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Author has written 10 stories for Daughters of the Moon, Harry Potter, X-Men: The Movie, Star Wars, and Twilight.

Who I Am I'm just a small-town girl who has big dreams of becoming a writer. Well, becoming isn't quite the correct word as I already write and therefore am a writer. What I meant to say is that I hope to someday get my works published and sent out into the world. Currently, I'm nineteen. My life is changing rather quickly. In just under a year, I will move, get a job, and head to college. Frankly, I'm terrified. Who I am as a writer also reflects who I am as a person. I have about four stories screaming for recognition, but I'm only working on one. As an original fiction teller, I often like to write meaningful stories that are set to fantasy but are real enough to where the reader can place themselves in the scenery and understand the message. All of my stories have a message.

Fandoms That I Write About Currently, my interest is focused on Star Wars, Harry Potter, and The Twilight Saga, but there are many other stories that I'd love to venture off on.

Projects That I'm Currently Focused On I often find myself distracted and veer off onto other projects, but I have four main projects that I'm dedicating my time to:
Needs ~ Needs is a multi-chaptered story focused on Quil Ateara and Claire. It documents the growth of their relationship as Claire ages (and Quil doesn't). Twilight
Finding Uncommon Ground ~ This is taking longer than expected because what I want to express is using so many words. Finding Uncommon Ground (I tried to use its abbreviation, but I totally just found out that it would sound inappropriate. xD) is a duology that takes place before the last Harry Potter book came out, so it is uncanon by default. The story puts Susan Bones and Draco Malfoy into a situation where they are forced to realize just how much alike they are, despite their vast differences. Harry Potter Currently on hiatus. My computer thwarts all attempts I've made to make the second part.
BOOK ONE: From The Eyes of One That Knew Him ~ This is the first in a Star Wars series that may span two or three "books". The main cast is comprised of Anakin Skywalker and Barriss Offee. I apparently like talking of developing relationships because this series is about how Barriss and Anakin's relationship changes as he becomes more involved with the Sith. The story takes place before the Clone Wars at first. I'm going to try to stay as true to the plot as I can, but it may become a fanfic set in an alternate universe later on. It all depends on what road my muse takes. Star Wars
Revenge This is a story set six or so years after Breaking Dawn. It's my first real attempt at something that isn't either 1) fluffy or 2) a one-shot. Jacob considers Renesmee invincible, stronger than Bella, perhaps. However, her strength (and his) is tested when she's kidnapped. There are those who feel they have unfinished business that they must attend to. Twilight

My Favorite Pairings
Harry Potter ! Lily&Snape, Susan&Draco, Susan&Blaise, Susan&Ernie, Susan&Hannah, Penelope&Percy, Victoire&Teddy, Rose&Scorpius, Hermione&Ron, Hermione&Draco, James&Lily, TomRiddle&PrettyMuchAnybody, Luna&Neville, Draco&Pansy, Susan&Zacharias
Twilight ! Quil&Claire, Jacob&Nessie, Jacob&Leah, Jacob&Bella, Bella&Edward, Alice&Jasper, Carlisle&Esme, Emmet&Rosalie, Seth&Somebody!, Irina&Laurent, Seth&Emily
Star Wars ! Anakin&Padme, Anakin&Barriss, Obi-Wan&Anybody
X-Men ! Rogue&Wolverine, Rogue&Gambit, Storm&Wolverine, Jean&Cyclops, Kitty&Colossus
The Host ! Wanda&Ian, Melanie&Jared, Kyle&Sunny

More Coming Soon Though you can see I stay pretty true to canon relationships, I do stray from time to time. :"3

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