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Author has written 3 stories for Card Captor Sakura, and Kingdom Hearts.

Note: my profile is kind of... odd. Haha, I wrote it last year and some of it doesn't really apply anymore. Oh well. I shall edit it later.

x... Feel the raindrops come falling down...

... see the sunshine through the clouds and...


... and it feels like heaven.

And time has no meaning...

... in a place like heaven.

So free your mind...

... just free your mind.

- "Feels Like Heaven" by Urban Cookie Collective.

;; A N D W H A T C A N Y O U S A Y A B O U T S A P H Y R E ? ;;

She's a girl and proud to be so. She also is feminist.

She was born on 23rd March 1995, making her 14.

She is writing in third person at the moment and has decided to switch back to first person because it's weird.

;; what's in a name? ;;

My user name on this site is Saphyre Inferno. If you haven't noticed that by now you're clearly not very intelligent.

My real name is Sarah. Although this is a pretty common name, people often spell it wrong- okay, I can live with Sara but a few have written down things ranging from Shara to Seruh.

I have several nicknames. I mean, who hasn't _ These would be Salt, Salty Salt, Sal, Sairi and K-Ora. All these nicknames have been bestowed upon me by my very good friend and loyal reader Simona (aka Sims). She has never played Kingdom Hearts but still read Three Weeks. (I based part of Olette's personality and interests on Simona's in that fic, the other part being based on my other loyal reader and fellow writer Bobsies. Bobsies isn't her real name. It's her pen name and READ HER WORK NOW, DEARIE).

Oh yeah, I forgot Shazzer. Lor, another good friend of mine, dubbed me this after watching Bridget Jones' Diary with me this summer, mainly because it sounds a bit like my name and not because I share that character's enthusiasm for saying "fuck".

...although I was, indeed, greatly amused by Shazzer's random bleating of "Fuckwittage!"

Otherwise... yeah. I'm half British, half German, and bilingual :D

;; incorrigible F A N G I R L ;;

Fangirling is awesome. Don't even dare to dispute it!


General Fetishes: Japan, cinnamon, stars, the colour pink, summer, cherry blossoms

Favourite Fictional Characters: Kairi- Kingdom Hearts, Yuna- Final Fantasy X, Tifa- Final Fantasy VII, Garnet/Dagger- Final Fantasy IX

Favourite Music: Utada Hikaru, James Blunt, Trading Yesterday, Asian Kung-Fu Generation, Linkin Park, Maria Mena, Vitamin String Quartet, Uematsu Nobuo, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Razorlight, The Arctic Monkeys, Kings of Leon

Favourite Books: Er. Let me see~ a lot.

;; favourite pairings ;;

Firstleh, my absolute and utter OTPs are Sora x Kairi, Tidus x Yuna and Cloud x Tifa.

They're all from the lovely production of Square Enix!! Joy!

final fantasy: cloud.tifa zack.aerith yuffie.vincent (sort of o_O) shelke.vincent cid.shera tidus.yuna shuyin.lenne lulu.wakka squall.rinoa garnet.zidane eiko.vivi ashe.vaan vaan.penelo balthier.fran celes.locke rosa.cecil marlene.denzel

kingdom hearts: kairi.sora roxas.olette roxas.naminé riku.naminé axel.larxene

crack!pairings for KH and FF: naminé.cloud SORA.GARNET

kimi ga nozomu eien/ rumbling hearts: haruka.takayumi AND mitsuki.takayumi. 'Cause HaruTaka is superbly cute and MitsuTaka are a lot like Cloud and Tifa from Final Fantasy. Anything CloTi is loveage

twilight: jacob.bella edward.bella renesmee.nahuel jacob.renesmee emmett.rosalie jasper.alice jacob.alice (they would be awesome together... :3 my favourite Twilight crack pairing)

nana: hachi.shoji (I was furious when he cheated on her with Sachiko) hachi.nobu hachi.takumi ren.nana layla.shin

x.x fan.fiction updates x.x

Three Weeks- Oooooh-la-la. The epitome of Sairi's fails. I kept promising to update it, but I haven't... it's on hiatus... oh well. I have actually written chapter 7 (or was it 8...?) but haven't typed it... Bobsies, I am in desperate need of your Sarahly motivation!

x.x. coming.soon x.x

Lost Love Songs - Youtube trailer up, but it is awful~

For the Love of a Teenage Shopaholic - An extremely random love triangle between Olette, Roxas and Hayner.

But I Like Bananas! - Bwahahahahahah- most epic random crap I have ever imagined.

;; sairi owns... ;;

I claim SYAORAN from Card Captor Sakura, REN from Nana, SORA from Kingdom Hearts, ROXAS from Kingdom Hearts, and CLOUD from Final Fantasy VII.

:D they are all so very kawaii~

and I love Supernatural, Dean Winchester and Jensen Ackles. :D

PROFILE STILL UNDER CONSTRUCTION (goes off to look at plushies on eBay)

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