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Author has written 4 stories for Harry Potter, Twilight, and Veronica Mars.

Haven't had a desire to write in a long time. I've been binge watching Veronica Mars, and I'll admit it, I'm new to the fandom, and have never watched it until now. Three seasons in a week, movie completed, books read and now I am eating my way through fanficiton because I don't want the ride to end.

My name is Jenneens, and I'm an addict.

Hello Jenneens.

So I think we can all agree Logan didn't have an easy go of it in life. He was lucky to have made it that far in the show. If I were him, I would have been committed. That being said, here are all of the reasons why Logan acted as he did.

[IMG] (Just remove the first [IMG] if you are having trouble viewing it.)

The biggest factor was the ever present Aaron. Logan imagined that since his father was such a horrible one, what could he offer a kid? It was a snap decision, but he figured a kid would be better off without him. Also, he thought the kid would be screwed having his DNA, so it was better the kid didn't exist than have to deal with the same. Veronica. He thought that Veronica was only doing what she thought was right in regards to the fetus, so he also may have thought he was being kind, and letting her off the hook. Damaged plays into Aaron I think, but separate in an of itself. Figure, he's 19 and barely holding it together, he just lost the love of his life. What kind of life can he offer a baby? TOTAL PARALYZING fear. For him, Veronica, their relationship or lack thereof, the kid itself. I'm sure many expectant fathers in wayyy better shape than Logan had bad reactions too. The last two, seem trivial, but are important at that exact second. I explained that he had been drinking, and was not thinking rationally. He also had Dick egging him on. Let us all not forget that Veronica ran off, and by the next day when Logan was sober, she was already gone.

Here is my beautiful and lovely Laney. Full disclosure, I have no idea who this kid is, but mad respect and credit to the people with the obviously superior DNA that went into making this kid.

[IMG] (Just remove the first [IMG] if you are having trouble viewing it.)

Here is the WOW Suite at the W Hotel.

Here is Veronica's house in Hyde Park. It is currently for sale if anyone wants it.

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The Way We Were by CarolineIsThine reviews
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Gravity by TouteSeule reviews
Edward Masen is a well-respected scientist in the 1800s living in London. He leaves to take care of his sick aunt who lives in the country. During his trip he meets Ms. Isabella Swan and falls desperately in love with her. Chemistry, geology, astrology and a bit of unwanted history ensues, as they discover the gravity of love.
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It's a good 40 years after Laurent accidently changed Bella in the meadow,and Edward never came back.Now, she lives with Tanya's clan in Alaska,when the Cullens just HAPPEN to drop in.Please don't tell me this story is overdone.Hope it's better than sound
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The Serenity Prayer reviews
Logan screwed up in 2007. He humiliated the only girl he ever loved, and she walked out of his life without a backwards glace. It's now 2013 and he overhears a conversation. He wants a chance to make things right, to start over. Now because of him the people he loves are in danger. How can he save her life, when Veronica doesn't want him to have to do have to do with his daughter?
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Immortal Words, Forever Love reviews
Edward leaves Bella after her birthday. 75 years later she is in a band called A Beautiful Nightmare where she runs into the Cullens. What will Bella do when the only people she can trust are the ones she truely hates? Better sum inside. Sweet soundtrack!
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I Scream Into the Night For You reviews
Draco has been a double agent since Graduation, and the only one who knows is Hermione. On the eve of the epic battle both discover certain things about each other. Will everything end well for the duo? M for Coarse launguage and sexual themes. Songfic.
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Bleeding Love reviews
Ron and Harry find out that Hermione and Draco are dating, to say that they are unhappy is quite the understatement. Draco decides to just lay low. Hermione has other ideas. She is a Gryffindor after all. Songfic By Leona Lewis. See profile for more info.
Harry Potter - Rated: M - English - Romance/Humor - Chapters: 1 - Words: 8,444 - Reviews: 7 - Favs: 48 - Follows: 7 - Published: 4/6/2008 - Hermione G., Draco M. - Complete