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Author has written 7 stories for Code Geass, Smallville, Harry Potter, Justice League, Rosario + Vampire, and Twilight.

Name: John

Gender: Male

Age: Twenty-five.

Status: Back from fanfiction retirement.

News: After nearly two years of retirement, I've decided to return to writing fanfiction. Below you'll find some of my ideas that I've been working on extensively since retiring...

Upcoming: Fanfictions

ZOD: The Black Sun: An idea inspired by my original Code DC Universe. As with the original, Lelouch is given a Kryptonian empowerment and becomes the heir of General Zod of Krypton. However, unlike the original, the new story will try and keep everyone in their canon characterizations. So Lelouch will be cruel, cunning, and manipulative, but have righteous reasons for why he's such a bastard.

Cont'd, ZOD: Doomsday: A story idea that centers on the relationship between Lelouch and his secret WMD, the Kryptonian super monster Doomsday.

Cont'd, ZOD: Black Zero: Another story centering on the relationship between Lelouch and his half-human clone, Black Zero.

Cont'd, ZOD: Ultrawoman: Like the original story, the Black Sun-universe will have darker depictions of DC superheroes and villains. In this story, it is an exploration of Zod and Ultrawoman, Lelouch's genetically modified Kryptonian sister, Nunnally, and their relationship and adventures over the years.

Cont'd, ZOD: Fall of El: An attempt to explore the rivalry and conflict between the only two living Kryptonian clans and their differing sides in the Britannian World War.

Forks: A crossover between Smallville and the Twilight Saga. Will feature Clark as Leah's imprint and Chloe as a vampire, and a multi-ship between Clark/Chloe/Leah.

Blue Moon: A crossover between Smallville and the Twilight Saga. Starts Pre-Twilight, Post-Season 3, Episode 2: Phoenix of Smallville. The Kents are forced to move when the bank foreclosures their home. But Martha has been willed a house in Forks, Washington by her biological mother, which the Kents move to. Clark starts a Forks High School, and ends up meeting and falling for an AU Alice Cullen whose never met Jasper.

Superman Vampire: Rosario Vampire and Superman mythos fusion.

The New Super Couple: Smallville story where Chloe Sullivan ends up with Clark's powers early in season 1, which drastically changes the rest of the series.

Are you Afraid of the Dark: A Darkness, Chaos! Comics, Darksiders, and Rosario Vampire crossover. Tsukune Aono is the newest host of the Darkness, even if he doesn't know it. If that wasn't bad enough, he's got a literal demon and angel pair acting as his conscious, and the only Japanese high school he qualifies for is some backwater school out in the boonies. He just hadn't expected it to be a school for monsters.

"What would you do with power?

If you had the power to inspire the rebellious heart of man,

Or to topple whole nations,

And to defy the very will of fate...

What would you do with such power?

Would you become a king,

A tyrant...

Or a god?

Or would you stand defend oppressed,

And uphold yourself to a higher standard?

Would you shoulder the burdens of the whole world,

And stand as a symbol...

Of hope?

What would you become,

If you had such power?"


"If I had that power...

I would destroy the very world itself...

And remake it anew...

All for her, yes,

I would do anything for her.

I would shoulder the suffering of the people,

The sins that each man carries in their heart of hearts,

Like the Titan Atlas of Old,

And yes,

I would even become a demon for her,

If it meant that I could just have that power,

The power to make her dream a reality."


"You speak with such conviction.

Would you really,

For so weak,


And selfish creatures,

Would you really abandon your own humanity for her?"


"I would.

I would do anything,

For Nunnally."


"Very well.

I have seen the very depths of your passion,

That burns brighter than Roa itself.

If that is your true wish.

Then I will grant you that power.

I will reforge your body itself,

And it will seem as if it were made from steel.

You will possess the strength to carry the full weight of the world upon your shoulders.

Your feet will be able to carry you from one corner of the planet to the other in moments.

To the humans,

You will seem as if you were a god wearing the flesh of a mortal man.

The people will fear your power,

Revile you for it,

Hate you for your superiority,

And because of how insignificant they feel in your presence.

But you will stand apart from them,

You will walk amongst them,

But be not of them,

Standing head and shoulders above them,

Sitting upon a throne in the very heavens themselves,

A distant reminder of our once great civilization,

The true heir of our people,


A god of the black sun.

But in time,

They will understand the futility,

Of resistance,

Allies will seek you out,

Your enemies will fall,

And one day...

You will bring doom to the House of El."


"With this power,

I will oppose tyranny,

Bring war to the oppressors of man,

And I will inspire great terror in the hearts of my enemies.


Lelouch vi Britannia,

Will be a symbol.

A symbol of Vengeance,

And of Justice,

And Doom...

No longer will I be mere man,

But instead,

I will become,

A Superman."

:.ZOD:The Black Sun.:

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