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Author has written 15 stories for Yu Yu Hakusho, Pirates of the Caribbean, Dragon Ball Z, Van Helsing, Hellsing, Sky High, Inuyasha, Alice in Wonderland, 2010, Batman, and Total Drama series.

I'm a witch with a passion for writting! I read fanfics mostly about DBZ, Yu Yu Hakushio, and Labyrinth.

I decided to take my hand at writting a fanfic with my muse Catarina, say hello Catarina (Gets death glare from Catarina) Right! She's just bitter cause no courts will let her have the rights to her life. I own them! Muwhahahahahaha! I also like creating kick butt female chracters, as you can see in my POTC fic.Till we meet again, I remain yours The Witchyest Witch of Erie Knoll

Catarina: Just so your not confused Erie Knoll is from the book series she has and still is writting and hopes to one day get published. Ya, right! (starts laughing)

Harmony: I do kick butt by the way! Read the POTC fic to see!

Disclaimer: I make sure my creations aren't Mary sues, they all have back stories, feelings, flaws, and something else that makes them them and not just another Mary Sue. Also those who try and steal my character will be eaten by my dragon Fuga. You have been warned!

Another side note, two of my stories have been put on hold due to writer's block. But have no fear, they will be completed, just not right now.

Also avalibe for Nook my first book The Love and Lies of Witches by D.M. Rodgers

Story Status:

Yu Yu Hakusho Fics:

The Assassin and the Theif: This one is complete and has a sequeal now. Please read this one before the sequeal.

Can I get a break: Sequeal to The Assassin and the Theif. This one has come to a close, sad I know.

Die another day: This was just a one shot, but now I have made it the third story to Assassin and the Theif. Takes place 5 years after Can I get a break? Put on hold.

Here is my Past, You are my Future: This is the prequeal to Assassin and the Theif.

Pirates of the Caribbean:

I'm Harmony Sparrow, Savvy: Complete and the sequeal is being written.

The past never let's go: The sequeal to I'm Harmony Sparrow, Savvy? Use to be I'm Jack Sparrow Savvy? Now I found the name I like.

DragonBall Z:

The fire that burns within: Just started this one, and it's a work in progress. On Hold due to writer's block.

Van Helsing:

Dark side of the moon: I had fun righting this one, and got to use some of my witchy knowledge, but now it is complete.

The New Moon Rises: I had to do a sequeal for Dark side, I just had too much fun writting it! Witches and Van Helsing, is there anything more fun? LOL


Did I say that out loud: My first humor fic. You get tired of dramas after awhile.

Sky High:

The truth about Cats and Villains: Some ideas won't keep quiet till you let them out. This is one of them.

Alice in Wonderland, 2010:

Wonderland Upside Down: Alice's daughter finds herself in Wonderland 19 years after her mother's last visit. This is not a Hatter/OC


One Week of Costumer Service HELL: This was is about the daily work life and the suffering employees go through on a daily basis

Also reviews are welcomed and much appericated. Even if the fic has been completed I still loved to here your thoughts!

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