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Author has written 13 stories for Phantom of the Opera, Pirates of the Caribbean, Robert Langdon series, Naruto, Death Note, Twilight, and Harry Potter.

Hello, I'm 'The Last Kunoichi'.

I'm a careful writer though it may not show in my earlier works (sighs and looks at the ground, ashamed), and I love watching anime and hanging around with friends

Stuff I'm working on now:

Lux Aeterna: Death Note

I strongly recomend reading people's stories, like: Surprise Sushi's stories, Kaiho Inutaime's, and KittyLo9's.

Here's a bit more about me:

My Favorite Animal: Horse of course!
My Least Favorite Animal: Earwigs, I suppose
My Favorite Color: Blue
My Favorite Thing in the World: Family
My Least Favorite Thing in the World: War
My Favorite Thing to Do: Karate :)
My Least Favorite Thing to Do: Watch sports that don't interest me
My Greatest Achievement: Probably my improvment in math
My Favorite Person: My mother
My Least Favorite Person: Is a secret
My Favorite Time of Day: Early afternoon
My Least Favorite Time of Day: Early morning >_

My Favorite Famous Quote: "When we point at the moon, we do not look out our finger pointing, but the moon itself."
My Favorite Personal Quote: Can't remember
My Favorite Boy Name: Erik
My Favorite Girl Name: Livia
My Favorite Element: Air
My Favorite Environment: Beach
My Favorite Weather: Sunny and warm (but not humid)
My Strongest Subject: English
My Favorite Month: November
My Most Recognizable Trait: My curly hair
My Favorite Memory: Spending time with my Nana
My Least Favorite Memory: Learning that my Nan passed away
My Proudest Memory: Sticking up for myself
The Memory My Friends Talk About: Hard to say. We reminice a lot.
My First Concert: Haven't gone to one yet :(
My Last Concert: See above
My First Word: Mama (real original, eh?)
The Last English Word I Spoke: Spoke (I was reading the question aloud! Lol!)
How Many Best Friends I've Ever Had: 4
My Best Friend Now: No one at the moment
My Role-Model: Bruce Lee
My Hero: See above
My Heroine: My mom
The Person Who Must Hate Me the Most: Really can't say
The Person Who Must Love Me the Most: Both my parents
My Favorite Present: My karate lessons!
How Many Innocent Secrets Do I Have: Dunno
Not So Innocent Secrets: see above
How Many Times Have I Fallen in Love: 4
My Biggest Fear: That my folks get divorced
Something I Probably Should Be Afraid But Am Not: Going up against an experienced black belt in combat
How Many Different Friends Have I Hung Out With in the Past Year: LOTS!
Am I a Slacker: Depends
Am I a Hypocrite: Again, it depends XD
Have I Ever Wished On a Shooting Star: You betcha
How Many of My Dreams Have Come True: Not sure 0_0
Have I Ever Run Over an Animal: Does stepping on a road killed squirrel count? X(
The Most Exotic Thing I've Eaten: Aligator meat (it tasted like hotdog!)
How Many Different Countries Have I been to: 3. England, France, and the USA
Can I Cook: I can cook ramen, and that's it >_

Who Would I Most Likely Walk to the Ends of the Earth For: Anyone in my family
My Loudest Family Member: Me XD I talk, like, non stop
My Quietest Family Member: Probably Lilly. It's hard to say, we're not a very quiet family XD
My Most Eccentric Family Member: Not sure
My Happiest Family Member: We're all happy
My Polar Opposite Family Member: Not quite certain
My Most Annoying Family Member: -shifty eyes-
My Oldest Family Member: I'm scared to be rude and ask anyone's age >_

My Worst Nightmare: War being claimed where I live
My Worst Pet Peeve: Giving up the computer :P
Last Thing I Was Angry At: The Canadian team sucking in the Olympics until they finally won a gold in Woman's wrsetling
Last Movie I Cried In: Phantom of the Opera

If you are an absolute anime freak then copy and paste this onto your profile

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