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I'm currently enlisted in the USMC and stationed in Okinawa, Japan. I'm from the greatest state in the Union which is California and I have an undying love for my state and country. Seeing how there is not much to do here except get drunk and mess around at bars and around town, writing is what I like to do with some of my time which is why I'm here. I have a deep fascination with military history; especially with the American Civil War and I'am currently studying for a career in the history field. And yes, I love anime as well. In my writings I like to collide science fiction with history. I mainly write military science fiction so in many of my battle scenes you'll see a heavy influence from military operations that have actually taken place. For instance a scene in the second novel of the series which I plan on calling GOW: Universe of Battle there will be a ship to ship duel that takes place between the Terran Empire's oldest and most powerful ship, the Aeneid and Jurai's Tsunami. The event that inspired this was the infamous Battle of Hampton Roads which took place between the ironclads CSS Virginia and the USS Monitor. The battle was a draw however with neither ship being able to penetrate the other's armored hide. One of my great influences for writing is Dan Abnett, the creator of the famed Gaunt's Ghosts novels. He is relentless in his writing and holds nothing back, describing every detail from the scenery and culture to the brutality and violence of combat. I have modeled my own writing after his and like him I will hold nothing back. My writing will have have detailed worlds and culture as well as the intensity and fury of battles, whether it be street to street fighting or entire campaigns. Also be prepared to see violence and foul language in most of my writings. My goal is to make my writing as realistic as possible.

Well Terra Rising has been finally revised and updated after a year of delays, expect more. I'll try and update once a week or maybe every two, I'm very busy during the week because of work and school so I get limited time to myself. As you can tell I've made various changes over the last week to the prologue and added a revised Ch.1 which so far has proven to be far more successful and superior to its predecessor. I've already gotten many positive reviews for the revised chapter and I'm still very surprised I've gotten so much for so little overall. Now that I've hit home far what people want and like to read I will continue to make it as real as I can. Now I know someone out there is thinking that Durante well escape unscathed and meet up with the canon characters and not have to face the consequences of his actions and be immediately paired off with one of the female characters. WRONG! I'm deliberately trying to avoid this as this is what most novice writers do(I did it on my first fic too, that's why I re-labeled it as Epic Failure). Beleive me if you run from the law you will feel the heat no matter who you are. Now updates on the other two stories. No I don't have anything written for either of them, only notes. However the overall titles and plots have been finalized as listed below.

The Gods of War-Universe of Battle-Story of the Galactic War; the war that would envelope the span of the galaxy. Started by an enemy thought long vanquished by its own hand thousands of years before; but has only risen from the ashes to unprecedented power. Will Jurai and the Galactic Union survive or be crushed by a people's thirst for vengeance?

The Gods of War: Endgame-Warriors are forced to travel the very seas of time itself to save their empire from destruction before it has even been conceived. One woman holds the key to their salvation and perhaps the salvation of humanity itself. They must sacrifice everything to save her or all of humanity will fall into darkness.

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