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About The Author: I'm 29 years old, an American and a United States Marine Corps veteran. I recently finished school and got my degree in Computer Network Systems Engineering and currently work in the firearms industry until I start my real career. I find a lot of influence and inspiration from history, especially military history in my writing. I started writing many years ago as a way to vent and combat my severe depression. During my military service I departed from my stories and never finished them and recently with the return of Tenchi Muyo OVA I got motivated to come back to a story I started but never finished. Once I finish them I'm done for good. The Tenchi Muyo universe has always fascinated me in a way other animes never could or at least in a way that drove me to write stories about them. I prefer the OVA to all the others as it seemed the more complex of the series. I got very heavily involved into the fluff and getting the back stories on the characters especially Washu who I feel is the most interesting character of the lot. I've read and acquired translated copies of the Shin Tenchi Muyo novels which I have used a lot for source material. You can find these translations or rather rough summaries in my story section.

Currently In Progress

The Gods Of War: Terra Rising- I have had this story circulating in my head for many years and I am now determined to finish it. The story revolves around an original character of my own making and centers on the developing relationship between himself and Washu via a connection they don't yet fully understand as well as his journey from Earth and out into the galaxy. I always disliked the idea that in the series there were no other Earthlings involved in the story and so made my own. Though this takes place in the Tenchi Muyo OVA universe Tenchi himself is not the main focus of the story as I feel his is pretty much done at this point though he is still obviously a vital character and will still have an important role to play in the story. Terra Rising is the first in a series of novels I have planned around my original character so expect them to be long, 100,000 words or more a piece to complete a full epic.

Future Stories

The Gods Of War: Universe Of Battle - The second novel I have planned in my series which will focus on the Great Galactic War I mentioned in my Terra Rising prologue. It's set to take place a few millennia after the first book and will be about the rise of the Terran Empire and the galactic crusade it wages to force the galaxy together under a single banner with the Tenchi characters being caught up in middle of the war.

The Gods Of War: Paradox Of The Goddess - The last and third novel I have planned for the series. This involves time travel and will center around Washu and of her early days at the Galaxy Academy. The Shin Washu novel will be greatly influential in the writing of this story as it will collide with my own story line. In this instance warriors from the far future of the Terran Empire find that during a routine engine test of their flagship the time stream has somehow been changed and replaced by a darker world made up of pure chaos. Washu is discovered to be the key to restoring their future. They must travel the very seas of time and sacrifice everything to save her or all hope is lost.

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The Gods Of War: Terra Rising reviews
A man with a dark, violent past and a longing for death that is denied to him. A woman who has haunted his dreams for millennia. The secrets he unknowingly carries with him and an empire unprepared for the onslaught he will unleash in the name of his homeworld. The seeds of power will be sewn and a galaxy will forever be changed by the flames of war. (Chapter 6 is up!)
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