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You actually took the time to click on my profile? I'm touched =P

Let's see, My name is Sean Freeman, I'm 22 years young, male, and despite having a fervent passion against reading when I was in school, find myself attracted to the prospect of writing for a hobby, or possibly a career.

Things that I enjoy to do: listen to music, read Fanfics, write my own stories, watch tv, hang out with my friends, sleep, talk with my friends, and think about...stuff. I unno, I'm just weird like that =P

Things that I don't enjoy doing: many chores, studying, dealing with know, the usual stuff.

My favorite music - well, that one is a toughie but I believe I like everything except teeny-bopper music and country.

Bands that I listen to include: Coldplay, Blue October (they kick ass, I seriously suggest getting their album if you don't already have it), 10 Years, Hinder, Nickelback, Fall Out Boy, All-American Rejects, Hootie & the Blowfish, Counting Crows, Avenged Sevenfold, Fuel, Billy Joel, U2, and Hikaru Utada.

My favorite anime's include: Zatch Bell (Japanese version), FLCL, Full-Metal Alchemist, Inuyasha, Zoids, Bleach (I favor the Japanese version), Ghost in the Shell, and last, but certainly not least, Naruto (duh, and japanese version only, I can't stand the American version. The show was butchered to be 'pleasant' to little kids in this country and I just can't stand it. Why would they destroy an anime this good just for the sake of keeping it 'innocent' for our precious children. It's bull.)

Now that I'm started on that, I'm gonna keep it going. American standards have butchered many an animé. If you watch Zatch Bell but have only seen the American version, please find and locate a place where you can view the Japanese version. It may be annoying reading subtitles but it is so much better and it fits all too well. Their voice actors in japan actually sound like the children the demons from the show are meant to be. Same with Naruto, the voice actors in Japan are perfect. The voice actor for Naruto in the american version just doesn't sound right. Also, the whole 'Believe it' thing is just incredibly repulsing. If it weren't for the fact that my friend showed me the episodes in Japan, I never would have given this show a shot just because the first thing I heard on the american version was Believe it! (shudders) Oh well. Enough of my rant.

This is a list of animé's that I think should be on the list of all time great's because of the story line and the plot: Full Metal Alchemist had the best story line I have ever seen in an anime. Then there is Big O which surprised me with how in-depth they made that story plot. Next comes Cowboy Bebop, then Zatch Bell, then Ghost in the Shell, then Naruto. But hey, that's just my opinion.

Now that you know a bit about me, let me continue with the me as an author.

I may be male but I'm not above reading a fluff fic, or writing one for that matter, in fact I find that it makes me feel warm and fuzzy when I read a GOOD one. Whether or not my stories will be good, I don't know, I write for enjoyment.

My belief on what is a good fic. Let's start with basics. How about a great structure. The first two or three chapters should help lay the ground work for the project to come. Next comes a plausible plot with thorough description as to how this plot becomes the main focus of your characters. Then comes the merging of your story arcs, in which I believe a good fanfic should have at least two.

Now the characters should stay in character unless they are to be authored in a different manner but it will really help your audience to give a reasonable explanation as to why the change in the character's new personality is now evident and conflicts with their original personality. A perfect example would be a character in one of my favorite animés, Naruto, who just so happens to be my favorite character in the animé, Hyuuga Hinata (what, I can't like a girl in an animé without being thought of as a pervert=P ). Her character is a shy, timid, stuttering and emotional girl. But if an author tries to turn her into a seductress or a dancer or an outright exuberant and flamboyant person, then they just destroy the character in general. Leave a good explanation for doing such a thing and maybe I will like your story. A perfect example of altering her character would have to be OpForce's portrayal of Hinata in SIC. That is a perfect portrayal of her character looking OOC but not so much that you find it repulsing.

I have read many fanfics and have come to a personal realization that the more original a story is, the better it is prepared...usually. An overused plot can seem somewhat overbearing but if it is well written, I can overcome the overuse of plot. But original plots, maybe even a completely different outlook on how the original story is done, tend to be more difficult to write, and therefore demand much more from the writer. This usually sorts out the okay and good writers, from the "good" writers. A perfect example: I don't like Card Captor Sakura that much, the animé didn't really grab at me as being as good as Naruto or FMA or Inuyasha, but it was good. However, to read a fanfiction involving Card Captor characters seemed unlikely; however, I ran across an incredible story in that area. 'Crystal Tears,' an original plot, though it actually looked to be used a bit more often than other plots, but it was still an original story. It was good, to say the least, and that is my least. I could praise the story till the sun rises again but I'm not gonna do that cause I'm tired and I want to finish this.

Stories currently in development:

Konoha's Legacy: An Alternate Version - This story has become my life on this website. As one can see from above, an original story or plot is hard to write, because once one gets started on the originality of their story, they tend to struggle to try and maintain it's independence, which makes it all the more difficult to produce excellent work. It's a cruel cycle, but I will pull through, I promise. For those of you still interested in seeing where certain aspects of my story fall into place, do not worry that your questions shall never be answered. With this latest chapter, I will answer one of the biggest questions dealing with a controversial aspect of my story.

It's almost unbelievable that it's been over a year since this story was posted. The fact that I'm still dedicated to this after one year of effort is impressive enough. Usually I give up and move on to whatever else catches my interest, but I have, instead, forced myself to stay focused on this one story. I suppose that's a good sign. And for those of you who have been faithful followers of my story, I thank you all so much. I appreciate your free time spent reading my story, and I especially appreciate those of you who have taken more time to leave a review. Like a good deal of the authors whose stories I read on this website, reviews have become like a second muse. I can go from being hazy and unsure where I want my story to go, but when I receive a review, my mind suddenly launches itself into overload, and I can become as inventive and creative as ever. At least, in my opinion, I've been inventive and creative, up to this point.

01/30/08 - So I received a review earlier today, saying that they wished I would update since it's been over three months since the last update. My response to that request is simply this. I'm sorry. Writing the next chapter to this story has been an arduous process, hindered by the task of trying to get adjusted to my job, and a lack of will to write for my muse has been absent, save for sparse moments when I might be able to put down a few good paragraphs. Due to delay, I've decided to push all that I've worked on into one huge update. I'm almost done writing the chapter, meaning I'm almost 50 done with the whole process. Then I gotta review it, transfer it to my account, then double-check any further mistakes before I can get it to you all. But I am thankful that you all have showed tremendous patience with me. I guarantee not to disappoint with this next chapter. Expect to see it by next weekend at the latest. Until then. Ja ne!

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