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Yo! This is Tsurugi-Sama!

Name: ...

Age: 18

Profession: Store Clerk, Snowboard Instructor, College student and Fanfiction Writer

Sex: sure. Oh! Oh, you mean gender! Male

Hair Color: Black

Eye color: Dark brown

Social Class: Nerd, not a geek. THERE IS A DIFFERENCE!! (Though I prefer Otaku)

The image was not done by me. I found it on photobucket by Crst121092


Next chapter of TPWW is up.

Movie update: The Dark Knight RULES!! The joker's performance was no joke. See it! See it! Also, the new star wars movie looks like it's filled with monkeys.


The Paths We Walk: Chapter 15; An ancient power that makes the Kyubi quake in fear begins to awaken within Naruto, and leads Naruto to fulfill ancient legends in a story thousands of years in the making! NaruXOC Drama, dark, berserk Naruto, what's not to like? NaruOC

Project Rebirth: Unit One: Chapter 4; Naruto has had a life filled with lies. The Kyubi, the Yondaime, the Hokages, his purpose, his whole life has been one giant lie…to protect him.

New Reasons To Smile: Chapter 2; With no reason to stay, Naruto leaves Konoha to make his own road, making new friends and foes, and plunging into a dangerous new life: the leader of Isan, the wandering Jinchuriki. NaruXOC GaaXOC

Redemption: Chapter 2; The village betrayed him, bringing the death to the one person truly close to him. Now, bearing his sins, Naruto leaves for new adventures. Such is the life of a mercenary. NaruXOC

Ideas/Future Fics

Blood Brothers: Where Naruto and Sasuke became friends at a young age bound by mutual understanding of pain. NaruXOC SasukXOC Formerly Brothers Of Water

Untitled: No idea what the plot will be, but it'll be about the female Naruto, Naruko. I've been seeing a few of these, and it'd be quite an interesting thing to see Naruto as a girl. It would be SasukeXNaruko (A.K.A. NOT YAOI!!) However, I won't start this until I've finished at least a few of my fics. Honestly, doing more would be suicide by now...unless I recover all my thunder. Update: I'm not so sure about this one anymore...it may be cancelled for my new idea

Untitled: A side-project I've recently thought up. More of a parody/comedy. Not my specialty, but i thought of it and i just had to plan this out. I may start this soon, but only as a side to my other fics. It will be a trilogy, once again based on Naruto, but with a plot similar to something else, and a lot of crossovers. Why? Well you'll find out. Coming...when I feel like it.


Favorite Food: Ramen, hands down

Favorite Band: ...so hard to choose...right now split between Sum 41, Yellowcard and Rise against, but Hoobastank, Goo Goo Dolls (Iris kicks ass!), Fall Out Boy+44, Three Days Grace, Linkin Park, Simple Plan, Cauterize, AFI, My Chemical Romance, Weezer, Zebrahead, and SR-71 all have good songs too!

Favorite Song: The Price of Freedom from Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII. Ode to Joy and Iris follow closely behind.

Favorite Games: Legend of Zelda, Ocarina of time and Twilight Princess, Bioshock, Final Fantasy (All, i like them all), Halo series, God of War 1 & 2, Prince of Persia series, Black, Super Smash Brothers Series, Soul Calibur Series, Tales of Symphonia, Call of Duty series, Medal of Honor Series, World in Conflict, Metroid Prime series, and just about every other violent video game known to man...and some only known to Martians...

Favorite Anime/Manga: Naruto, Airgear (manga only), Dragonball Z (except for constant filler scenes), Blood, Trinity Blood, Fullmetal Alchemist, Neon Genesis Evangelion, Furi Kuri, Bleach, Akira, Princess Mononoke, Howl's Moving Castle, Spirited Away (and all other Miyazaki-sama's work), Samurai Champloo, Outlaw Star

Favorite TV shows/movies: Lord of the Rings, Simpsons, South Park, Malcolm in the Middle, Shoot 'em Up, Mind of Mencia, Friday Night Stand-up, Futurama, Family Guy, Star Wars, Enter the Matrix (NOT THE SEQUALS!!), The Colbert Report, The Daily Show, Blades of Glory, Rush Hour, Billy Madison, Happy Gilmore, Harold and Kumar go to White Castle, 300

Favorite Books: Brave New World, 1984, The Iliad & Odyssey, The Hobbit, The Lord of the Rings, Slaughterhouse 5, The Catcher in the Rye, The Island of Dr. Moreau, Hamlet, Macbeth, The Mysterious Stranger

Hobbies: Video Games (I suffer from withdrawel if away from video/computer games for over a week), T.V. and anime, Manga, Writing Fanfiction, Sleeping, Listening to music, and silently ranting about whatever goes wrong.

Dislikes and Hates

Worst Food: Demonic Black Pepper

Worst Music Gerne: Rap (Linkin Park is the exception)

Worst Song: ...Too many too choose just one, and who really wants to listen to crappy songs to find the worst? But some of the worst that I've had the misfortune to have heard include In Between (Linkin Park), My Humps (Black Eyed Peas), and William Shatner's cover of Lucy in the Sky with Daimonds, AND ALL RAP!!

Worst Games: Lord of the Rings: The Third Age (sucks later on), Godzilla (gameboy), ETv(Oh god, why?!), Superman 64, Spawn: the Eternal, and once again, too many to list, so I'll just end it here.

Worst Anime: Super Milk Chan, Shin-Chan, Sailor Moon, Tokyo Mew-Mew, Ronin Warriors (and any others that fall into the category of having cheezy anime scenes with special moves that finishes off an opponent, and have a really bad story line that makes it impossible for kids over seven to enjoy). The list could go on and on...

Worst TV Shows/Movies: Dragon Wars (you all know why), Matrix 2 and 3, Epic Movie, Star Treck (want proof?), and all chick flicks!!

Worst Books:...no idea. All the books I read I only read because I've heard good things about. I never read crappy books unless i've got to 4 school, and then, i thank god 4 cliffnotes :)

Other: Spammers, Idiots, morons with no common sense (which isn't so common anymore), Spoilers, and overly religious fanatics raving about how we're gonna lose our soul.

I'll make this very clear: I'm not anti-yaoi, but I am by no means a Yaoi fan. No, I'm neutral. I don't wish to read it, nor will I call it a product of Satan. I say let writers write whatever they want.

How to Write Good Fanfiction

Maybe I'm not qualified to do this, but whatever.

1.If you want reviews, an original title is important, like Nyce456's The Golden Fox. The title is the first impression of the fic, and vital to drawing eyes. However, this isn't everything. Keep the title true to the story's main theme, so as to not mislead anyone. For example: don't call a long adventure story 'Uchiha Sasuke's lovemaking tips.' It's misleading, and it pisses everyone off! (especially the heartbroken fangirls)

2. Don't overdo the summary. Keep it true to your story, and never use abbreviations, except for pairings. Make sure pairings are clearly listed, as many read stories simply for the pairings. This is also a first impression to your story, and keep it true to your story. Make sure that some good search terms matching your story are in there as well to make it easier for people looking for a story like yours, like by writing oneshot or yaoi to help alert people to the content. However, don't write NO YAOI, as the word yaoi is still filtered out in searches. Instead, you can use words such as NaruSasu friendship. Make sure all search information, such as gerne, is correct and that you're comfortable with everything.

3. Decide what you're going to write. Often, adventure stories require some planning to go into it, but comedies are often on the spot humor. Plot is important in long stories, so make sure you have somewhat of an idea where you're story is going, otherwise you may encounter various plotholes and have to make some major revisions. Just have a general idea of how you want to write the chapter, know what important scenes will take place, and go with it.

4. Decide what type of writing style you'll use, and write a few paragraphs to see how you naturally write. Don't speak in l33t speech. l>iz 1z l\l0+ l)@ p1a(3!! Keep to proper language and grammer. We've been given a language, and if you can't even spend the extra millisecond to type 'you' instead of 'u', I personally wouldn't waste my time on yours, since that shows how much effort you're putting into it. Use page breaks to separate scenes. Make sure to read it through to check for grammer and plot errors, or you may end up regretting it. Having a beta reader is optional, but they often pick up on things you miss. However, the wait time could be something. Make sure to have your beta reader only send you a list of recommendations and not a corrected chapter, because they may have accidentally altered something in such a way that you later find it can't fit with later chapters.

P.S: I R l33t & r0x0rz ur b0x0rz (uz 3y3 r3l> Megatokyo!! Ph33r l\/l@ l337 N3kk1l) 5k1llz!! (Take none of that seriously.)

5. Make sure to answer questions left by reviewers. They were kind enough to read your story and review it, so be kind enough to answer any questions they may have.

6. If you make OC's, DON'T MAKE THEM PERFECT!! I cannot stress this enough! Do not make them godlike! Give them faults! Just like Michiko in my stories can be a complete moron in a fantasy world! It makes it interesting. Otherwise, there's no character development. It's like a world without republicans! It's peaceful, and nothing's ever all that bad, but nothing ever changes! It gets boring and makes me want to eat an all-you-can-eat lead buffet to escape the never-ending suffering! (Besides, without republicans, Hillary Clinton may be elected, and then all gamers shall have to unite under one banner against the common enemy! Wii, PS3 and XBox 360 together at last! Maybe it would be a good thing...nah! Not worth it!)The same goes for any characters. And also, if you do power them up over a short period of time, give a decent reason! And don't give them all their legendary techniques within the first few chapters. It really gets annoying seeing something like this. Make them lose some fights or get hurt. Otherwise, there's no point to the story. It's just a copy of about ten thousand other stories on the net.

7. Space out the writing. Don't do it all in one day. Doing it all at once can burn you out, and destroy your love of fanfiction! And we can't have that, now can we?

8. My most important advice to all authors, pro or novice, is to enjoy the attention and the fun of writing. If it gets boring, take a break or stop altogether. You're not getting paid for this, and you're writing free stories for others, so no one has any right to shout at you to update and threaten you. It's your choice. You're under no obligation other than your own to write. Have fun and enjoy it.

How to find good Fanfiction

1. C2 communities are often the best place to find good fanfiction. This is because instead of searching through thousands of stories for a good one, you can scour through a C2, made by people who have already viewed the fic and deemed it of high enough quality to be placed in their C2. Find a C2 that fits the categories you want and you'll consider it a goldmine. However, finding a decent C2 can be hard, since there's no search engine for it.

2. The search is one of the best tools to find good stories (even if it occasionally crashes), because you have all the search options for all the stories on the net! Use it well, and remember, if you don't like something, you can use the word filter to block out fics with words like Yaoi, or length filter to block out most oneshots.

3. The summary is simple, gives you a clear idea of what the story is about, and is readable. If an author can't even manage this, don't even give them the chance.

4. Read reviews from others. Sometimes, a first chapter may be horribly written, but the later chapters are godlike because the author has had a chance to grow. Reviews sometimes contain spoilers, so be warned. However, they often just include the standard 'UPDATE UPDATE UPDATE!!' reviews.

5. Word of mouth. News of good fics travel fast, and if your favorite author has some fics in his favorites, check them out. If a good author has enjoyed it, it's probably well written, or funny. One of the two.

How to spot bad Fanfiction

1. Check the summary. If it's written in 1337 form (as seen above), in all caps, or just completely illegible, they're just trying to catch your attention. Focus on content, not flashy language. If they need to resort to these techniques to get readers, don't give them the time. Chances are, it's a bad fic and you could spend more time finding better ones to enjoy. The same goes for the story itself. Language is one of the bases of our society. Don't ruin it.

2. Bad reviews. There are plenty of these, so if you're in doubt, see what others think of it. If they're bad, that means that they didn't even care to offer improvements or suggestions, and it's probably not worth reading.

3. Fics that are by a new author don't tend to be of very high quality. I'm not trying to shun those new to writing, but it's true. If you really want a good story, look for veteran authors, but don't forget to encourage new ones! And never judge a fic by its first few chapters. It'll be hard, but later chapters show the current level of the author.

4. You quickly realize the author doesn't accept negative criticism or flames. Negative criticism and even flames offer suggestions for improvement. Don't be afraid to accept them. One who states that they won't accept any are also saying they won't take the advice of others as they continue, so it won't improve.

5. Stories that include characters that become gods in no time at all without good reason. These are everywhere nowadays, sadly. These stories lack serious character development, so keep an eye out for them. (and before anyone tells me I'm doing this in The Paths We Walk, remember how Cloud kicked ass after being catatonic for 5 years?) But, if the stories are based several years in the future, that's fine, as it gave them about six or more years to improve. But ones that do it in under a year...yeah, they get really bad real fast.

Shit you gotta see!

The Best Unedited Fight Sequence Ever!

The Blind Kung-Fu Master One Two and Three

Penspinning is l337. Click here and here to find out.


Wanna know the deep dark secrets of the Lord of the Rings characters? View their Very Secret Diaries now!

Smoking sucks! And here's why!

So sick yet so right! Derrick Comedy is just plain awesome!

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The Paths We Walk reviews
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