sources. In any case, I apologize for any plaigerism.

Name: Waclay Wario

Age: 19

Apperance: Has a mustache of similar styl to Waluigi's, but instead of having the mustace being pointy when it points upwards, it curves. His hat and shirt is brown, and his hat has a letter "C" pasted on backwards on the hat like Wario's W and the upside down "L" on Waluigi's hat. The C is black in color. He has the same Dr. Eggman-like nose as Wario and Waluigi, and has the same shifty eyes. His build is the same as Mario's, so he's slightly heavier than Clay himself. His gloves have the backwards "C" on it, like his brothers. He has purple elf-style shoes like Wario and Waluigi's. Overalls are green.

Personality: Being the darker version of Clay, like Wario is to Mario and Waluigi to Luigi, he's a bit rude, crude, and mischievieous. He never misses a beat to annoy Clay and the others like Wario and Waluigi do. He's also a great sports star, but Clay is the only opponent he can never beat. He's also greedy like his brothers, so one can't expect much out of him. But, he does have a slight amount of integrity. He'd never do anything to harm Clay as he finds Clay to be the one true friend he has, even though he'd never admit it. If he has to, he will help Clay fight a tough opponent to ensure he has a chance to show Clay up someday.

Personal Background: He's known Clay since Pre-School so they had plenty of time to get into fights. Usually Clay turns Waclay's tricks against him like how Bugs Bunny tricks his foes. Waclay's athletic abilities are apparent, but Clay is supperior by a few notches.

Attacks and Abilities: Being a Wario brother, he's got rocks for brains, but can be a tricky sort. Wario's battle plan relies on cunning and strength, Waluigi's plan is taunting and pulling all sorts of tricks, while Waclay is a well balanced combination of the two strategies.

CHARGE: A simple ramming attack like Wario's Dash Punch.

Piledriver: One of Wario's Wario World moves returns as one of Waclay's attacks! Bad guys wont know what hit 'em!

Whirly-Swing-Ding: Another Wario World move makes a comback. Waclay spins with an enemy in hand to attack other enemies and to beat up his captive further.

Other stuff

Fan Art:

The above link will take you to my deviantART account where you can see picture's based upon my fanfics, or whatever else pops up from my loony mind.

My Theme Song:

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