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Ok... what do I write in here... hmm...

Name: Revir, DUH!! Like I'm gonna tell you my real name ;P

Age: Older than I look, of course since you can't see me it really doesn't help does it :P


Writing: 2 stories and a mind full of plot bunnies.

Drawing: A whole lot more than 2, I'll tell you that much. I'm currently using Deviantart to post my work though I have used Photobucket in the past. In both sites, you'll find my galeries under the username "Irisa007"... What? Irisa was taken and it was before Revir... Anyway, Deviantart, lots of pretty pictures, the link is , or just look for Irisa007. You'll probably notice that the Twisted Fantasy 8 folder is like... the emptiest, well... that's because I'm more inclined to do drawings for others than myself, hence there being more stuff anywhere else... I'm working on rectifying that.

Stories: Two at the moment,

Terra's Song: A Summon Night: Swordcraft Story fic, with original cast. Sadly this story has been put a bit on hold, though I'll try to upload the sixth chapter before placing her on a more permanent hold, since I wanna reach the end of the first part (yes, all of that is just the first part of the story I originally though of)...


Twisted Fantasy: A Final Fantasy 8 fic where most of the main characters, and many others, are of the opposite gender. There will be numerous plot twists, new pairings and old pairings. Somethings you'll see coming and others that wouldn't come over your wildest dreams... Uuuuhhhhh... XD

On an additional note and a kind of excuse for the seemingly permanent halt of Terra's Song, I suffer from what I like to call "Problematic Imagination". The truth is I have dozens of stories and plots that run around in my head, some very vague while others hold specific details, but in both cases they stand for stories that I would like to write but since I'm human and not a Ninja (shadow clones would come SO in handy here) I can't possibly address them all. When I started Twisted Fantasy I had the support of several friends one of which became my Beta, as I'm hers, and the story blossomed. As to not abandon any story ever again, I've decided to focus on one story a a time and currently, that means, until it's finished, Twisted Fantasy has my total focus now.

Personal message to readers (if i have any)Don't hit me.

Little twisted details about me (;P)

I've been inquired as for the nature of my pen name. Well, yes, it is river spelled backwards. And for those more nosy, it originates from my Firefly/Serenity phase. I really liked that show... Anyway, I liked River, I generally like girls that can kick ass, so in the majority of the stories i'll (eventually) write, not only will the main character will most likely be female, she'll be a kick ass female. Back on topic, at that time I started to play WoW (World of Warcraft), a MMORPG and the name River was already taken, so I changed it a bit and became Revir, a kick ass female human warrior :D. Since I liked the name SO much, now i use it as a pen name.

Mentioned my love for drawing, so that's done with... I would like to add, though, that I like being challenged in my drawings. A friend of mine has the habit of challenging me with variate character fusions and I found these challenges somewhat inspiring. So I guess what I'm saying is... well... feel free to challenge me ;P

My likes (don't have many dislikes, so...)

GAMES: I love Final Fantasy (FF 8 more than all, my first FF, bare with me); Tomb Raider (Kick ass girl, what else need i say, also first computer game i ever owned and played, no TR can beat the first one); Summon Night Swordcraft Story (recent addition, really really like); Kingdom Hearts; Devil May Cry, also Broken Sword (Have played them all now...4, if I'm not mistaken. Still love the 2 first more, the 3rd goes a bit off the reservation but the 4th is cool again, though still love the cartoon look more...), Guitar Hero (gotta love it), ├ľkami (cute wolfie), the Classics: Mario (from the real oldies to the 3D wonders of the day 'n' age); Sonic (also loved the tv show... the first one if anyone can remember it), Kirby (cutest thing EVAH!!!), Pokemon (for real, I loved the original tv shows, have kinda lost track of the latest seasons and the last new game with new pokemon, but still love it)... ahhmmmm..., there's just too many to count... I'll update this part whenever I visit the profile editor... what? It happens sometimes!?!?!

Others (TV, movies, anime, manga, J-dorama, comics):

Gokusen,(absolutely love gokusen, manga, anime and all of the Doramas, and final movie, as well as fanfics and fanarts, love love love! They just make the cutest couple.), InuYasha, Hana Yori Dango (manga and Dorama), Hana Kimi (manga, dorama), GTO (Gran Teacher Onizuka, dorama and anime... awesome), Trigun (Vash is just awesome), Bleach and Naruto (started with anime, passed to manga to escape fillers... I just wanna see how it ends... it's been excruciatingly long... like Inuyasha...), too many anime to name them all (Might write a few more of them, when I feel like it)

Doctor Who(since 2005, haven't seen the earlier ones though I must say I am very curious and might go there in the future... in any case, Tennant was my Doctor, best of all time in my book XD), Firefly/Serenity(absolute love :D), Stargate (All of them), Supernatural (Dean... Woo Mamma... ;P),

I'll rearrange this part when I have more time... same applies here as in the games section, there's just too many!!!

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