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Author has written 13 stories for Resident Evil, Dead Space, Warhammer, and Destiny.

First Name: James

Home: County Durham, The UK

Occupation: Custodian/Fiction writer (as of right now)

Likes: Music, PS3/PS4, the internet, writing and reading, walking, swimming, exercising, meeting up with friends.

Dislikes: Bad drivers, miserable people, tomatoes, tea without sugar, missing meals, dirty campers/monitors who play the COD series, and many other trivial things.

Greetings fellow writers- I'm James, but feel free to call me Jammer-everyone else does. The main reason I joined this site was so I could find an outlet for all my bright ideas and creativity that I often think up when I'm reading or just playing my games.

Speaking of games, I normally play on quite a few genres, but the Silent Hill and Resident Evil series are firm favourites in my collection; but I also like the Final Fantasy series just as well, along with numerous others I can never remember throughout my life. And I have also gained a love of Call of Duty since playing COD 4 on the PS3 a couple years back: I currently play COD: Modern Warfare 3/Uncharted 3 online, so maybe I'll meet you on the online battlefields, and we can shoot one another in the face (in a truely metaphorical sense, of course).

I love music more than anything in the whole wide world, aside from maybe Chocolate and other sweet stuff, but anyways some of my fav bands include: Foo Fighters, Queens of the Stone Age, Pearl Jam, Muse, Coheed and Cambria, Mastodon, Metallica, Megadeth, The Subways, Paramore, Biffy Clyro, and various other British Indie bands and American rock acts.

I watch quite a bit of TV as well, and so all the major American shows are my preferred choice- including CSI (all three variants, even if David Caruso's acting in CSI:Miami is laughable (dude, taking your shades on and off in various ways is not constructive acting), Law and Order, House, and many many others. Prison Break, Lost and NCIS are firm TV/DVD favourites at the moment, but it changes around a lot depending on the mood.

Any questions, or if you want me to be a beta reader? Feel free to drop me a message.


1: Tales from the Necropolis:- A side-story of sorts during the same timescale as 'The Fall of Raccoon', it follows the fortunes and stories of various civilians caught up in the outbreak, several of which have featured in TFOR, and also numerous original characters. Who will survive, and who will become zombie chow? Read and find out! Updates have slowed down, but I do still intend to complete this, even if it kills me. (CURRENTLY ON HIATUS)

2: Resident Evil: Dead Memories:- sequel to The Fall of Raccoon, set 3 years after the Raccoon City Outbreak, this new story charts Dean Travers' attempts to move on with his life following that horrendous incident- but soon finds himself being dragged back into a past he assumed was dead and buried. Will hopefully be shorter and more concise than that previous story, and will also focus on drama, character development and emotion, developing from how I portrayed these in TFOR. (CURRENTLY ON HIATUS)


1: The Fall of Raccoon:- set during the Raccoon City Outbreak, this story follows R.P.D officer Dean Travers on his trials to survive the horrors unleashed by the T-Virus. Completed as of October 2010.

2: One shots:- As above, I have already completed 3 RE one-shots for this site, 2 featuring Albert Wesker and one featuring William Birkin, as well as another 3 for Dead Space.

3: The Pride of Northam:- A short five-chapter introduction to the 19th Northam Guard regiment, who will be the stars of an upcoming (I hope) Warhammer 40K fanfic following the regiment's later exploits.

4: Dead Space:- Dead Space is another of my favourite game series, and I have compled the one-shots 'History Repeating Itself', 'Following the Steps', 'Saving a Life', and 'The Final Sacrifice'. I currently have no plans to do novelisations of either Dead Space game, sorry.


1: Destiny:- I have plans to do a fanfic based on the Destiny game, which has become one of my absolute favourite new releases over the last couple of years. The story will follow the exploits of Fireteam Onyx after the events of 'The Taken King' as they battle a new threat that seeks to obliterate the entire planet.

2:Warhammer 40K:- Perhaps the most ambitious project I've done yet, the 'Sons of Northam' series will follow the exploits of the 19th Northam Guard regiment as they fight against the Imperium's numerous enemies in the Segmentum Obscuras. Start date unconfirmed (hopefully soon).


Dean Robert Travers

DOB: 30/06/1972 (26 as of TFOR, 28/9 as of RE:DM)

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Green

Height: 5' 10''

Build: Moderate

Appears In: The Fall of Raccoon, Tales from the Necropolis (cameos), Resident Evil: Dead Memories (upcoming)

Born and raised in the small Virginian town of Riverview, Dean lived a paceful, simple existence on his parents farm, so far tended by three generations of the Travers family. Quiet and serious by nature, Dean had few solid childhood friends, until he started at High School and met Ben Campbell, another local boy, his confident and carefree manner providing the perfect foil to Dean's more understated personality. At the age of 21, he then moved away, heading to New York to try and find his own path in the world, rather than simply continuing the tradition of inheriting the farm from his parents when they passed on.

By 1996, he moved to Raccoon City, on request of Ben Campbell to join the Raccoon Police Department, a post he would never have imagined himself in, but by 1998 all of that would come crashing down in the wake of the horrific T-Virus outbreak orchestrated by Umbrella Inc. As one of the few survivors of the R.P.D, Dean struggled to escape the crumbling city, battling both scores of the undead and the other monsters bought into being by the virus. Fighting alongside other civilians and survivors from Umbrella's UBCS mercenary regiment, Dean learned about the true face of Umbrella, and soon joined up with Ben once more as they headed towards possible escape, and their final obstacles, through a secret Umbrella storage facility. But at the final hurdle, Dean suffered great tragedy, as Ben met his death at the hands of an experimental Tyrant bio-weapon, unleashed in the wake of their search for an escape.

Returning home to Riverview, Dean now commits himself to rebuilding the life that was shattered in the wake of the Raccoon City Outbreak. Little does he know that the past is not so willing to let him go...


Normal 0 false false false EN-GB X-NONE X-NONE Logan, leader of Fireteam Onyx

Race: Human

Gender: Male

Hair: Blonde

Eyes: Blue

Height: 5’ 10’’

Class: Hunter

Sub-class: Bladedancer

Weapon Types: Scout rifle, sniper rifle, machine gun.

Bio: Silent and taciturn as any Hunter, though his responsibilities as Fireteam leader have teased out Logan’s compassionate personality. He would rather die than leave one of his comrades behind for the Darkness.

Griff, the charitable Titan

Race: Awoken

Gender: Male

Hair: Black

Eyes: Yellow

Height: 6’ 5’’

Class: Titan

Sub-class: Sunbreaker

Weapon Types: Auto-rifle, shotgun, sword.

Bio: Headstrong as any good Titan should be, this bullishness is shadowed only by Griff’s loyalty to those who have earned his utmost trust. Unlike most other Awoken, Griff is more than willing to lend his aid to complete strangers out in the frontier, a fact which has distanced him from his people out in the Reef.

Elena-4, the eager scholar

Race: Exo

Gender: Female

Implant: Neural Studs

Eyes/Mouth: Red

Height: 5’ 8’’

Class: Warlock

Sub-class: Voidwalker

Weapon Types: Handcannon, Fusion Rifle, Machine gun.

Bio: Despite her relative youth (for an Exo), Elena-4’s thirst for knowledge and her tireless work for the City’s archives and the Cryptarch’s makes her a well-known face within the Tower. In fact, this scholarly interest stands at odds with her sarcastic personality in the field.

Eli, the Bane of the Vex, leader of Fireteam Opal

Race: Awoken

Gender: Male

Hair: Black

Eyes: Blue

Height: 6’ 0’’

Class: Hunter

Sub-class: Nightstalker

Weapon Types: Pulse rifle, fusion rifle, rocket launcher.

Bio: One of the most fearsome Hunters serving the City, a myriad of myths and stories have been told over Eli’s many victories against the Vex, in particular his involvement in penetrating the Vault of Glass. He and Logan were once the most dangerous tag-team of Hunters in the Tower’s history, but their relationship has become strained of late.

Arvo-19, the arrogant spy

Race: Exo

Gender: Male

Implant: Centre Stripe

Eyes/mouth: Yellow

Height: 5’11’’

Class: Warlock

Sub-class: Stormcaller

Weapon Types: Auto-rifle, shotgun, machine gun.

Bio: Despite his place as one of Ikora Ray’s most experienced and capable Hidden, Arvo’s arrogant and overbearing personality can drive even the most reasonable Guardians (and Ghosts) to exasperation.

Sasha, the silent Defender

Race: Human

Gender: Female

Hair: Red

Eyes: Blue

Height: 5’ 10’’

Class: Titan

Sub-class: Defender

Weapon Types: Pulse rifle, fusion rifle, rocket launcher

Bio: Almost nothing is known of the female Titan Sasha, including where she was first revived as a Gurdian, or her experiences before she came into the fold of Eli’s Fireteam Opal. But her role as a Defender suggests a watchful, caring personality underneath her coldness.

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