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Who is this Karalora person? What is her purpose here?

I am Karalora, and my purpose here is to test this weird sort of theory I have that I might be a good writer. I’ve been a fan of the written word since before my third birthday, and as young as six I was already indulging in creative writing without prompting by any outside source. I figure 30-odd years of practice must have had some kind of positive effect.

But you be the judge.

Behold, my fandoms are legion, and my drive to create is strong. My current uber-obsession is Scandinavia and the World, to the point where "The Most Important Question of Our Time" got written because it crawled inside my skull and gnawed on my brain, forbidding me to sleep, until I gave it a digital place to live. But Disney animation and theme parks have a permanent place in my affections, and I am also quite fond of Avatar: The Last Airbender (and now Legend of Korra), Discworld, Legend of Zelda, Kingdom Hearts, The Dresden Files, and even a few anime titles. Not everything I favor inspires me to write, but the above listing should help mitigate any...surprise you might feel upon seeing the sorts of things that spill forth from my keyboard.

On Explaining Stuff: I make a lot of semi-obscure references in my stories, including the odd foreign phrase or sentence. But you'll notice I tend not to explain them in my Author's Notes. I prefer to give my readers the benefit of the doubt and assume that they either a) get it without being told, or b) know how to look it up. I mean, it's the Internet. If you're even reading this stuff, you have the finest research tool ever invented right at your fingertips.

And remember: to fave/alert is human, to review is divine!

My Fanfiction-Related Stuff Hosted Elsewhere on the Web

Cover art/splash page for "Lucky to Be Born," created in Photoshop:

Cover art/splash page for "Foolish Mortals," also created in Photoshop:

Illustrations of OC's from "Foolish Mortals," by my sister Lokotei:

Half-assed picture of Hypatia from "Crowns of the Kingdom," created, of course, in Photoshop:

I now have bona-fide FANART! Our own MinstrelofThelossea took inspiration from "Excerpts From the Diary of Princess Ursa" to draw this sweet little pic of Ursa writing in her diary with Zuko sitting in her lap:

More fanart for "Excerpts," from purpletwist:

Awesome fanart for "Crowns of the Kingdom" by my good friend bluejake01 at deviantArt:

"Crowns of the Kingdom" now has its own page on the TV Tropes Wiki! If there are any Tropers in the audience, feel free to add to the trope list, post a review, generate Wild Mass Guessing or Headscratchers (I will personally answer any questions you have), and generally pretend with me that it's a serious work:

Still interested in "Knights of the Magic Kingdom" now that the story is no longer being updated? Check out the KotMK blog! Eventually, I hope to launch a full-fledged community website (once I have a community, that is), but for now, the blog is the place to go for all further developments, worldbuilding, etc.

Over on deviantART, my fellow SatW geek Impkat made me this lovely teaser image for "Advent Calendar":

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