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I was a jerk when I last updated this!

Ok, so, been four years since I last updated my profile, And I've changed a lot.

Name: Diego Nicolas Andres Nuñez Saez. (Call me Diego or DNA, or hell, even better, use this account's nick)

Age: Currently 21 on july. (Born July the 2nd, 1991)

Nationality: Chilean (Chile is a thin, long country on southamerica. Look it up. Also, we have nothing to do with Chilli)

Mood: Relaxed.

Favorite Food: uhhh.. Still meat.

I'm currently unemployed, but on College, so not too bad! I live with my mother, My sister, and my baby brother (Who is adorable!).

I'm Afraid I'm a Little dissapointed lately! I have 5 authors on alert, of wich: 1 writes regulary, writing 1 story at a time, updating it every 1-2 months (Though the chapters are Hella long, so not complaining), . 1 used to do that, but got writer's block 1 year after I Lost the trail of his stories. Come on BC, you can do it! 1 writes VERY VERY often, but can't finish a story if it killedhim. Has over a hundred and twenty stories and has not finished 10% (That are not one shots) the other 2 have not updated in over 2 years and will be soon replaced. Like in 5 minutes.

And I have 25 stories on alert, 75% of wich have withered and died. Yet I won't delete them, for someday they may be continued!

If you are reading this, you are most likely an author, whom I PM'd or Reviewed. If so, that means I most likely loved your story, and wish you the best. I'd love to write like you all do, But I simply can't, I may lack the skill, I don't know, Haven't tried in years, But I am completely unable to keep a regular schedule.

Right now reading: (By author, not stories) El Stormo (Waiting for your next story d00d), commandocucumber (Love your work, you've really improved since the first chapter of "Modus Operandi"), Cressida Isolde (You've also improved a lot since the first I read of you Kepp up the good work!), NinjaNave (D00d, your chapters are amazing, but take care fo your fingers, the way you write you gonna break them, lol), BlazingChaos (You may have writer's block, I may not be up to speed with your stories, but Hell! You are still on of my favorite authors on this site, KEEP THE GOOD WORK!)

Cheers Everyone!

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