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A Long Overdue Message
March 12th 2015

My mom found work shortly after everything happened. I put my college plans on halt because I was unhappy with the direction I was going. I spent a year working on my book, which has since gone through three changes and is coming up on the second draft. I've realigned myself with my interests and decided what I want to do education-wise.

Things are rocking back and forth in my life, and I haven't had time to even think about the stories on this account, but I want to change that. I think I'm in the right place for it, so take this as a formal apology in the long delay of updates as well as the announcement that I will be working on these stories and I hope to post something soon. If you're still watching and waiting, I sincerely thank you for that.


The Closets of My Life.

I have had the passion to write since I was a little girl; finding excuses to write stories and then handing them in to my school teachers. That was where I received the earliest of my support. The encouraging words of a teacher can carry a child a far way. Even though I've always had this passion for stories, I've only acquired the will and desire to take it to other lengths eight years ago. That was when I began writing during my free time. My stories went from a classroom of thirty to the internet - a much larger audience. This exposure brought me even more support, as well as words of advice. Words of advice which, to this day, I still remember word for word. They are words I will never forget. They're invaluable. The people who have brought me here, I will never forget. It is all due to them that I am able to write this, and have people that will read it. It is because of them I had the courage to stand up amidst a vast sea of people too afraid to. It is all because of these people who probably never imagined their words would stick in the mind of a little girl. But they have, and I believe they always will.

That is my story. It's one I am unable to change and, quite frankly, wouldn't even if I had the ability to.

People have never asked me why I want to be a writer. They have never concerned themselves with my thoughts. Even those who tell me time and time again that no one can be a successful writer, have never bothered to listen to my reasons. I do not need to publicize my story so their opinions will change; but so mine will be understood.

The world is beautiful. The possibilities are endless. Ideas are forever being changed and recreated into new ideas. Creativity, despite what many will say, has not died. It has changed. It has been recycled for a new generation of thoughts. People who not only know this, but seize it - people who revolve their life around this fact - are the ones labeled with 'overactive imagination', or 'artist'. They are the ones people find childish and absurd. Childish and absurdity is the gateway to creativity! Why not grab it by the tail and run with it? Would this world really have its beauty if these people didn't?

Writing is one of the many ways to connect to that world of thoughts, accessed by all those people with 'overactive imagination'. Those 'artists'. It takes you, even for the briefest of seconds, to that world. Your surroundings disappear - and you reappear in that place where no hatred or ugliness lies. Even the worst of situations is the most beautiful of ideas. Tears are not painful; anger is not fearful. This world is an escape. And occasionally, one manages to create a door to that world. A door that everyone can walk through. Those doors are what makes this world beautiful - bearable - worth living for. To say one can not be successful by revolving their lives around creating these doors, is to turn away from creativity.

That is why I write.

Not because it is easy - it isn't. Not because I can - everyone can. And not because I want to prove people wrong - even though I will.

It is because it saves people. It makes life nicer. Problems, easier. Fears, smaller. Anger, duller. Tears, wiped away.

That is why I write.

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