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Hi, My name is Allie, I am naturally brunette but I recently put some Sun-In (something that I do not own) in my hair and now I have blond highlishgts, YAY! My neopets Name is cowfreak0770!

X the thing about blond highlights... my hair turned orange... 0_o

I am putting The summer of the ball and Zuko's kid sis on hold... and I am starting a new story about The Outsiders called Charlie's Angel.

Things I love

Kelly N (We no mad at eachother anymore... xD)

The Outsiders (Book and Movie)

Boy Meets World



Rob Lowe

Matt Dillon

My Family

My friends (MEG AND SARA ROCK!)

Harry Potter

Dirty Dancing

and many other things...







Draco/No one




Dean/Leila (I think)






Jack/Topanga (I know, I know)

Pairings I HATE:

Soda/Anyone but me (xD just kidding)





Dean/Sam (DUH! They're brothers)




I know these all seem like slash, I support it fully, I just don't read it, sorry.

Things I hate:

Channel 9

People who are mean

People who think I love Logan, news flash, we're friends


and many other things.

Please read my fic, it's short but I think it's good.


Meg: I got two jacks and two kings... that wipes you out.
Me: You suck... go away
My dad: You suck? Go away? Isn't that kind of rude?
Me and Meg: -crack up-
My dad: -headshake-

Me: ... and that's what happened to my cat when it ate my whole birthday cake.
Shane: ... I like pie...
Me: What does that have to do with ANYTHING? Were you listening to me? Are you listening to me? HELLO!
Shane: -walks away-
Kim: -headshake-

Me: -takes this quiz on this site about the Outsiders and is reading results out loud- You are obsessed with the Outsiders, you are boy crazy, you think Rob Lowe, Matt Dillon, and Ralph Macchio are hott.
Kim: How did they know all that about you?
Me: Umm... -turns off computer monitor and looks around for survailence cameras-

Kelly: Okay, so I'm Johnny, you're Dally and Kim's Two-Bit
Me: Yes...
Kelly: We need lives
Me: Yes...

Shane: Okay, there's a rectangle, and it's sides are K and R, K equals R times two squared. The area is 450 centimeters, how do you spell cat?
Me: Uhhh...
Kim: C-A-T
Me: What?
Logan: -cracks up and walked away-

Patrick Swayze: Now watch the dissapearing white hankercheif.
Tommy Howell: -random protests that the hankerchief is in his mouth-
Handkerchief: -is being stuffed in a fourteen year old Tommy's mouth. dissapears-
Patrick Swayze: Where it go?
Tommy Howell: It's in my mouth silly!
Patrick Swazye: No ees gone!
Tommy Howell: They shoved it in my mouth!
Patrick Swayze: I ate that puppy.

Me and Annie: -are walking to get Annie's barbies-
Logan: -honks horn-
Me: Hello Logan
Logan: Where ya goin'?
Me: To get Annie's barbies.
Annie: -embarrassed-
Logan: I WANT ONE!

Kelly: This sucks...
Me: I know...
Kelly: Do you have any idea what I'm talking about?
Me: Yes...
Kelly: What am I talking about?
Me: -pause- ummm... -turns up TV- Sorry I can't hear you!

Some weirdo illiterate person on neopets: lyk hi clark, cathy sed.
Me: "Ummm... Do I know you?" Clark asked, raising an eyebrow.
SWIPON: Duh ur lyk my b/f silly! cathy replyd kissig clark.
Me: "Ummm... no I'm not... see I'm supposed to be with Lana Lang.. not you..." Clark said, twitching slightly.
SWIPON: "Don't forget me Clark Kent! I LOVE YOU!" Cathy yelled as she fell down a blak hole.
Me: "Heh... that's funny... I don't remember a black hole in the hallway..." Clark said, he then shrugged and walked away.

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